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Spooky: Did a photo taken 18 years ago predict the Marlins' future?

   Received an email this week from a Texas man, Scott Rose, who attached a grainy photo that was taken of him at the old Arlington Stadium, former home of the Rangers. He pointed out a peculiarity in the photo that reminded me of an old "Twilight Zone" episode," one involving a camera that takes pictures of the future. In one particular scene, the camera is pointed at a racetrack toteboard before a race and the result is a photo showing the eventual winning horses and payoffs. The camera's owner strikes it rich, of course. Later on, the camera takes a photo that predicts a tragic ending for one of the characters, followed by Rod Serling's postscript.

   Anyway, here's what Rose had to say about the photo, which he said was taken in February, 1994, during the Rangers' version of FanFest and has been sitting on his office credenza ever since:

   "I was goofing around on the field and my wife took this picture of me "leaping" to make a catch at the left field wall.  The scoreboard operator had set the out of town scoreboard for the opening day games, but in the upper right hand corner you will see that he made a mistake.  FLA is listed as MIA.  I have also researched it and found that the opponent listed is also incorrect. TheMa rlins' opening day game that year was against the Dodgers.

    "It is very interesting that not only did the operator call the Marlins the MIA Marlins, he also stated that they were hosting STL.  Either he was as bad an operator as the Rangers were a baseball team back then, or he was simply predicting what would happen on Opening Day, 2012:  STL @ MIA"

    Here's the photo. Look carefully at the upper right-hand corner of the scoreboard, where you'll see what Rose is talking about. You can click on the photo to make it larger. What do you think? San Antonio-20120330-00080-5