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Yankees tix go on sale Saturday

    Tickets for the Marlins' two exhibition games with the Yankees on April 1 and 2 go on sale Saturday at 10 a.m.

     About 25,000 tickets will be available for the April 1 game against the Bronx Bombers. About 30,000 tickets will be available for the April 2 game.

     Tickets will be sold exclusively online at marlins.com. Tickets range in price from $15 to $150.

     The Marlins also announced today that, so far, 52,000 fans have registered for a chance to purchase two tickets to the Opening Day game against the Cardinals on April 4.

     Single-game tickets, with the exception of Opening Night, go on sale March 3 at 10 a.m.


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52,000 fans registered, and there will be less than 1,000 tickets available. Things aren't looking good for me for those tickets.

I hope loria reads this :)



The ticket prices for the Yankees games are insane. It's just an exhibition!!!

Billy the marlin

Samson wants to take advantage of the two times this season he cant gouge the yankee fans. I dont blame him. Make them PAY!!!!


Billy..think u meant can,not cant(typo)...I can and I will gouge the New Yawkers...just the beginning of raking it in and stuffing my fat ass bank account. All baseball fans will pay out the nose to see the Marlins this year. Finally will get a chance to get even ,after all those years of getting screwed by the lease at SunLifeless Stadium.


JZ, the tickets for the Sunday game were going fast, the cheapest I could get is $50. But for Monday, I managed to get tickets for $15 which is fairly reasonable to me at least.

Nobody's Fool

suckers,,,exhibition game

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