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Hanley cold shoulders reporters

    So much for trying to find out what's happening inside Hanley Ramirez's head and how he feels about moving to third base. Mum was the word from the Marlins' former shortstop, who brushed aside our repeated attempts to ask him about his surgicially repaired left shoulder and his thoughts on moving to third.

    "I don't have nothing to say," Ramirez said.

    Typical Hanley. At least his shoulder appears to be fine. Ramirez took a few practice swings on the driving range before heading out on the course with his Marlins teammates for the team's charity golf event in Miami-Dade.Hanleyswing

         Caught up with Anibal Sanchez, who said he is not looking past this season when he'll become eligible for free agency. Sanchez recently won his arbitration case with the Marlins but but said he has not been approached by the team about a contract extension that would keep him with Miami beyond 2012.

         "I don't know if the team is coming later with that," Sanchez said. "I'm not thinking about that right now. We'll see. Baseball is a business. One day you're here. Another day you're on another team. If I'm in the big leagues, I'm okay."

         -- Just to confirm: Despite losing out on Yoenis Cespedes, the Marlins have NO interest in Jorge Soler, the other Cuban free agent.


        Just how zany is new closer Heath Bell? Check out his golfing attire and listen to him describe his game:   


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Hanley could've at least said he feels good and he'll help the team win, instead of brushing off reporters and making everyone think he's still bitter about moving to third base.

Mr. Man

Grow up Hanley. Hanley needs to deal with this situation before it deals with him. (i.e., the media, his baseball career, etc.). He needs to understand that the people he has gripes with are not going to be affected at all whatever the outcome is of his situation. The only person he is going to hurt is himself. He needs to rethink his approach.


Hanley needs to get a golf lesson from Tiger. His swing looks terrible. Speaking of Tiger..wonder if he purchased some season tixs....now that he lives in Jupiter.


hanley quit being a queer

Flav C

I couldn't care less about what Hanley has to say as long as he plays hard and proves he is back on track. The right track, i mean.


Dude, wasn't this at a charity event. Don't think it's the time or place to get things off your chest. Have you no boundaries man?!!!


Hanley isnt exactly known for waxing poetic or eloquent soliloquy...Rather he shut up and let his action on the field do the talking.


Anyone think Loria/Samson will honor Gary Carter ,the 1st Marlins TV color guy in some small way??? Ah,nevermind. Met him many times when the Marlins trained in Melbourne. Outstanding man R.I.P. Kid.


Hey Hanley Just STFU and Play

Dr. NO

Clark- Dont waste your time trying to find out what's going on in Hanley's head. Hanley gets his head X-rayed every spring as part of his physical. Doctors have sworn the X-rays always have come up empty. 'There' is nothing 'There'.


Why should he give you any information? Why does the media deserve unfettered access to players? So you guys can manipulate stories and post tidbits on twitter? Let the guy play.

S Claus

@Dr.NO At Christmas, Hanley had "visions of sugarplums dancing in his head."

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