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How will Hanley fare this season, at 3B and at plate?

  JUPITER -- Hanley Ramirez has been taking ground ball after ground ball at third base as the Marlins continue to groom him for his new role. Ozzie Guillen has said repeatedly not to expect defensive wizardry from the former shortstop but never fails to add that Ramirez should at least be adequate.

   I think the bigger question mark is his bat. Ramirez has lost close to 100 points off his 2009 league-leading .342 average, dipping to .300 in 2010 and a disconcerting .243 last season. It's possible the attention he must now devote to learning his new position will remove some of the pressure off him at the plate. Then again, it's also possible that if his struggles with the bat continue, it could spread to his fielding -- and vice versa.

    This much is certain: it will be interesting to observe and follow. Check out some video of Ramirez taking ground balls at third (while also wearing the team's new home whites), and give us your thoughts on how you think he'll perform this season. By the way, that's Jeff Dominguez -- not Matt -- working with Hanley at third:   


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Hanley's going to hit .324 with 26 homeruns this year.
Come on, guys and gals. Let's hear your predictions. This could be fun — and Clark and Manny are offering a big prize to winner.


Hanley needs to work on that backhand...or there is going to be a lot of doubles down the left field line.

Hanley will hit 311....32 home runs.


Hanley was never any good going to his right as a shortstop, either. With Reyes at short, maybe Hanley can afford to fudge a bit toward the line to plug that hole.
You're down for .311 and 32 homers. Hope we're somewhere in the ballpark with our prognostications.


Nahhh he is going to get fatter now that he is permanently at third.
It just comes with the movement of a less demanding position and the fact he will never bat lead off again for this team with REYES.
He has proven to be a high BP hitter outside of one yr.
I say Hanley will become more of a .308 avg with 34HR'S
Stanton's and Logan's improvement is the key to this offense in my opinion.
Everyone else will hit fine

Flav C

ok, here we go...HR will hit .305..25 Homeruns...95 RBIs


I'm writing everybody's predictions down, but we need more input if Manny and Clark are going to provide the winner with game tickets and a limo ride to the park. Stan M? Samson's Boyfriend? Glags? And where are Jane and Bob?


290 22hr 45 dbl 5trpl 105 RBI 30sb

Brandon S

Did the Marlins sign any major free agent this year?

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Hanley will suffer a major injury and will not produce any kind of numbers this season


28 HRs .315

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