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Marlins not stunned by Cespedes decision

     Nothing about the Marlins is mundane anymore, and today's annual media luncheon in Coconut Grove -- a somewhat ho-hum event in previous years -- was more evidence of that. It was during the middle of the luncheon that news broke of Yoenis Cespedes' decision to sign with Oakland.

     "Is it (true)?" responded Marlins president of baseball operations Larry Beinfest when I relayed the info, which had just broken on the internet.

     It was indeed.

     To be truthful, though, the Marlins weren't all that surprised. I spoke to one front office executive, who told me beforehand that he was not optimistic about signing Cespedes, this despite several reports indicating that the Marlins were frontrunners to land the Cuban outfielder.

     The Marlins had offered Cespedes a six-year, $36 million deal, but refused to increase the bid after being told that it wasn't enough. The A's ended up landing Cespedes with a reported offer of $36 million for four years.

     "When you're going after a player who has not played at the major league level, it is important to make sure that you will have him long enough to reap the benefit of the risk," Marlins president David Samson said after learning of Cespedes' decision. "And so you have to make sure the term is long enough that right when he is at his peak, he is not leaving."

     Do you think the Marlins make the right decision in holding firm on their offer for Cespedes? Or do you feel they should have raised their bid to land the outfielder?


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Kind a strange how the A's came out of no where with this...the A's just gave away a lot of their young talent this off season. IMO...Cespedes's handlers may have mis judged the endorcement deals Cespedes might have scored had he made the Marlins. The A's are going to be a last place team, opposing teams will pitch around him. Cespedes will have a difficult time in Oakland.


I think they made the right decision, but Cespedes could've held out longer for more money. The Marlins seemed like they were really serious about landing him, so you have to assume they would've tried to beat Oakland's offer.

If not stunned, the Marlins have to be at least disappointed they couldn't land a guy that they were gonna go after aggressively to the point of being crazy.


Marlins thought they were the only bidder..Katz the agent told them he got a better offer,wouldnt say who. Marlins said we dont believe you,will call your bluff. Katz was holding 3 Aces. Samson was holding 3 Queens(including himself). Call. Cuban goes to A's.


Isnt he coming from Cuba, paying 6 million was far more than enough for a guy who has never hit a josh Johnson slider, Tim Linicum change up, or the guy from the Red fastball top at 103.


Apparently he wanted to get as far away as he could from Cuba. Maybe the story of him not wanting to play here because of the pressure had some legs. Anyways, if this guy wasn't humble enough to take 6 million a year after playing for rice and beans I woudn't want him on my the team anyways. Probably another Hanley like diva.

Marlin from Texas

6 for 36 was a really good offer. I think Marlins will be ok without that risk.


He gets to become a free agent 2yrs earlier at same $$$. Gotta give his agent alot of credit. Played Samson like a cheap Bass Fiddle.


Does Ozzie resemble the horse trainer Escalante in the HBO show "Luck"...Twin Brother??




Cuban Pete

To satisfy the Cuban fan base thats pissed off about losing this Cuban refugee, Samson has decided to call up the only other Cuban refugee he could get his hands on quick. The #1 draft choice Jose Fernandez will skip the minors this season and will train with the Big Club in Little Havana. He will wear #59,the year Castro took over to honor to old Cubans that lost their freedom that year. Samson will also have a Bay of Pigs Invasion,Cuban Missle Crisis and mock Castro assassination attempt re=enactments ,all with surprise endings favoring the locals. Samson also has hired an Orlando Bosch impersonator to hold the 4th of July fireworks show. More promotions will be announced at a later date. Season Ticket holders will get the first crack at tickets & parking for these 1st yr promos. Non season ticket holders may get in by a special lottery only but will have to park their burros on the street or in any Cubans yard of their choice.


the best move the marlins made is the one they didnt make in picking up this loser .. miami didnt need another useless cuban taking up space here


Paolo. Why are you so sore on the Cubans? Did one steal your girlfriend or bully your kid in the schoolyard? Boo hoo. Poor baby.

Anyway, back to baseball. I think $9 Million per year and only a 4 year contract is a terrible move on the part of the A's. I'm not sure what they are thinking with this move. But who cares. I'm just glad the Marlins didn't go nuts and give this unproven guy a crazy contract. Too much risk. If he becomes a superstar, tip your hat to the A's and say well done. But after a very short 4 years, he'll be gone.

Stan M

First of all, I'm not terribly sad that he didn't sign with the Marlins for two reasons. First his ego seemed too big for his pedigree. And two Hanleys would have been too much. Second, what the Marlins offered would have set him, or anyone else, up for life and he admitted he wanted to play in Miami. Therefore he chose money as his major goal and signed with one of baseballs least appealing teams. What does that say about his character?

All that being said, this is a PR disaster for the Marlins. It makes them seem like the same old same old. All I thought of when I heard the terms was that the damn fools gave an awful lot of the difference between what they offered and what he signed for to that deadbeat Nunez(sic). As with so many things with this front office, it makes no sense. And whom could they have signed with that much money had they not waited for Cepedes?

Personally, I'm a big Coghlan fan and would rather see him out there. At least with him (or Peterson), you've got a guy who has his heart in the game.

Now the big question should be, what does the team do with the money they were to give the Cuban?


Big,Big mistake, His agent did not have Cespedez well being in mind.
sometime money is not everything, after growing up in a communist country like cuba
it will no be easy for him to adapt.
is funny all the cuban players that have sign with other teams, live in Miami.

GA Miami Beach

Maybe Mr. Cespedes lacks the confidence in his game to compete at this level. Any real atlete would give anything to play for a contender. Makes him a pretender going for bucks in a less than competitive environment. Good ridance. We only want players that want to win.

el guru

who cares! This clown will end up playing in some independent league is Alaska in two years... word on the streets is his like 39 yrs old and looked horrible (hit 180.) against AA pitching in the dominican winter league... Fish played it smart and passed on this future scrub.

Flav C

In my humble opinion, the Fish has built a competitive team for this season that can battle for a WC spot. They went 6-12 against both the Braves and the Phillies last season. I honestly can't see them having this bad of a record this season. Not signing Cespedes showed a bit of maturity by the FO. Get this money towards signing Stanton to a long term contract NOW while it would be much cheaper, or use it for getting a good pitcher thru Free Agency next season.

Robert W

In my humble opinion the marlins will be ravaged by injuries,chaos, and crappy play.They will finish in 4th place ,just ahead of the Mets.


The guy, Cespedes, has not hit a single major league pitcher. Reminds me of the Big O, Orestes Destrade, who hit a ton in Japan, but was so so to subpar here, certainly no multi million dollar man. Good luck to Cespedes in Oakland, hard to miss what we never had!!!


David Samson is correct, giving Cespedes a 4 year deal only sets the A's up to be out $36 million. The guy needs to be brushed up in a Minor Team in order to be prepared for Big's pitching. That costs a team 6 to 8 months. So... 1 year gone... Then in year 2 the guy MAY hit .250 getting his feet wet on a hard core MLB schedule. Year three, IF he is starting to peak, his management is already in your ear for more money and a long term deal... Year 4 the guy's head is in whatever city has a HUGE payroll who will sell the farm to bring him in... IF... IF Mind you... he ever is even that good.... Great Job Mr. Samson... Love what you are doing....

joe c

all u marlins fans are whining cry babies..before the cuban signed with the A's the majority of marlins fans wanted him .now that the cuban gave the marlins the finger all they can say is he sucks,we didnt want him anyway etc. sour grapes. dont worry Marlins fans .your team will not make the play-offs anyway ...injuries will bring u down.among other things.

Jason Remigio III

The A's will be criticized for this deal for years if Beane didn't listen to Tigers GM Dave Dombrowski former Marlins GM he wouldn't give him too much money if he didn't play at a higher level, 2 years was enough. No MLB team wouldn't want to take that risk. His Moneyball theory was paying players salary to rejuvenate their careers because they can get on-base not hit for average. This is more the Reds-Braves-Yankees theory.

Luis R Vazquez

As a Marlins fan, I had not enthusiasm for this guy.
It is not the same to play in Cuba or with amateurs in iternational events and play in the MAJOR LEAGUES.
I was wondering how he could hit Roy Halladey.
Now I would like to see what he could do against the likes of Justin Verlander and CC Sabatia

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