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Marlins Park aquariums have fish; fans will get to see it all Saturday

JUPITER -- There are fish in the fish tank. 

I never got around to posting this on the blog yesterday, but for those of you who follow me on Twitter I sent out the following video shortly after The Miami Herald was treated to a two-hour private tour of Marlins Park Wednesday by owner Jeffrey Loria and team president David Samson.

As you can see, the big aquariums behind home plate finally have some residents. 

Here are two other videos I uploaded from the tour, including what the view of the stadium looks like from field level and what it looks like at the moment inside a stadium suite.

Marlins fans will get their own first look during Saturday's FanFest event at the stadium, scheduled to run from 11 a.m. to 5 p.m.

Samson told us yesterday he expects to have tours of the stadium often, including a look at the clubhouse and other areas where fans usually wouldn't be allowed to go. It just hasn't been setup yet.

Saturday, all players on the 40-man roster and manager Ozzie Guillen will be at FanFest to sign autographs and interact with fans. There will also be a couple town hall sessions in English and Spanish where a mic will get passed around and fans will be able to ask questions.

All in all, expect and exciting event. My advice: get there early. There are only 5,700 parking spaces near the stadium.


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I hope they have a few more fish than that. I could barely see those suckers.


How long can fish actually survive in that aquarium given the surroundings? Flash photography alone stresses them out.


Don't care what the haters say...that ballpark looks awesome! Wish I could be there for opening day. Should be a fun season to watch baseball in Miami.


driv'n down from Sarasota tomorrow....c ya @ Marlins Park Saturday!


david come on man, i'll pull one of those fish out and bite it's head off, yum....


All we need is a frying pan to fry though suckers.


Heard that Samson wanted to stock the tank with gefilte fish, but was afraid the julios in meyami would'nt get it.


no, the gefilte fish problem is that the carrot slice keeps sliding off the fish's back, which disqualifies it for gefilte purposes.


afterthought: the players should have alternate caps, orange ones in the shape of a carrot slice, so instead of just "the fish" we can also call them the Gefilte Fish.


afterthought II: in a few years when those aquaria are old and worn, the MH can headline the story with another of its ubiquitous pun headlines: "the age of aquariums."

that's all now.

Aquarium Love Sarah

I love aquariums and I am definitely one of those fish fans. you can do so many things with aquariums and really make a lot of people happy! There are so many different species that can live in this type of environment and it's such an amazing feat to be able to view them all!

Aquariums Zoo

I wish they would have some rare fishes to show that would attracts people.

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