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Marlins make cuts, plus lineup and LoMo update

    JUPITER -- Awaiting a mad rush of New York media at Roger Dean Stadium, down from Port St. Lucie to document Jose Reyes' first-ever game -- never mind that it's only spring training -- against his former team. Don't remember getting this excited when it was the other way around and guys like Luis Castillo, Paul Lo Duca and Carlos Delgado were in Met uniforms facing the Marlins. But, oh well....

     First, though, some routine spring cleaning items to dispense with. The Marlins trimmed eight from their spring training roster this morning. No surprises with any of the moves. Optioned to Triple A New Orleans were pitchers Omar Poveda and Chris Hatcher. Optioned to Single A Jupiter was pitcher Arquimedes Caminero. Re-assigned to minor-league camp were: catcher Jacob Jefferies and pitchers Jose Alvarez, Corey Madden, A.J. Ramos and Rob Rasmussen.

      Thursday's cuts leave 55 in camp.

      Caught up this morning with Logan Morrison, who is feeling quite frustrated about his balky right knee. Morrison said the knee was swollen significantly when he woke up Wednesday, one day after serving as a designated hitter. As a result, he's been ordered to scale back on his routine for the time being.

       "It's not the soreness that's the thing," Morrison said of his knee, which required arthroscopic surgery in December. "It's the swelling. Need to get the swelling out of there for it to heal. There's no timetable on when the soreness and swelling goes away. I played with soreness all last year. It's the swelling you got to worry about. It's frustrating, aggravating. Your heart and your mind want to play, but your knee won't let you."

      Asked whether he was concerned about being ready for Opening Day, Morrison replied: "I'm not trying to think about any of that. If I think about that, I might kill someone."

      Here's the lineup the Marlins are sending out this afternoon against the Mets:

      1. Jose Reyes, ss; 2. Emilio Bonifacio, cf; 3. Omar Infante, 2b; 4. John Buck, c; 5. Scott Cousins, rf; 6. Terry Tiffee, 1b; 7. Matt Dominguez, 3b; 8. Chris Coghlan, lf; 9. Josh Johnson, p.


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Stan M

Why in the world are they keeping this Tiffee guy around? Last time I looked he was hitting .059, he's 32 tears old, and his lifetime batting average in 4 years of part time major league duty was .226 and his OBP was .276. What I don't like is he's taking at bats away from other players who could use them. With 3 lefthand hitting outfielders fighting for jobs, and LoMo also a lefty, it makes no sense at all.

As enthusied as I am about this coming year, there are some foreboding omens about. LoMo's knee, Stanton's wrist, those things can take time to heal. Ouch!


only 24 and has a bum knee already...has to move to 1st base asap...


Did anyone ask LoMo why he waited till December to have his knee worked on??? Seems Oct/Nov would have been better.


If only Coghlan could return to form.

Vincent Vegas

Marlins will suffer many injuries this season. The 2012 season will be a major dissapointment, due to injuries and chaos. Take it to the Bank.

Karma Chameleon

@V.Vegas Stanton out at least a week...Lomo cant play because he went to Japan to play with Mlb stars ,instead of getting knee taken care of right away, Dobbs with bad hamstring. Only the begining of an injury filled season for the public relations disaster Meyami Marleens..they will have a terrible year on and off the field...what comes around , goes around.


You know that predicting that the Marlins will have an injury plauged season is like predicting that there's a 50% chance of rain. If your prediction is true you come off as a genius. If it doesn't then no one can be upset with you for being wrong since it's obviously the result we were all hoping for. If you spit in the air it's bound to hit something right?

I don't care enough to do so but if you look at every team I'm sure they are all dealing with aches and pains to some degree. Give me a freaking break!!!

 S. Rea

Sounds like Ur whining already...WHAAAA..BooHoo...Sob Sob..Sounds like Ur into the "Crying Game"

Rosie O'

@Glags Butch Up There's No Crying In Baseball


I see logic isn't in your repertoire and judging by your remarks maturity might be lacking as well. It doesn't take a smart person to point out the obvious. That's all I'm saying.

Mr Blue

well, Maleen genius, why dont you pass on to the ignorant masses some of your brilliant insight. Wont hold our breaths.


I'd be more concerned with the fact that Wade LeBlanc has been the best Marlins pitcher this spring. I've always said in this division you can get by with middle of the pack offense as long as pitching is your strength. That does not appear to be the case so far.

S. Holmes

Brilliant Deduction

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