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Team responds to parking situation at Marlins Park

Here's a response from the Marlins on the parking situation after The Miami Herald's story on the problems with it ran in today's paper.

"The Marlins are aware of some of the issues surrounding both parking and the trolley system during our soft opening events. We are working closely with the City to ensure that the problems are corrected quickly and resolved by Opening Night."


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They better... Took me 2 HOURS 2 HOURS to get there Wednesday, when on a normal day it only takes me 25 minutes to get to the ballpark... Is not only the parking, but traffic also needs to be directed better


I didn't have any issues whatsoever. Got there around 6:30 and was inside the park at around 6:50


Not a major problem yet, I didn't have problems when I went for the Marlins game against the U. The Marlins organization will take care of that issue. They want the fans at the park all the time, and no
to be dissatisfied. The Miami Herald is such a hater. I wish we would have another newspaper. Very unprofessional.GO FISH!!!!


From North Broward, going to the UM vs Marlins game took me from 5:45, to the bottom of the second to reach my seat. Reality... weekday games will be a nightmare. 10 minutes further from Dolphins Stadium (by car) is just not real Mr. Samson. Not acceptable.

Javier Perez

I had no problems for any of the 3 games. Parked and sat down in under 15mins. What's the fuss about? Heat games are a nightmare and The Herald doesn't report on that, but they report on traffic for exhibition games? A little ridiculous I believe

Marlins Fans R Suckers

There will be nothing done to make the parking and drive to and from the stadium more bearable..Wait till the summer rainy season when the traffic really backs up between 4-7pm..When will U stupid marlins fans finally realize that Samson and Loria could care less about U and care only about taking Ur money..Stay home..watch on TV,,show Samson Ur not as stupid as he thinks and said U R..

Samsons Laughing At You , Miami

Samsons right ..Miami is full of dumb ass people.They will over-pay him top dollar for everything ,just to say you were there , and he knows it ...Enjoy getting phucked..You dumb -ass Miami shitts deserve it.


Posts from two Losers named Marlins Fans R Suckers and Samson Laughing at you are indicators first that they are not from Miami, must be New Yorkers or from Philly. Second they could be sent by Crazy Old Man Braman. The reality is that the stadium is gorgeous, we deserve it, we will win our group and if it is too complicated don't go. If you are smart enough you will be able to figure out a way to be there on time and enjoy the Marlins. Enjoy your hateful lives loser and GO FISH!!!!


Bren-go blow Samson and lick his gay ass


Yeah Bren ,you stupid miami pukes deserve to get screwed by Samson and the Meyami Marleens. "We will win our group"? What group is that?? The dumb ass know nothing about MLB group? Go back to the 3rd world shithole you belong in.


I went to the fiu vs marlins game and yes traffic was tight,I then parked across the street at a house for $10 bucks.i got to my seat at opening pitch and I love being in a Real Baseball Stadium.i might try metro rail next time or just leave my house 30 minutes earlier.in any case we just do parking the hurricane way and park at a house and support the local economy.GO MARLINS.....Robert in Kendall P.S. I even bought a mini-season package,can't wait till opening night : )

David M

I did not find parking to be an issue since I had pre-paid but lack of signs telling people were to go were no where to be found. I also went to the FIU game and thought the parking was a breeze but please put up signs off the major streets pointing to where to go for parking.

Also I don't hear about anyone complaining about cell service but I had a hard time making a call, check facebook or even getting text when the game was going on. I had some friends who went on different cell service and same issue. I found out they did not install antennas to get coverage. Poor decision. People will complain when the games begin. Forget wifi too, they have free wifi but since no one could get cell service, they switch over to wifi causing it to drop constantly. I saw a guy with an iPad and he had trouble connecting.

Justin Baker

You can reserve a parking spot ahead of time at this site: http://www.parkwhiz.com/marlins-park-parking/

Eduardo A. Lombadr

Since when the streets are the property of private citizens? and/or a business like the Miami Marlins. Citizens wake up go to court and asked the judge to clarified since when a "business " can give parking tickets for their convinience, when there are "NO POSTED SIGNS", indicating "NO PARKING", I am not an attorney, but channel 7,Call Me Howard,will clear, the wax in my brain.


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