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Cespedes is Miami-bound for likely Marlins visit

     Cuban outfielder Yoenis Cespedes, who is the last remaining target of the Marlins' offseason acquisition spree, is scheduled to arrive in Miami later this afternoon and will more than likely meet with team officials tomorrow.

     Cespedes will first meet today with his agent, Adam Katz.

     A handful of teams are believed to be interested in the 26-year-old slugger, and there are reports that bidding for the free agent could hit the $60 million mark. The Marlins have been outspoken in their desire to land Cespedes, which is most unusual of the typically tight-lipped organization.

     Even if the Marlins are successful in signing Cespedes, he will almost certainly start the season in the minors. Once he's proven himself there, the Marlins must then decide where to position him once they call him up. Cespedes has been playing center, a position that will be occupied to start the season by Emilio Bonifacio (Bonifacio, by the way, had his salary arbitration hearing this morning.)

     Scouts believe Cespedes is better suited in a corner outfield spot, both of which are currently taken on the Marlins by Mike Stanton and Logan Morrison.

     But those are details for later. More than likely, the Marlins will give him the grand tour of their new ballpark, take him to Joe's Stone Crab for lunch, and give him their best sales routine to convince him that South Florida is the place to be.


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I think they should take him to versailles or la carreta.


"Cespedes is Miami-bound" YEAA...
"...for likely Marlins visit" noooo


Hey Clark...go hang out @ Joe's & see if you can get the first interview with Cespedes.


Fish bosses are just grandstanding, trying to win friends in the Cuban community. They're not going to spend $60 million for a player who will start the season in the minors and who fills no current need on the team. If they really wanted him, they'd keep their mouths shut and negotiate like they normally do. They just want to be able to tell Little Havana, "We tried boys, but sorry, no cigar."


I hear Cespedes is a good dancer. Can anyone confirm or deny?

Flav C

will he do some "Victor Cruz" type of moves after hitting a homerun? that would be fun to watch.


i canr wait, GO MARLINS


cant srry about spelling. this would be huge for the marlins.

Flav C

Now that is a sight that would make me throw up.

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