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After Guillen ejected, Valentine waves him goodbye

    FORT MYERS -- Bobby Valentine was once in line for the Marlins managing position that eventually went to Ozzie Guillen. Whether it had anything to do with their actions and words on Monday is anyone's guess.

           But it added entertainment value to an otherwise ordinary spring training game.

            It all started after Guillen was ejected in the sixth inning for disputing first base umpire Tim Tschida’s call that Terry Tiffee’s soft tapper down the line was foul.

            As Guillen was making his exit, Valentine gave a playful goodbye wave from the Boston Red Sox dugout.

            “I said ‘See ya,’” Valentine explained afterward.

            Guillen said he didn’t see Valentine’s dismissive wave, but added “I would have told him to go (expletive himself), too. That’s the way Ozzie Guillen is.”

            It wasn’t the first time Guillen has been ejected from a spring training game.

            “Few times,” Guillen said. “What’s the difference between spring training and during the season? I do my job. My job is to protect the player. My first base coach told me the ball was fair. I got to believe him.”

            With a runner at third for the Marlins, Guillen said the call cost his team a run.

            Stay tuned: the Marlins and Red Sox see each other six times this season in interleague play.