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Edward Mujica sustains hand injury for punchless Marlins

    NEW YORK -- Edward Mujica was soaking his right hand in a cup of ice water after being struck by a line drive on Tuesday, a line drive that scored the go-ahead run in the Mets' 2-1 victory over the Marlins.

     While X-rays were negative, Mujica said the middle fingers on his right hand were sore and swollen.

     "It hurts right now," Mujica said. "Right now, I don't feel nothing in my fingers. We'll see tomorrow."

     Manager Ozzie Guillen said he is hoping Mujica will be okay within a couple of days. If not, the Marlins could be looking at their first DL move of the season.

     Mujica was on the mound in the eighth when Lucas Duda lined a single off the pitcher's hand, scoring Kirk Neuwenhuis from third with what would turn out to be the deciding run.


      It's been a dreadful road trip offensively so far for the Marlins, who had totaled only three runs on 13 hits in the three games played in Washington and New York. Marlins pitchers have given up only seven runs in those three games.

      "We've got to start swinging the bat," Guillen said. "The last three games we've been shut down pretty well. Tonight we didn't get nothing going. We've got to do better on offense. We've got a better offense than what we show right now."

      Going back to Thursday's game in Miami, the Marlins have scored only three runs over the past 33 innings. Two of those came on Logan Morrison's ninth-inning home run on Saturday in Washington. The only other run during the drought was scored when Giancarlo Stanton raced home from first on Gaby Sanchez's double in the seventh.


        Led by first-round draft pick Jose Fernandez, three pitchers combined on a no-hitter for the Single A Greensboro Grasshoppers on Tuesday. Fernandez went six innings against HIckory, striking out eight and walking two. Gregory Nappo went two innings before turning the ball over to Kevin Cravey to complete the no-hitter.

         Fernandez (2-0, 1.57) was taken by the Marlins with the 14th overall pick last June.


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How many middle fingers does he have on his right hand? I'd be flipping people the bird all the time if I had more than one middle finger.


I wonder at what point it becomes the hitting coach's fault. We have a team that's supposed to have speed at the top of the order and power in the middle. Reyes hasn't hit, Hanley has been streaky, Stanton doesn't even have a home run, and the only guy who has been playing to expectations in the top of the lineup is Bonifacio. With this sort of lineup, a 2-1 lead shouldn't be something the opposing team is comfortable having. But with how the lineup actually plays, leading 1-0 might as well be leading 8-0.


Fed up, wherever you are, I concede. May not be the worst team in baseball but they're pretty close.


Ugly..just plain ugly. They talk about offense? Four walks in an inning and watching Ozzie running out to the mound and playing the lefty, righty matchup, looking clueless. Can't remember the last time a Marlins hitter went with the pitch. It's a pull happy team, same as last year. Reyes pops up everything, they don't string together any hits. A catcher that will hit around .220 all year at this rate and they had two days off and still looked lethargic. So far it's been a boring...BORING...team to watch. I feel like I'm back in the John Boles era again. I guess the bright side is that JJ looked better but his walk scored. So far the NL East has manhandled this team too. Oh well as long as Hanley can hang with Jay-Z and Stanton, LoMo can go to the Today Show, Reyes can smile for the NY cameras, alls good. Getting tired of the excuses because crawling out of the cellar can be challenging in any sport. No more "it's early", "Giancalo is still in spring training", "LoMo is hurting". Getting old. They're either gonna switch it on or not. I would love to know if the FO is worried internally at all but I'm sure our beat writers won't ask the tough question and they have to cover the marathon for el jefe and Beinfest. I would say that it's a loss losing Mujica but he is the reincarnated version of Oviedo.


eduardo perez? best thing about him is that his father is tony perez. offense has only gone down hill since eduardo took over. i guess he must work cheap

Flav C

When Perez took over (after all star break), he lead the Marlins offense to close to the bottom of the NL in batting avg, with a .249 bat avg, and bottom of the pack in runs scored and OBP. Only teams like the Padres and Cubs were worse than the Marlins. This season I thought things would be a little different. Guess what: Fish's bat avg is still bottom of the NL pack and worse than last year (.243) and only the Phillies and Pittsburgh have scored less runs than the Marlins. I guess it speaks volume about the hitting coach.

Flav C

@ Flaggstafffish - I would say Mujica is the reincarnation of Renyel Pinto. Or Taylor Tankersley. Or as you said, Oviedo. Anyway, it is a bad reincarnation.

George Brett (Yeah...that's Right!)

All this Talk about "Hitting Coach"! How many of you guys actually "Played the Game"? These Ball Players have been Hitting a FastBall since Little League! And a Breaking Ball since High School. All the Hitting Coach does is "Point Out" Discrepancies in their Swings and usually it's a Parent or someone that has been watching them all of their Lives that catches something wrong.

No...the "Hitting Woes" does not come from the Hitting Coach. A big part is from the Caliber of Pitching they've seen. In no way is this Team going to continue Hitting like they have been!

It "Tickles" me to read all of the "Expert Comments" from those that have never Played the game at a Level above Little League or "Park Ball". One more thing...I had the Extreme Pleasure of being Coached by Charlie Lau. Now...There was a Hitting Coach that made a DIFFERENCE! Charlie REVOLUTIONIZED Hitting! Edwardo Perez is a "Decent" Hitting Coach that has Pointed out a few things to Marlin Hitters that has helped them. Give this Team some more time before you Jump Ship like rats!

Man...I'm sure glad I NEVER Had Teamates like you Guys!!!!!


Thanks George....I would agree that this team won't continue to hit like this but it is a little disappointing considering that we have been watching many of the same discrepancies for several years now. Not to mention our newest record of walks in an inning and errors committed on the field. This team isn't that bad but yet they continue to play at a poor level. They are going to have to win games against top tier pitching which to this point they have been unable to do so and we know that the NL East has some quality arms. Tough one again tonight with a knuckleballer. Let's just hope that the ship doesn't sink with everyone still on board, including us rats!!

Randy St, C

Moo-he-ca will just have to use his left hand for a while,to do what he does best. Be a freakin jerk-off.


They may have been hitting fastballs since little league but they haven't been hitting this collection of NL east arms for long and it shows. So we have a hitting coach that hangs out and points some stuff out and jokes around with the guys...is that acceptable at this level or is it unacceptable? I'm all ears. Does the guy have an organized approach to what he does...or not? Funny thing is I keep hearing that guys need to relax...play 'loose'. Dude you can't get more relaxed and loose than this bunch and it isn't producing good baseball. Maybe they need to stop with all the stupid haircuts and secret handshakes and develop some kind of hunger or edge or aggression in their game. Or better yet just a simple plan for how they are going to break down opposing pitching and get on base. But that won't happen becuase I fear that the inmates are running the asylum right now. Doesn't have to be that way.

Last place Mahleens Blow

Meeyami Mahleens r all about the show and getting publicicty for their pohny stupid BS. Not known for playing good beisbol

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