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Are you a fan of the Petey and Lomo show?

JUPITER -- Meet Petey & LoMo; two Miami Marlins outfielders with a common goal: trying to conquer boredom when away from the field during spring training.

PhotoThat's the way producers have described Bryan Petersen's and Logan Morrison's new internet show, made available on both YouTube and SBNation. 

But Petey and Lomo are doing much more than conquering boredom. They're providing a peek into their lives and friendship, a collection of 10 days of filming up in Palm Beach County that will be spread out over seven episodes that run between five and seven minutes long. In the shows, they drive Vespas while wearing biker jackets, share cupcakes, play with monkeys, and more than anything try to make you laugh.

"So far, I've gotten a pretty good response. Guys and girls liked it, at least on Twitter and stuff. I think there were two responses that said, 'You guys are gay.'

"This was our first show. It had a pretty long intro to kind of give people an idea of what we're doing. The next couple shows will have more content. There's a lot of funny stuff to come."

Petersen said new episodes will be released on Tuesdays and Thursdays. The idea for the show, filmed by Petersen's own production company Legit Films (he started it last September) and edited by SBNation, is something Petersen said he and Morrison came up with last year.

"The idea started with us taking flip cams around ourselves," Petersen said. "With what happened with the production company and me having the resources, this is what came out of it.

“We just did it to have fun. The content was kept pretty low key. You might get a couple of mature jokes here and there. We are baseball players and it is guy humor, but we tried to keep it classy. We’ll see what happens. We didn’t know where it would go. With how it came out, we think it’s pretty good. If stuff comes up and we need to film some more we will -- as long as it doesn’t interfere with baseball.”

Petersen said they tried to get other sports celebrities to appear including Patriots receiver Chad OchoCinco, but the plans fell through. Petersen said several Marlins teammates will appear including the artist formerly known as Mike Stanton.

"Our last episode is pretty cool, brings a lot of us together," Petersen said. "Thursday's show is going to be a good one. Tuesday is a good one too. But we're going to try to take the world by storm on Thursday. If you can't laugh at that one, something is wrong with you."

Petersen said he's always been intrigued by documentaries and dabbled with video production some in high school.

"I've always liked stories," Petersen said. "It's basically as real as you can get. We just thought it would be funny to film our interactions. People always say we're both funny. Put us together and there's a whole different dynamic. I don't know, most people enjoyed it. We laughed while we did it."


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They look like Chips off the old block, if you get my drift.


Oh come on, they're not gay. It's just guy love, between two guys.

I thought it was funny, but no doubt the LoMo haters will be coming out of the woodwork for this one.


They are gays.They have a picture in the internet of both naked in a very small bathtube.And now this lady raiders,c,mon.


To think that we dont have Gio Gonzalez because we dont want to trade this clown.


bunch of dooshbags with too much time on their hands


What would you know about "dooshbags?" Oh, that's right. If anybody would know, it would be you.


mac....go blow lomo


funny...but they should butch-up the next time please...i know they can do it


Morrison is a giant clown... a guy that hits 250 most of the time when he is hot, should not have a show of any kind. He and David Samson belong together in a circus.

SI Jinx

Cant wait for their next flic..Lomo and Petey do New Orleans...


Headline should read " R U a Fan of 2 Mediocre Ballplayers nobody everheard of ,Trying to Make a Name 4 Themselves as Media Clowns ???"

Carol Ann

These two "dooshbags" make more money than any of you will your ENTIRE life. They are in their early twenties, having the time of their lives.... I think they are great. Jealous much?

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