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MLB tells FIU collegians they must use wood bats vs. Marlins

    Interesting development here at Marlins Park as we await the start of tonight's Marlins/FIU exhibition. Major League Baseball notified the Golden Panthers only a couple of hours ago that they would required to use wood bats in their game against the Marlins. The FIU players are borrowing bats from the Marlins to take batting practice and use in the game.

    I have a couple of calls in to MLB to find out what the reason is for this sudden decision, as the University of Miami was permitted to use metal bats in their game against the Marlins last night and in previous years. It could be an issue with the MLB players' union, too.

    -- One other note: Marlins president David Samson said that, starting tomorrow, fans with complaints or suggestions about the new ballpark can send them to ballparkfeedback.marlins.com


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Sunland Foods

Where are the World Series Banners that Jeff Conine flew to the new stadium in the helicopter last year?

Alan Weiss

FIU players should use their wooden bat opportunity to do the most good...upside Samsons head..make believe it's a pinata and go for the long ball...do the community proud..


Marlins vs. FIU wasn't much of a game but at least I got my baseball fix early. I've said this before but that place is amazing. There isn't a bad view in the house. Only knock is that there isn't enough ball space or arm space in the seats. Get ready to rub shoulders, forearms and knees if your going to the first few games that will be sold out. The equalizer is the air conditioning makes for a very comfortable setting. At least you won't be rubbing against someone in 90* weather. I guess they had to fit 37000 one way or another.


The email address should be ballparkfeedback@marlins.com

Rainbow Billy

Glags...not enough room for your balls? Call Samson, for a ball space adjustment. Heard he can be very accomadating in that regard.

Billy Smith from the Heights

what is all the crying about, base should use only wo0den bats, no matter what level u play at.


I think wooden bats should be required once you enter high school.

marlins fan

College baseball should use wooden bats but it was weird to make them use wooden bats after letting the canes use aluminum the day before.

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