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VIDEO: Friday pens w/Zambrano and Guillen

        Wednesday's bullpen pitchers were back on the bump this morning for another go-around. With Ozzie Guillen looking on, Carlos Zambrano takes his turn on the mound:


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I know this post is Old but this Vid clip is good.. Look at it and look what u see!! If you have played ball you know.. Manager, Gullien lookin at all his players "Reed" who on the bubble, snuck up on him pointed with his lips to Cora, he came over, ozzie liked what he saw.. The last pitch Reed makes, look at the strike.. it's vintage baseball.. Listen for the little whistle Ozzie does to Cora after the first pitch that reed made to get his attn.. it's classic.. Good manager man... lookin forward to someone who responds??? bonus: When Ozzie cam over he was acting like he wasn"t lookin then cam back to reed!! Reed knew they were watchin him, he looks back.. Thx rangers:)


Meanwhile, 97.7% of folks are watching Zambrano...


Last pitch Reed throws with pressure:)

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