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Dobbs, Morrison and Stanton out with injuries

      FORT MYERS -- Greg Dobbs was scratched from today's lineup due to continued soreness with his left hamstring and didn't make the trip over to jetBlue Park, where the Marlins are preparing to take on the Red Sox for a 1:35 start. Manager Ozzie Guillen said he spoke this morning with Dobbs, who told him he wasn't 100 percent.

      "I'd rather him to miss a couple of more days," Guillen said. "A couple of days is not going to kill him.

     Dobbs has not played since the FIU game on March 7.

     Logan Morrison also remains out with soreness in his right knee, which was scoped in December. Morrison was expected to do perform some running drills in Jupiter today and is penciled in for tomorrow's game against Atlanta. But Guillen said he would prefer to err on the side of caution and keep Morrison out of the lineup until he's certain the knee is fine. Morrison played in the UM game on March 6, but has yet to see any action in Grapefruit League play.

      While X-rays were negative on Giancarlo Stanton's left wrist after being struck by a pitch on Sunday, Guillen said he'll likely keep the slugger out of the lineup for a couple of more days.

       "I always worry about people getting hit there," Guillen said. "We're not going to push him to be swinging for no reason."

       All three injured players are expected to be ready for Opening Day. But, if they're not.....

       "If they're not ready, somebody will be," Guillen said. "If you're not ready, I know nine guys are going to be on the feild. I hope it will be them. That's what we're shooting for. Those are the nine guys we want on the field. But if they're not there, somebodhy will replace them."

       Today's lineups:

       Marlins: 1. Jose Reyes, ss; 2. Emilio Bonifacio, cf; 3. Omar Infante, 2b; 4. Austin Kearns, rf; 5. Aaron Rowand, dh; 6. Chris Coghlan, lf; 7. Terry Tiffee, 1b; 8. Matt Dominguez, 3b; 9. Brett Hayes, c. Pitching: Ricky Nolasco.

       Red Sox: 1. Nick Punto, 2b; 2. Kevin Youkilis, 3b; 3. Adrian Gonzalez, 1b; 4. David Ortiz, dh; 5. Ryan Sweeney, rf; 6. Cody Ross, lf; 7. Kelly Shoppach, c; 8. Darnell McDonald, cf; 9. Mike Aviles, ss. Pitching: Josh Beckett.


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At least if LoMo and Stanton are not ready, we have Petey Pipes, Scott Cousins, Aaron Rowand and Austin Kearns as backup. Granted, not as strong as LoMo and Stanton, but the outfield is not completely broken with the two. I think the wrist issue won't hold Stanton back, but you gotta worry about LoMo and his knee.


Stan M

Yo Bob,
Sounds like you are another Cody Ross fan. I fell in love with the guy a few years ago when a ball bounced off the plate and hit him in the mouth. Blood was literally falling out and he required stitches inside his mouth. BUT, he played the next day.

We lost Cody but the money saved allowed the team to make its worst signing of late; namely Buck. I love this team with that one exception. Two more years of a second division ballplayer catching for us. Ouch!


There goes Lomo again. I bet you he can tweet. He is trash


Marlins r an injury prone team...Snake Bit..


Dr NO, I think you're mistaking the Marlins with the Mets.

Flav C

Dr NO, I think you're mistaking the Marlins with the Mets.

Flav C

Bob - Kearns and Rowand have been playing horribly. I don't think they will make the roster.

Flav C

I meant, "mistaking the Marlins with the Phillies".

Stan M

I wouldn't put Rowland and Kearns in the same boat.In my opinion, Rowland simply has diminished skills and should not be a factor in any Marlin plans. Kearns on the other hand has shown some degree of production when not hurt. I think that there is still upside there. As a Coghlan fan in the past, I'm rooting for him to return to his former skill level and both Cousins and Peterson have shown the ability to be 4th outfielders. Unfortunately, all 3 are lefthanded hitters, so if a right handed OF must be kept, I hope it is Kearns. What did Bob say above" Cody, Cody, Cody." He's got that right!

Flav C

Cody is the Man! Sorry, Stan...no pun intended.


marlins who?

Allan Kenan

That would definitely hurt, and that caused his hands to swell. Imagine a professional pitcher throwing a fast ball at 180mph and the ball hitting your hand. He is lucky that there wasn't any broken bone or ligaments. Well, he should sit down and rest for a few weeks. That is a pretty serious injury.

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