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Bonifacio prevails as Marlins lose again in arb

      Chalk up another victory for a Marlins player in a salary arbitration case against the team. Emilio Bonifacio became the latest winner on Wednesday when arbitrators awarded him his asking price of $2.2 million for the 2012 season. The Marlins felt the do-it-all speedster deserved $1.95 million.

      Since 2003, the Marlins are 3-6 in arbitration cases that go to hearing and are on a five-case losing streak dating back to Miguel Cabrera's win over the team in 2007. That's a pretty lousy record considering that, overall, clubs have a 23-15 record over players dating back to 2005. If you remove the Marlins, teams own a commanding record of 22-10 against the players in hearing decisions since '05.

      So far this year, arbitrators have rendered four decisions and it's an even two-two split between teams and players. But the Marlins, who also lost to Anibal Sanchez ($8 million) on Monday, represent both losses.

      Bonifacio, who was in his first year of arbitration, is coming off a career year in which he hit .296, stole 40 bases, and played six different positions in 152 games. He is expected to begin the season as the Marlins' Opening Day center fielder. 


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That's what they get for saying they don't make as much revenue as they're actually getting...hopefully they'll get off that BS for good.

Flav C

shouldnt the Marlins start to reconsider those stupid decisions to go for arbitration, especially the ones like Boni's arbitration? I can understand the Marlins going for arbitration on Anibal's case: 8 millions is a lot of money for a pitcher that we are still waiting for that "wow" season. 6.9 was good enough, but instead of arbitration, how about offering him a 3yr - 20 million contract? Anyway, just venting a little bit.

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