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13 pitchers in 12 bodies?

   JUPITER -- Ozzie Guillen isn't sure whether he'll start the season with 13 or 12 pitchers, in part due to the uncertainty surrounding Juan Carlos Oviedo. But Guillen joked that if Oviedo makes it back soon and earns a spot in the bullpen, he'll effectively be gaining two pitchers in one.

   Playing off the fact that Oviedo pitched for years using the name Leo Nunez, Guillen said he could have Oviedo pitch the seventh inning and Nunez go in the eighth.

    "What's the guy's name, Nunez and Oviedo?" Guillen said. "(If) they come here, then we got a pitcher for the seventh -- Oviedo for the seventh -- and Juan Carlos Nunez for the eighth," he said to laughter in his office following today's workout. "We got two guys in one. We go with 13 pitchers in 12 bodies."

   On a more serious note, Guillen said oft-injured Josh Johnson will "dictate" how much he pitches. The manager said there's probably no reason to leave Johnson in a game in which the Marlins are either leading or trailing by six runs, or thereabouts.

   "I don't want him to go out there and be a hero, and then all of a sudden we lose him for the next 20 days," Guillen said. "I'd rather lose him for two or three days than 20 or 21 days. I'm not going to say we have to be careful for him, but we have to watch him pretty close.

   "In my mind, I got his man throwing 200 innings and winning 21 games. If we're up by so many runs in the seventh, why should we make this kid throw 110 (pitches) when he should throw 90? It depends how he goes."