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Dobbs says Marlins are "team to beat"

   JUPITER -- Never mind that, as they enter their 20th season, the Marlins have never won a division title. Forget that they finished in dead last in 2011, 30 games behind the first-place Phillies. With all of the bold moves made over the winter, utility man Greg Dobbs thinks the Marlins should be considered "the team to beat" in the National League East.

   "We've changed the equation quite a bit," Dobbs said. "I'm not going to say the Phillies are the team to beat. I'm not going to say the Braves are the team to beat. It's a whole new slate. I think we're the team to beat. I want us to be the team to beat."

    Dobbs arrived at spring training a year ago trying to re-establish his career. A non-roster in invitee, Dobbs not only made the club, but ended up playing a large role for the Marlins, appearing in 134 games while hitting .275. He said he explored all his options as a free agent after the season, but decided ultimately to return to the Marlins on a two-year deal.

    "The front office -- ownership -- made some big moves, some huge huge moves," Dobbs said. "As I saw that happening throughout the winter, I kept thinking to myself more and more, it's just going to be a much more exciting place to play, with a lot of expectations and a lot of promise. Ultimately, I was very fortunate this ended up being my home again for two years.

     "If we can stay injury-free, we'll be in the postseason. There's no reason why we shouldn't We're going to win and we're going to get to the postseason."


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I agree 100%, Marlins is the team to beat.

Stan M

If one goes by the stat heads evaluation, Dobbs was inconsequential last year. My personal opinion is that he was a big help for the firsr 2/3 of the season. It seemed like he was frequently getting the clutch hit in the middle of a rally. It also seems from afar that he an excellent teammate who knows his place and is comfortable with it. In my opinion, he was a worthy addition and I'm pleased that the team resigned him.


If the Marlins stay healthy this year I also agree.On paper we are clearly the best team but,the health of Josh Johnson,Hanley Ramirez & Jose Reyes will be three huge keys to our success.All three of them stay healthy along with the rest of the major players on this team & there will be no stoping us.


It's not so much that the Fish made big moves but rather the fact that the Braves and Phils did very little to improve their clubs respectively. The Phils are alot older and who knows what Ryan Howard will look like once he recovers. We cannot discount the Nationals either. They too have made decent upgrades and have Harper waiting in the wings and have really young talented players. It's not going to be easy but it's certainly possible. Guys just have to their jobs. Easier said than done.


"Never mind they never won a division title. Forget they finished dead last the previous season, 30-games behind the division leader."

If I didn't know better, I would say you were describing the 2008 Tampa Bay Rays right there.

Only difference is that the Marlins already have two World Series championships.


The 2008 Rays team didn't have any established stars on that team, just a bunch of terrific young players.
IMO...this team is shaping up to be like our 97 championship team.

Yada,Yada Yada,YAWN

what would Dobbs be expected to say? Insert any Marlins player to the above quotes.They all say the same thing over and over.Redundent stories by beat writers running out of original material. Bet they cant wait for the 1st ST game to be played ,so they at least have fresh material.Most of the bloggers feel the same way.

Stan M

I don't feel that way, especially about the beat writers. They were all over the controversy about stadium funding, followed each signing or possible signing and occasionally give their opinion which I, for one, want to hear. Glags, agree about the difficulties ahead, but am really excited about the coming year. My personal opinion is that this will be the last year that the Phillies are a factor. I believe that many will be issued their AARP cards in the near future. Not only are the Nationals a new team to consider, but they, too, are an interesting team to watch. The Braves still have a team that can threaten, but they must overcome a horrible manager as we Marlin fans all know. One things for sure. I wouldn't want to have to root for the Mets anytime soon. It was nice to see a LB post a couple of days ago, but am worried about Samson. It's been months since he's been heard from and he always had an interesting angle to talk about. Bob and Spitballer seem very knowledgeable and I hope they stay around for the whole year.


Now,thats a good posting. With no games being played yet,its just gotten redundent.Good news is,Spring Training games are just a week away,and we will all have new things to talk about. By the way,see u at Fan Fest,Flav C.

C. Lark

anybody seen hanley wearing his eyeglasses? Hanley looks like Erkel...new nickname?


Check out Lomo subtly giving the finger in a photo taken At Duffy's Plantation during the Marlins Caravan.Go to twitter @janewins1 or google janewinstontwitter.Picture say's Lomo with a mantis given to him by my friend Sue. Nice move,Lomo,signing with right hand...shooting a bird with the left.


No doubt about it ,lomo is shooting a bird. Also has a wierd look on his face. Another Kodak moment for mr. lomo. Hell probably say he didnt relize it ,but most people will think different.


not only is Lomo shooting a bird, but he looks like somebody farted and he just got the surprise news..

Flav C

hey George, will definitely be there!

Flav C

i will copy and paste, and edit a little bit of what i've posted in other places to explain why i think the Marlins will have a much improved season in 2012. 93-69 is my guess for their 2012 record.
In order to be successful the Marlins must have a positive record against its NL East adversaries. Last season the Marlins finished with a 32-40 record against NL East foes. The Marlins used 9 different starters against the Phillies in 2011, including 2 coming from AAA (Sanabia and Villanueva), one from AA (Hand) and a reliever converted to starter (Hensley). Not forgetting 2 starts by Volstad (6+ ERA in 9 IP vs. Phillies) and 3 starts by Vazquez, 2 of those when he was horrible during the 1st half. The Phillies current lineup will have to face an entire season of Hanley, who is.307 against this current rotation, and a whole season of Reyes, who is .330 against this same rotation. Interesting to point out that the pitcher who was more successful against Reyes was Oswalt (Reyes was .257 against him), who is not part of the team anymore. Also, if JJ is healthy, we will have a pitcher who is 5-3 lifetime vs. the Phillies (3.16 ERA) and the addition of Buherle (3-0 lifetime against the Phillies) and Big Z (4-4 vs Phillies) will definitely make things much harder for the team from the city of the Brotherly Love. Instead of the 6-12 record against the Phillies in 2011, I think a 9-9 (like in 2009) is most probable. The Fish went 6-12 against the Braves as well, and 8 of those loses came from real bad starts from Hensley (3 losses), Hand (3 losses), and Volstad (3 losses). Volstad and Hensley are gone, and Hand will probably remain a AA or AAA starter in 2012. I predict a 9-9 series against the Braves.
The Marlins went 9-9 against the Mets and 11-7 against the Nationals in 2011. Things will be probably be much better against a depleted and weak Mets and harder against a much improved Nats. I will predict a 12-6 series against the Mets and a 10-8 series vs. the Nats. That will make a 40-32 record against the NL East foes in 2012. Also, there is no way the Marlins will go 0-13 against Padres and Brewers, like they did last season. a 7-6 or 8-5 is more likely. And if anyone need help with lottery numbers, please, let me know.

Carlos Fernandez Blanco

...we know this is clubhouse anathema, but we have an outside chance by getting lowdown, and dirty. Philadelphia still puts forty-five thousand fans into the stands for
every home game, that demands " respect ". And don't look now, but third place finisher
Washington hasn't exactly been sitting on it's hands.

Stan M

What a fine analysis. Agree with nearly everything you say but am a little more pessimistic about total wins. That being said, it probably won't take that many wins to take this division because competition will be so intense. Regarding big Z, I read somewhere that his fastball was clocked in the mid 90s down South this Winter. That is in direct contrast to most reports that he has lost something off his fastball. However, if it should be true, we could have a major surprise on our hands. This guy was one of the league's best pitchers as recently as two years ago and he isn't an old man either. Sorry I forgot to mention you above; a definite mistake.

Read more here: http://miamiherald.typepad.com/fish_bytes/2012/02/dobbs-says-marlins-are-team-to-beat.html#storylink=cpy

The hook

Wow let's not get ahead of ourselves here. Phils one braves two nats fish fight for three.
A Josh Johnson can't even stay healthy. Two Reyes and Hanley ain't going to go away. Do a little research on Heath bells numbers away from petco. All star break will tell alot. Dobbs should know better.

Flav C

and who is staying health in the Phillies team? Polanco? Howard? Utley? Lee? Sorry pal, Father Time has caught up with them.

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