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Cora on defense: We have to clean it up


      More on last night's ninth inning mess:
      -- Logan Morrison said he just plain panicked on the routine fly he dropped, which allowed the go-ahead run to score.
       "I just misjudged the flight of the ball, and by the time I realized I had overrun it, I just panicked to make a play, and it just hit me in the heel of the glove."
       Because the wind was howling in through both the windows in left and Clevelander bar that is positioned behind the left find wall, Morrison said he was playing shallow. But that corrective measure did him no good.      
    "I thought he hit it pretty good, but I was playing pretty shallow knowing the wind was howling in. So when he got it, I kind of turned the wrong way to start. (The ball) started one way and came back this way and I go "(expletive)." I was, like, 'I just (expletive) the game up for my team.' I'll be the goat."
     -- Brett Hayes on the catcher's interference call that put the tying run aboard. Jordan Schafer's bat caught Hayes' glove before it made contact with the ball, which went foul:
         "It was an accident," Hayes said. "I've never had it happen before -- ever."
        It was Hayes' first major league error.
        "For that to be the first one in that situation....there's no excuse. I sit further back (from the plate) than most, so it's shocking." 
      -- Acting manager Joey Cora on the ninth inning, which featured both another meltdown by closer Heath Bell, but also errors by three separate fielders on three different plays (Emilio Bonifacio was given an error when he fumbled the ball on Jose Altuve's one-out double):
       "If we pretend to be a good team, we have to clean it (defense) up. That's plain and simple. We have to play better defense to be able to compete and win games, especially with the way this ballpark is playing. We're going to have to catch the ball and make the right throws and play good defense to win games in this ballpark. We intend to work on it."
      Here are today's lineups. Second baseman Omar Infante is back in after sitting out last night's game with a sore groin:
      Marlins: 1. Reyes, ss; 2. Bonifacio, cf; 3. Ramirez, 3b; 4. Stanton, rf; 5. Infante, 2b; 6. Morrison, lf; 7. Sanchez, 1b; 8. Buck, c; 9. Sanchez, p.
      Astros: 1. Schafer, cf; 2. Lowrie, ss; 3. Martinez, lf; 4. Lee, 1b; 5. Bogusevic, rf; 6. Johnson, 3b; 7. Castro, c; 8. Altuve, 2b; 9. Happ, p.
       Umpires: HP -- Kerwin Danley; 1B -- Doug Eddings; 2B -- Paul Nauert; 3B -- Dana DeMuth



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I wonder how many times in the season the Clevelander will cause problems.


Another error....they simply stink. Anibel is gonna last 5 and they'll tax the bullpen again. Then JJ pitches Tuesday...good for 4 or 5. They can't get out Altuve!! Who?

Stan M

As an old fart from NY, I was a fan when Jackie Robinson broke in. No TV in the beginning. To the best of my knowledge, TV developed the split screen specifically to show Jackie taunt the pitcher while leading off 1B and see the pitcher's reaction at the same time. He didn't take a lead, he literally danced back and forth. It was an age before speed had become a factor. Run downs on the base paths was something that seldom happened so it wasn't practiced and it seemed that Jackie usually got out of them . In spite of all of the present day base stealers, Willie Mays exploits and the like, Robinson was the most exciting player that I ever saw. I was also at a game when Russ Meyer, a Philly at that time, and Robinson went down below the stands and Meyer got his butt kicked. I have forgotten who said it, but one Dodger said that if he was in trouble in a dark alley, more than anyone else he would want Robinson at his side.
His older brother was also a fine athelete. I believe that in the 1936 Olimpics, his brother finished a mere fraction of a second behind Jesse Owens in one of his 4 wins. I also read that he was running in borrowed sneakers at the time. Wow!
If you ever see a replay of Bobby Thomson's HR that won the 1951 pennant, the "shot heard round the world", all the Dodgers headed for the clubhouse in deep CF, but Robinson can be seen standing at his position and watched to make sure that Thomson touched each base.
A little off the subject, but I had just said to my dad as Thomson came to bat that he was the goat of the game because he had booted 2 balls playing 3B, and a second later...BOOM!


Cool story thank you for sharing Stan. No matter how much ojida the Marlins give me, still a great game baseball is.

Stan M

Another tidbit about Jackie Robinson:
Of you get a chance, look at his bat. The handle was incredibly thick. I'm pretty sure that no one else since WWII has used one that thick. I used a Jackie Robinson model bat in sand lot ball so I remember it well.

The Dodgers had many great sluggers and HR hitters. Yet guess who hit cleanup? Yup, Robinson until he got too old and heavy.

Stan M

Just thought of somthing else. In his rookie year, he played 1B. From that point on he was at 2B and later 3rd. Once in a great while (Gil Hodges was a horse) Jackie played 1B for a game later in his career. When he did, he used his fielder's glove rather than the "Trapper" model first baseman's mitt.

For those of you who saw that great movie about the Black Sox scandal in the 1919 WS, the movie big wigs hired an oldtimer to act as consultant in order to maintain authenticity. Well, he missed one!. Most of the actors had their index fingers outside the glove as do modern day players. That didn't start until the 60s or 70s. Incidently, we didn;t call that leather thing a glove. It was a "mitt" to us back then.

Larry Jones

The outfield cannot continue with TWO DEFENSIVE BUTCHERS (Lomo & Stanton) in it. You can get by with one BUTCHER, but not with two. Lomo is a first baseman, and he plays left field like one. They need to move Lomo to 1st base (trade Gaby or platoon him with Lomo) and put Cogs in LF, see how he does. If he doesn't hit, they need to get a left fielder from somewhere, because this ain't gonna work.


hi chipper. hope u blow out ur knee before u come to miami this year.

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