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Marlins are SI cover story; Stanton goes from Mike to Giancarlo

        Think it's probably safe to say that the Marlins are the sexiest team in baseball at the moment, what with their new ballpark, manager, etc. etc. etc. Sports Illustrated has made them their cover story this week with a shot of Ozzie Guillen and Jose Reyes staring off of newsstands.

         It's not the first time the Marlins have made the SI cover. They were featured there after each of their two World Series titles of course, as well as in 2007 when Dontrelle Willis was out front. Her 'tis:


    On another front, Mike Stanton has decided that, from now on, he wishes to be introduced by his first name, Giancarlo. His full name is Giancarlo Cruz-Michael Stanton. The team's media guide will now identify him as Giancarlo Stanton, and that's how he'll be introduced over public address systems whenever it's his turn to bat.


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Giancario???!!! - I lived in Miami for 30 years... and Costa Rica ever since... and never heard that name before. But then again... before I never heard the last name Guttierez.. now there's no less than 12 of them in my address book. As Dylan said 40 years ago.... "Times they are a' changin' "


I'll call ELVIS! Whatever you want! Just keep hittin' Far! Stay Healthy Baby!

Remberto S

What a freakin joke Now Stanton wants to be called by a more etnic sounding name to pander to the new Marlins fan base...new team name,new uni's.Same results=NO Play-offs...3rd place at best.

Rap Brown

Just call a spade a spade

Breakfest @ Tiffany's

Heard that Samson wants to change his name to Truman Capote

Big Hec

Haters are going to be a haters no matter what !! If the man's real name
Is giancarlos then let it be ,its his real name its not like he changed it . And about 3rdbest in the league they said that about the 03 team and they won it all,no sorry they said we would be last in the east that year and we beat the best so your hating just adds another 1 to the list ,so just get in line and we'll see at the end of
the season.....

Ken C

Stanton can ask for anything and us fans should comply. We may be watching the making of the greatest home run hitter of all time. The Marlins have great defense up the middle, catching might be a bit suspect. Great pitching, speed, hitting, power. This team is capable of winning it all. Regarding the catching I'm referring mostly to throwing out runners stealing, it's probably not fair to blame it all on the catcher. The pitching staff needs to hold runners close.

Rainbow Fish

While stanton's at it he should change that crappy uniform number 27 [pukey Hermida] to a number he likes


I'll still call him Mike.

Henny Y

I'll still call him the monster shvats in Rf


Why am I not surprised ? Their's the first red flag ... of doo-doo flying up to the head ! Typical Miami crap ! Go Yankees !!!

Slap Johnson

When the Fish are 10 games out of first by the All-Star break, Reyes is back on the DL, and Ozzie has dropped the "F" bomb numerous times on ESPN and in front of Loria, lets see how many air-conditioned empty seats there are disguised as Marlin fans. As the Mad Dog so aptly put it..."Only in the Banana Republic baby...only in Miami."


COME ON PEOPLE!!... Its' the guy's real name... It's not like he changed his name to "Venti Siete (27)" or "world peace" or something... He's just asking to be called by his birth given name.

Flav C

Giancarlo, Juan Carlos, Joao Carlos, John Carl, whatever his first name is...the back of his jersey will say "Stanton #27".

Brent Caulder

Still think his nickname needs to be "The Rock" and chants for "Rocky" should rise when its his turn to bat. That would be so bad @$!


Flav C,
The important thing is, the front will still say "Marlins," at least for a few more years.

Flav C

lb, that is true. let's how it goes in a couple of more years.

Matty G

OMG Mike Stanton wants to be referred to by his REAL first name and people here are up in arms? Are you kidding me? It's his friggin name!!!


Mike's nickname should be Long Dong Silver.

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