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Infante puts home run sculpture in motion (video)

     It took four games, but the home run sculpture was finally put in motion when Omar Infante became the first Marlin to hit one out in Marlins Park. Infante led off the second on Sunday with a shot over the wall in left off Astros pitcher J.A. Happ. The trippy contraption doesn't show off as well with daylight pouring through the glass in left, but you get the idea. By the way, that's Infante's fourth home run of the season: Check out the video:


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WOW that's ugly.



Samson is the Devil

2.5 million dollars.

There has never been a franchise less deserving of taxpayers' money than the Marlins, I hope they lose every game and move to Vegas.


How many foul outs does Gaby have? Jesus.

Celina James

Nice! Go marlins!


are people booing? I cant tell but it sounds like it.


what a useless piece of crap


After seeing it a second time...it is still UGLY, and at $2.5 Million, an embarassment.

Marlins are pathetic

would pay to see samson shot out of a cannon without a net. Or parachute. From the 3rd level. On fire. Into a cesspool on 17th ave.

Stan M

Hopefully that gadget is Loria's legacy. Tacky, unnecessary. and soon to be replaced.


Are there really that many silly old men out there with nothing better to do than whine like little girls about the home run sculpture, or is it just one silly old man whining under a lot of different names? Either way, you're making a fool of yourself, so smile, be happy, praise Jesus and give us real baseball fans a break.
And yes, flagstaffishfan, I was thinking the same thing about Gaby — it seems like he's fouling out about every other at-bat. And that ain't easy, because there is almost no foul territory in the new park. Must be a timing thing, I don't know.

Stan M

Sorry if you feel that way, LB, but this old man is one who can't stand Loria and everything he stands for. The word "parvenue" entered our language primarily to define such a bounder.

blow me

@laurelbowie...screw U


parvenu...lo class ,scumbag, thieving, lying jews like Loria & Samson


Looks like it belongs in a cheap Vegas hotel.

Wish it was the Canes and a MLS team that got to play in this stadium.


You people are losers, it's very nice.. Alot of folks need to start finding the fun in things. They are cheering and having a good time regardless of what they think..


Stan M,
Sorry about my rant, and I certainly don't consider you a silly old man. In fact, as I've said in the past, you are perhaps the most thoughtful, knowledgeable of the bloggers commenting here and I greatly enjoy your posts. I've just had a really bad week, and some of the complainers were starting to get my goat (an old horse racing term, by the way). But if I had noticed your name attached to one of those posts, I've have kept my mouth shut.
I share your disdain for Loria and his henchman. Guess I'm just getting tired of reading about stupid home run contraption. At any rate, I apologize again.


I love it!
Newsflash.....if you don't like it ....don't look at it.


Exciting game again! I know the sculpture is gaudy but it made me laugh and smile and that's cool right? Good stories about Jackie R posted by Stan on the "Cora on defense" post. Can we please have a one sided W next game....please?

david in los angeles

hey webster? take your racism and shove it up your a@#..


hey queen david ...how about New York heebs???

Larry Jones

John Buck continues to be a terrible catcher. Not only is he a DP machine, but teams run wild on him. And the bullpen has been horrible, with the exception of Steve Cishek. Webb is a HR giver as is Dunn, and lately so is Mujica. He had a decent year last year, but he is prone to bad streaks. And I was not dancing in the streets when they signed Heath Bell as the closer. He’s a fat guy who was pitching above his talent level in a huge ballpark in San Diego. They could have signed Papelbon, a legit lights out strikeout artist. But of course the front office decided to go the CHEAP ROUTE. Hilarious, this ownership. Even when they finally break down and spend money they do so CHEAPLY.

Larry Jones

The outfield cannot continue with TWO DEFENSIVE BUTCHERS (Lomo & Stanton) in it. You can get by with one BUTCHER, but not with two. Lomo is a first baseman, and he plays left field like one. They need to move Lomo to 1st base (trade Gaby or platoon him with Lomo) and put Cogs in LF, see how he does. If he doesn't hit, they need to get a left fielder from somewhere, because this ain't gonna work.

Larry Jones

But it was a nice win, almost a must win. Yes, it's early in the season, but if they had lost yesterday there would have been some wondering and doubting about this team.

Now we have to see what will happen with JJ. I was against them building the pitching staff around JJ as The Ace; he has not been able to stay healthy. I wanted them to go all out and get a bona fide Ace like CJ Wilson, but again, they went THE CHEAP ROUTE. But Buerhle is pitching decently as is Zambrano so far. And so far Nolasco has been Nolasco. The wild card in that rotation is Anibal Sanchez who is in his contract year. They might need him to step up and be The Ace if JJ's loss of velocity is permanent, which I fear it might be.


Marlins were lucky they played Houston....alot of holes on this team....after only 10 games they are in last place, with a tougher road ahead. Not impressive in the early going. Played a young,rebuilding Houston team and after going 31 innings only outscored them by 1 run 14-13...Not good.


anyone who likes that thing must work for the Marlins or living an alternative lifestyle! to think they tore down the ORANGE BOWL for this crap?? REALLY?? i'll NEVER set foot in that travesty even if i had free ticket behind home plate! they'll be giving tix away at Pollo in 2 months anyway!


I think it looks much better in person. I was against it at first, but when I saw it in person I did not think it was that bad. Stadium is great. This will attract more revenue than the Canes (baseball not football. I am assuming you meant baseball since it is a baseball stadium) and MLS.

Flav C

I agree with comments from Larry Jones, regarding the Outfielders. They not only are prone to errors, but also are playing injured, which only aggravates the situation. It is a big liability for the team.
Regarding comments from Beane, you're absolutely right. Houston could not take advantage of 20 BBs allowed by the Marlins. They LOB an amazing number of 58 base-runners in this series (Marlins stranded 41 base-runners). A team with better hitters would have made a big damage.
Hopefully the Fish managers are looking at those numbers so this can be improved. The series against the Cubs should help the Marlins.


I agree with Larry as well. LoMo looked pretty comfortable at 1st and the way Gaby has been fouling out at the plate not sure what they'll do with him. Cogs makes me feel better in left no doubt.


It looks like somebody rode It's a Small World on LSD one time too many...


This will be Gaby's last season as a Marlin. Age and 1st year Arb in 13' plus moving Lomo to 1st ,makes Gabys future as a Marlin a moot point. Look for the Marlins to try move him after July 15th.

Artist Too

I think it's cool. Lighten up and have a little fun folks. IT'S A GAME! You're supposed to have fun!

Not Counting on Good Taste

Loria's taste in art is obviously not what the average man's is. He could probably look a steaming pile of dog shittt and call that art. After all,look at his ex-stepson Samson. Loria thinks he's an "artful" team spokesman. Enough said.

Stan M

A Winter of enthusiasm has been followed by a Spring of disappointment. Not everything has gone wrong, but there are glaring questions that must be answered before this team can compete in this very tough division. There are new posters who add much to the discussions found here. I agree with nearly everything these new posters say with one minor exception. Larry Jones, Buehrle was far from a "Cheap" aquisition. But the comments by those above about the OF defense, Buck's catching, and Loria's parsimony are all cogent. There is another site where I occasionally post much to my detriment for it is a domicile where stat heads have the upper hand. I once expressed my opinion that Buck was a horrible pick up and was roundly crucified. Personally, I have misgivings about most of the new defensive evaluations. I've read where Stanton is one of the, if not the, best RFer in the league. That Bono if slightly below average as a CFer. That Coghlan was a well below defender in the OF. My eyes tell me differently. Bono is just fine in CF. Coghlan became a fine LFer after about 50 games or so in LF and he caught the ball well in CF. The fact his arm was weak was the result of injury. Stanton might need glasses for far too many balls don't seem to land in the pocket of his glove. These same mavens also found fault with Nolasco and Nunez last year for their less than stellar performance once a runner reaches base. I would wonder how much of that drop in performance might have to do with the fear that the catcher will soon throw the ball into CF as soon as the runner takes off on a steal attempt..


I wonder if fans in St.Louis, Boston, NY, Philadelphia, Milwaukee care what they're homerun sculptures looked like (or would look like if they had one) as long as that thing was getting lit up on a regular basis.

I was at the game yesterday and if people were booing I couldn't hear it over everyones cheering when the homers were hit. The one thing that impressed me the most is how loud it gets in there when everyone is into the play which makes for a good environment and the concept of home field advantage comes into play. When Sanchez got the strike out with the bases loaded was the loudest I've ever heard a crowd and I've been to quite a number of basketball games.


glad youve been to quite a number of basketball games. believe yesterday was a baseball game.

david in los angeles

hey webster.. that's so funny.. try comedy.. you seem so smart and clever. you must get lot's of girls with that rapier wit of yours..


Basketball arenas tend to be louder than opened air baseball ball parks dipshit. Next time I'll draw a picture.


I'd like to see the Fish put Lomo on the DL and bring up Petersen, at least until Morrison is totally healthy. I think Lomo's biggest asset is his ballsy, full-speed-ahead approach to every play. But playing hurt and going at three-quarters speed, he's a liability. Petersen played well last year, and with his speed and defense in every OF spot, he'd bring some versatility and flexibility the Marlins desperately need. Could try it either way — with Cogs in left and Petey coming off the bench, or maybe keep Coghlan on the bench and start Petersen. And they could both start when it was time to give Stanton a breather.

Stan M

In a recent telecast Tommy Hutton said that Stanton's problem is more serious than LoMO's. Ouch! If we had Peterson, at least he could have replaced LoMo in the 9th inning for defense. As it was, Kearns was available, and while he isn't known for his defense, he would have been a better bet than LoMo. Cora goofed in not replacing him with a 4-1 lead in the 9th inning. And thank you for the comment above.


Stan M,
I meant what I said above.
And maybe it's Stanton they need to DL. He certainly doesn't belong in the cleanup spot right now. With Stanton and LoMo both playing hurt, the Marlins outfield is like a jungle — with a gazelle in centerfield, flanked by two lumbering elephants.

Stan M

LB, Completely agree with your evaluation of our OF defense. Hard to understand with new emphasis on defense and also placement (see Tampa Bay's success in this area) Was much worried when Ozzie was signed. Am afraid he could be "old school" in regard to moving defense around depending on situation and hitter. We'll have to see. Do you remember the "Strawberry Patch" in RF at Shea? Darryl set up in the same position to the extent that he wore out the grass in that one spot. What drives me up a wall with Stanton is when he takes the first pitch for a strike, then swings at a low outside pitch that should be ball one. Instead he is too frequently in the hole 0-2. I'm far from sold on this new hitting coach. Liked the one they canned to bring in this current fellow who seems to be a result of nespotism. Hope not, but see little to recommend him so far.
Aren't these new posters a revelation? They add much to the given subject and show no inclination to be of the "so so is an idiot" category. I'm still worried about whatever happened to Samson's Boyfriend. I miss his contributions.


Stan M,
It IS good to have some intelligent new voices on here, and some of these guys clearly know more about baseball than I do. Some of us — you, me, Glags, Flav C and a few others — have been talking to each other for so long we could almost finish each others' sentences.
I never could figure out why they don't bring in Conine as hitting coach, since he's hanging around every day anyway. I also think Eduardo should enlist his pops to help with the hitting instruction. Tony would bring instant credibility with the players. Trouble is, guess old Eddie's afraid that if gets daddy to help, Loria might just ask the obvious question, "What do we need you for, Eduardo?"

CIA Plumber

Welcome back Ozzie ,on the 51st anniversary of invasion day at the Bay of Pigs 4/17/61. Your timing could not have been better.

pizza peel

It IS good to have some intelligent new voices on here,and i think its cool

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