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Marlins are SI cover story; Stanton goes from Mike to Giancarlo

        Think it's probably safe to say that the Marlins are the sexiest team in baseball at the moment, what with their new ballpark, manager, etc. etc. etc. Sports Illustrated has made them their cover story this week with a shot of Ozzie Guillen and Jose Reyes staring off of newsstands.

         It's not the first time the Marlins have made the SI cover. They were featured there after each of their two World Series titles of course, as well as in 2007 when Dontrelle Willis was out front. Her 'tis:


    On another front, Mike Stanton has decided that, from now on, he wishes to be introduced by his first name, Giancarlo. His full name is Giancarlo Cruz-Michael Stanton. The team's media guide will now identify him as Giancarlo Stanton, and that's how he'll be introduced over public address systems whenever it's his turn to bat.