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Charles Barkley supports Ozzie Guillen

Saw an article in USA Today talking about a radio interview Thursday morning on The Dan Patrick Show, between host Patrick and former NBA star Charles Barkley.

Barkley said he has “reached out” to suspended Marlins manager Ozzie Guillen.

Barkley told Patrick he hadn’t spoken to Guillen, but as someone who had “made some stupid mistakes,” he understood what the Marlins manager, who served the second of a five-game suspension Thursday was going through.

“I don't condone what Ozzie said, but he's apologized,” Barkley told Patrick. “I reached out to him just to tell him to keep his head up.”

Barkley said he would have also reached out to recently-fired University of Arkansas football coach Bobby Petrino, too, if he knew him.

“When you are living in that storm, you think the world is going to end,” Barkley told Patrick. “It's easy for everybody to go crazy on you on radio and TV because everybody gets the God complex when they're on television and radio, thinking like they ain't never done anything wrong. Everybody is just God, judge and jury on you and just crucifies you.''


            The Phillies announced that former outfielder and University of Miami star Pat Burrell will officially retire next month. Burrell, who hit .257 with 251 homers and 827 RBI, will sign a one-day minor league contract and retire as a member of the Phillies.


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I'm Right

Kudos to Barkley for finding more ways for South Floridians to hate him. Of course, everything he has said about the Miami Cheat has been accurate, so maybe he's right regarding Comrade Ozzie, too.


Lol....just the endorsement Ozzie needed.


I thing everybody can made a mistake, nobady face the perfection in Ideas and behavior, you can see , hear and take a side for denigrate or for think about, but really matter to be a grand extreme position like a unreachable tower untochable super big unmistakable man ?


Ozzie should be drawn and quartered in Domino Park.

Harry O

@zampalosan...what u say? WTF

Edward Cosme

Cubans that left Cuba because they could no have freedom of speech Now we ask a baseball manager a political question and we want to knock him for saying what he thinks, there are lots of people who admire the fact that Fidel is still alive, that doesn't mean they admire him, Freedom of speech is what it is, Ozzies opinion should be his opinion, that's why opinions are never wrong.


I said that any one can do a mistake, like opinion, everyone can said sorry by that, simple and clear.

Paul Korry

Freedom of speech is one of our founding principles that built our country. If the Cubans don't respect or understand that right, they should return back to their fatherland & see how much better personal freedoms are in Cuba.

Juan Gonzalez

Edward, you hit the nail right on the head... I have been saying the same thing all along..... Ozzie never said he supported Castro's character... I think he was just getting at the fact that he thought Castro has some serious intestinal fortitude to survive that long... he just used poor word choice and the media blew it up into something bigger... this whole situation is just downright stupid...


Freedom of speech is a beautiful thing. Being stupid, (Ozzie has had plenty of company) is another.


Marlin's management must bear a significant portion of the blame for not doing their homework. They needed to know they were hiring a vulgar, loudmouth idiot as their manager. What were Loria and the 40 thieves thinking????

Quick Draw

Give the guy a break


whoop-t-do...one racist a-hole supports another...isn't that special

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