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Guillen: Hanley staying at 3B in event of Reyes injury

    JUPITER -- Hanley Ramirez better cozy up to third base because Ozzie Guillen has no intention of moving him off the hot corner, even if oft-injured shortstop Jose Reyes receives a day off or goes on the disabled list.

      Guillen said he would probably use either Emilio Bonifacio or the backup infielder at short if Reyes, who spent considerable time on the DL when he was with the Mets, isn't in the lineup.

     "I won't play with Hanley's mind," Guillen said. "It's going to be hard for him to move to shortstop, and then when Reyes is ready, back to third base. Then we're abusing this kid and we don't respect him.

     "Bonifacio's going to be helping a little bit at shortstop, just in case (Reyes) needs a day off, and I've got to see who's the backup player in the infield," Guillen said.

     Reyes arrived to camp on Thursday and immediately hit the practice field to work with Omar Infante, his new double play partner.

      "I just hear Reyes say (to Ramirez), 'Just make sure you guard the line, I got the rest,'" Guillen said.


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I've wondered if they would do that if Reyes ever got injured. Hearing Guillen explain it, I can see he will take care of the team.


If Reyes gets hurt ...or should I say when....Coghlan would get his opportunity in CF.


DL for marlins this season....Johnson(shoulder) ,hanley(shoulder,hammy,back),Reyes(hammy),Lomo(knee),Stanton(quad,hammy)Gaby(knee)...plus the rest of the usual suspects.Marlins are an injury prone team,and will stay that way throughout the 12'season.Take it to the Bank.

Stan M

Back in the days of yore, writers sometimes embellished stories. So I can't verify this story's authenticity. But some of you younger fans might get a kick out of it. Bob Elliott was a fine ballplayer. He finished in the top 15 in MVP voting several times and actually won it one year back in the late 40s. He was primarily an outfielder. However, Branch Ricky, his GM, wanted to switch him to 3B. Ricky told him it would add years to his career. Well, in Spring Training, the very first ball hit to him took a crazy hop, hit him in the head, and floored him and/or knocked him out. When he recovered, he supposedly said, " There goes one of those years I was going to save!".

If you folks look back at MVPs, you will see that Marty Marion won the award in 1944 despite displaying a general lack of hitting ability. However, the guy was a surperb fielder. I mention this because in between pitches, he had a well documented habit of picking up pebbles from the infield and tossing them into foul territory. A different age and different conditions. Can you even imagine someone finding a pebble on a modern day infield?


how old are you ,105? Did you ever see Ty Cobb or the Babe play?

Stan M

Back in the days that I mentioned there was a radio show called, "It Pays to be Ignorant." Too bad you weren't around then. I think you would have done well as a contestant. You seem to have a lot to offer in that area.


did they have electricity when you were born?


Stan M knows baseball and is a fount of great stories. Haven't seen any evidence that julio knows anything at all. I can think of only one person who gets on here and ignorantly badmouths fellow bloggers for no good reason. Hmmm.
By the way, Julio, there is nothing wrong with being 105. I should know.

Stan III

Julio : Marlin fan living in South Carolina :: Ryan Braun : Guilty

Stan XVI

StanIII Marlin fan living in granpas basement in NC


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