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Fans can visit Marlins Park for free Tuesday, catch Fish-Cards practice

If you ever want to see Mike Stanton take batting practice for free, now is your chance.

Starting at 4 p.m. Tuesday Marlins Park will be open to the public as the Marlins and Cardinals prepare for Wednesday night's season opener with workouts.

The Cardinals will practice first from 4 to 5:30. The Marlins will then take the field at 6 p.m.


Manager Ozzie Guillen has three sons, but talked a lot Monday about the 22-year old daughter he wished he had - one to marry and bear the children of Yankees captain Derek Jeter.

“He’s got everything. He’s single. Good-looking man, captain of the New York Yankees. A lot of rings, a lot of money," Guillen said. "I looked at him in the All-Star Game -- not even an ingrown toe-nail! Everything is perfect. That's what you want in a baseball player.”

Guillen said there isn't a player better than the 37-year old, 12-time All-Star "in the history of the game."

"Nobody represents baseball better than that guy, nobody. Not Mickey Mantle, Not Babe Ruth, Not Willie Mays,” Guillen said.

“And we all respect the Hall of Famers and the people who played in the past and who were great for this game. Derek Jeter is in the top two." Asked to clarify who the other top player is aside from Jeter, Guillen replied: “Me,” before breaking into laughter. “You don’t see any player walk to the field and get a standing ovation just when we goes to stretch, and that guy does,” he said.

“This guy is God, a baseball god."

> Finnegan’s River, located on the Miami River, is serving as one of four stops for the Miami Water Taxi and has made arrangements to provide service to and from Marlins Park on opening day and other big games. The water taxi will leave the restaurant/bar an hour before the game and return 30 minutes following the game. The drop off spot is two blocks from the stadium. The cost for roundtrip service is $10 per person and includes a free beer.