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Anibal Sanchez awarded record $8 mil in arbitration win

    Anibal Sanchez notched a victory on Monday that won't be counted on his won-loss record. But it will count big in his wallet.

    Sanchez not only won his arbitration case against the Marlins, but pocketed the largest award ever given to a starting pitcher at the hearing stage. A three-member panel of arbitrators decided in his favor, awarding him the $8 million salary the pitcher and his agent, Gene Mato, felt he deserved. The Marlins had countered with a salary of $6.9 million.Anibal

    It was the largest salary ever awarded to a starting pitcher whose arbitration case went to a hearing, topping the $7.365 million awarded last year to the Angels' Jered Weaver. But in Weaver's case, the team prevailed.

    This could very well be Sanchez's final campaign with the Marlins. Marlins president David Samson said last week that the team has no plans to discuss a contract extension with Sanchez during the season, after which the pitcher will become eligible for free agency.

    Emilio Bonifacio is scheduled to have his arbitration case heard on Tuesday. Bonifacio is asking for $2.2 million while the Marlins will argue his salary for next season should be $1.95 million.

    With the Sanchez decision, the Marlins are now 3-5 in arbitration hearings since 2003.


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I really hope the Marlins don't become really cheap and let him go. I would MUCH rather have three years of Anibal than three years of Buehrle (and having them both for three years would be a bonus).

Marcos Rodriguez

They are making a mistake by not signing him long term. This guy is a good pitcher who has proven he can pitch at this level. He might well be their best pitcher since Johnson cant stay healthy and you never know what you are going to get from the rest. Come on guys, how about rewarding loyalty here.


If El Cheapo dumps this guy then that is it. He got the stadium for FREE after lying on his books, he is making it difficult for fans to get tickets unless you purchase some type of package that is expensive as heck. I love the FISH but I dispize Loria and company. Go Ahead sell the Team already and pack up for France, you Cheap SOB.
WAKE UP FANS, Yes they signed all these players TO BACK END LOADED CONTRACTS, MEANING THAT EL CHEAPO OWNER will sell the team before he has to pay this money. We SHOULD have signed FIELDER, BUT NOOOOOOO MONEY WAS AN ISSUE, Really? I rather have a Young Stud Fielder than an Old Man Pujols any day.


Anibal Sanchez has been a bright spot the last two years and has been an innings eater. Thank God for Sanchez that has taken up the slack for Johnson during his injuries. WE NEED TO SIGN ANIBAL SANCHEZ TO AN EXTENTION!!!!!!

Flav C

and i'd rather have 3 years of Anibal than paying tons of money to Cespedes.

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