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Yoenis Cespedes whiffs three times, booed in debut

     So much for the debut of Yoenis Cespedes in the Dominican Winter League. It turned out to be one big dud. Cespedes, the 26-year-old outfielder who is square in the Marlins' sights, struck out three times and was hit by a pitch in four plate appearances last night for the Aguilas Cibaenas.

     Cespedes was used as a designated hitter and batted fifth for Aguilas, which was eliminated from the DWL playoffs with last night's defeat. At one point, he was even booed by the home crowd after one of his whiffs. Here's a detailed account of Cespedes' unimpressive night.

     The Marlins plan to be aggressive in trying to sign Cespedes once he gains residency in the Dominican and is granted free agent status, which could come within days. During his weekly radio guest appearance on 790-The Ticket, Marlins president David Samson had this to say Wednesday about the team's interest in Cespedes:

      "Aggressive right to the point of stupidity, but not quite there," Samson said. "We think he's a perfect fit for us, but it has to be sane. (We're) expressing interest, going to visit, making it very clear to his representatives and to him and his family that we think he should not be anywhere other than Miami. As a Cuban and someone in the DR, it makes perfect sense. We have a perfect position for him to play. It would be great.

      "I think that we're right in there. There are a lot of teams who want him and we're definitely competitive and we're not fooling around. We expect he will be a significant sign and receive a significant signing bonus and contract, and we're prepared for that. Again, if you're dealing with another team who needs to make a bigger splash or wants to get irrational, we're not going to match that."


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"Aggressive right to the point of stupidity"

Whoa, David, you might want to check yourself there. Need to put yourself in a good bargaining position.

Mike Dennis

Cespedes' sole desirability is his Cuban nationality that will be used to sell seats. Whether he becomes a superstar or a major league bust is secondary. The Marlins should have gone after Prince Fielder instead...

Ricky Ricardo

Marlins dont want Fielder because he's black and doesnt speak spanish. After all, it was the Cuban politicians that that gave them the stadium. This Cuban could become another race based player decision that blows up in the Marlins faces. Back in 93 the Marlins took some stiff named Orestes Destrade because he was Cuban,instead of taking Andres Galarraga. Destrade was booed out of Miami. Galarrga starred for the Rockies. Marlins will end up paying the price for their race based decisions,sooner or later.

Lucy Ricardo

What if Prince Fielder were to change his name to Príncipe Fielderez? Nobody has to know his real name. Just ask Leo Nunez...

Fredo Mertz

No bueno Lucy. Principe Fielderez no spicky espanol y no fart beans y arroz


Marlins will be outbid for Yopenis Cesspeedo.

Stan M

Would Marlin Fans be happy if Cepedes hit about .320, had an OBP of about .390, and an OPS of about .850? That's what Coghlan did in his only healthy year! Yet he is seldom even mentioned. I would think/hope that the fact that he would cost about 10-20 per cent of what Cepedes would cost might be given consideration. And what in the world do we do with Coghlan if we sign the Cuban? Trade him at this point when he has no value? And Bono would become a super sub? Why? He was one of the best leadoff men in all of baseball last year. Frankly, I don't get it. If more money must be spent, use it for a proven player of major league calibre.

One point to that bigot up above who is chanting about increased attendence with the Cuban. Marlin attendence did not improve when Livian Hernandez pitched and he was quite the Cuban hero for a short time.


If the Marlins get Cepedes I would move Boni to 2nd base and uses Infante as a sub. Infante has been a sub off the bench most of his career. He does not have the range that Boni has. If Cepedes plays the Marlins will have 5 starters who can steal and at leat 3 players that can hit 30 homers.

Stan M

There is some merit to your suggestion. My question was and is, why sign Infante in the first place. Even when he hit well in Atlanta, it was an "empty" batting average. If we sign Cepedes, it kind of makes Infante's 5 million dollar signing superfluous. That money might have been better spent elsewhere...if they also intended to go after the Cuban.


Marlins are dreaming to think that Cuban players will sell tickets over a long baseball season. From Orestes Destrade to Livan thru local boy Gaby Sanchez,it hasnt worked. Winning and being in the hunt for the play-offs in the last 10 days of Sept. is the only thing that will sell tickets ,after the hoopla of the new stadium wears off by June.


I dont really think it matters that the kid is cuban. Yea its an added bonus, but he's a freak, a 5 tool stud prospect who appears to be big league ready. Sure he might need a little seasoning but the marlins farm system is among the weaker ones in baseball. Boni is a a super utility guy at heart. Yes he did have a good season last year but id like him off the bench much better, he'll still have 300 plus at bats. lets just hope Yoenis is actually 26...

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