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The field is down at Marlins Park -- PHOTO

   Well, what do you think?



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Looks great! Could we get a closeup at that thing out past center field?


That thing really does stick out like a sore thumb. Regardless, I can't wait to go!


wow...look'n forward to Fan Fest

Marcos Rodriguez

Looks great.....but please get rid of that hideous thing out in center....can't believe it that they went through and put that thing out there.




Yawn...looks like any other baseball field..whoopty-do.

Yoel Carratala

Nice....Finally coming together!

Scott Charleton

Looking forward to opening day, this park looks great. The Marlins organization really did Miami proud with this new facility.

Now lets go out and with another World Series to really set this place on top.

Stab M

This might be a good time to get an answer to a question I asked several months ago. That was...is the dirt part of the infield standard size in all major league parks? Is the distance between the infield grass and the outfield grass the same at any given point. If not, the stat heads should be considering this when determining fielding proficiency and I bet they don't.

Stab M

Reyes haircut reminded me of somethingg that happened to me back in the 1950s. Somewhere I have a photo standing next to Sal "the barber" Maglie. And he has hair on his face, I can't rmember how much but the thing was he grew the beard as part of a commercial for Gillette razors. The idea was that he would shave it off using one of their razors in a commercial. It kind of fit with his nickname. I mention it because if memory serves me correctly, he was doing it for the princely sum of one thousand dollars! I point this out to show the extent that things have changed.


Looks fantastic! Even that thing in center field is beginning to grow on me! April 4 can't get here fast enough.


Quick question, is that screen going to have some kind of protection from HR? Since this stadium is much smaller than PP Stadium, balls are going to be hitting that screen all the time


Lose the juke box pinball machine in center. God Loria....WHAT were you thinkin'?


Look at those obstructed view seats out there in right-center field behind the big column. HAHAHA.....the only stadium in the world built after 1960 that has obstructed view. Un-f'ing believable.


is that a pinata in the outfield?


New Yankees Stadium cost boat loads of money and their obstructed view seats are so bad they go for about five bucks and there are TVs all around for you to be able to watch the game. Not sure where you're coming up with this. Then again I suppose you've sat at every seat at every stadium ever built since the 1960s. I will now openly mock your laughter. HAHAHA.


SO EXCITED!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

samson's gerbil

keep it in ur pants k-man, Samson will sniff ur x-citement


I love the tacky homerun thingamajig in center field. Kinda silly like the dude sliding into a keg of beer in Milwakee after a homer. It's suppossed to be fun. Jumping Marlins shooting water and the sun popping up is so tacky it's fun. We'll be praying for homers just to see that thing go wild. The women and kids will love it.

I love that the stadium appears to be super COZY. It's going to feel like you're part of the game. Could likely hear the chatter amongst the players. SO different than the antiseptic, cavernous feel of SunDeath stadium.

I did see that there will be some semi obstructed seats in right center. That is a shame and should not have happened in a state of the art stadium. I think Samson needs to be called out on that. I'll be calling and asking for an explanation when he's on his weekly LeBatard show. At the very least, he needs to explain how that could have slipped thru.

Otherwise, the place looks like a masterpiece. And oh so impressive as you pull up on it when driving down 7th and 17th.

Captain Kirk

looks like a giant spaceship landed in the middle of a shithole neighborhood


I agree with captain kirk but there was no where else to put it. And yes kool aid is delicious.

Mr. Man

There are no obstructed views at this ballpark. Did you guys look at the photo carefully? There are no seats behind the big column in right field. But forget all that, forget homerun display, forget the green outfield wall, forget the ballpark financing. Someone needs to pimp-slap Loria for the orange capsthey are going to wear with the orange jerseys. ORANGE CAPS. UGHHH.


LOL! Captain Kirk, I must admit that was freaking hilarious! I called it an impressive sight as you pull up on the corner of 17th and 7th. But I think your description is way better. And I think the sheer gaudiness of it it adds to the charm. Heck, if it has to stand on hallowed ground, which it does, at least it should be mammoth... like all the classic games that went down within that 1 square acre of sacred ground.

Once inside, you'll forget that your sitting in the heart of Little Central America. They can call it Little Havana if they like, but all the Cubans left that neighborhood and migrated westward a long time ago.


I wish the grass was a more bright green ....

Dolfan Dave

Chuckster is a complete idiot.

New Yankee Stadium has MANY, MANY completely obstructed seats. The Giants/Jets new stadium actually had seats installed BEHIND pillars.

That beam in right-center has no seats behind it.

This new Marlins stadium is absolutely incredible! I have been to most every stadium, and I think this one is the new gold standard.

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