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Giancarlo Stanton back in Marlins lineup

After missing Monday's game with left knee pain, the Marlins listed right fielder Giancarlo Stanton in their pregame lineup against the Phillies Wednesday. Stanton will bat in the cleanup spot.

Here's the lineups:

Marlins lineup: 1-Reyes ss; 2-Bonifacio cf; 3-Ramirez 3b; 4-Stanton rf; 5-Morrison lf; 6-Sanchez 1b; 7-Infante 2b; 8-Buck c; 9-Johnson p

Phillies: Pierre lf; Polanco 3b; Rollins ss; Pence rf; Victorino cf; Mayberry, Jr. 1b; Ruiz c; Galvis 2b; Halladay p



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Flav C

I think we can muster some hits with this lineup. Enough to get 1-2 runs out of Halladay.


And it's one, two, three strikes and The Whiffer's out in the old ball game.


Truth, I would pay good money to see you say that to Staton's face.

Hope that JJ has a good game tonight and can keep it close. If we can get some speed on the bases and generate some runs should be close.


Any concern with JJ's velocity yet? He can't put away a rookie! Oh man game over.


JJ does not look good. I don't care if it's "only his second start." He did not have a good spring training and hasnt touched 95 yet. He can't put away guys like he used to. He keeps trying to blow fastballs by them but they keep hitting it or fouling it off at 92/93.


Do we really have an ace? He's fallen in love with his change up and is throwing a straight FB. A little worried about the rotation.


And this is why you don't give a long-term contract who had already suffered a major arm injury. Way to go, Beinfest. Way to go, Samson. You morons! Now we're stuck with this Minnesota lemon. Josh Johnson SUCKS! And I WOULD say it to Giancarlo's face. What's he going to do? Take a swing at me? He'd only miss.

This team is a catastrophe. Trade them all, if anyone would be dumb enough to take any of these bums.


Meeyami Marleens have been cursed by el Diablo...wait until the injuries begin....bad karma and a terrible season is their fate.

Stan III

Lou, er...I mean Truthteller, Trade the whole team? What a great Idea!


I'd venture to say its the curse of Ali or Castro. You decide.

WTF was that ?

what's up with Moronson in lf..was he wearing roller-skates out there? cant hit the cut-off man...maybe he should tweet the ballback in...


Have you seen LM and GS embarrasing plays in the outfield? It's painful to watch. JJ is good for the bullpen.


What??? Nobody defending Lomo the Tool? Finally realize he's an over-rated ,over-publicized stiff ?

Flav C

Petey? I can't believe you're talking bad about your boyfriend. I actually heard you were the reason why he was not traded to the A's for Gio Gonzalez. LoMo said his condition to be traded was that the A's accepted you as their outfielder. Can you confirm it?


Wish they would have traded him ,so I could get my shot to be a full time player... Got a better arm,faster,better D and will hit for the same average ,at least.Drafted in 4th rd as oppossed to him in the 22nd..he,s got more power,Im an all around better player. He's younger ..Big effin deal.He's really an immature tool.

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