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Infante "wanted to cry" after cycle near miss

    CINCINNATI -- Omar Infante just missed becoming the first Marlins player to hit for the cycle when he failed to come up with a single in his final at bat.

    "I wanted to cry," Infante said of his near-miss.

    Infante doubled in his first at bat, homered in his second, grounded to short in this third, and tripled in his fourth. He stepped to the plate with two outs in the ninth but flied to center on 2-2 pitch.

    "I had a chance but I couldn't do it," Infante said. "I thought about bunting."

    Everyone in the Marlins dugout was aware of the situation when Infante went to the plate in the ninth. Manager Ozzie Guillen said he told everyone within earshot that he would get Infante a "real" bicycle -- one used by Lance Armstrong in the Tour de France -- if he completed the hitting cycle.

    "I told the dugout people that if this kid gets a hit right now I'm going to get him a real bike," Guillen said. "I have connections."

    The Marlins and Padres are the only two teams that have never had a player hit for the cycle.


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There's no crying in baseball! Then again, what the Marloons do usually doesn't qualify as baseball, so, go right ahead, Omar. Cry like a little baby because the team's first win of the season was marred by your inability to accomplish an individual achievement. As always, it's "individual" over "team". Bunch of bullcrap. Start the fire sale already, Samson, because this team is a catastrophe.

Hater hater

LOL at the hater. 3 games in and the sky is falling! Piss off.


He should've tried to bunt. Works for Bonifacio all the time.


Good game. Sooooo they lost and they were called losers. Now they win and this a**hole comes here and calls the team a catastrophe. That's funny. I'm convinced that it's the same person coming here and posting all this negative stuff. There can't me that many people that dislike this team yet have nothing better to do get on their computer and look for this site, I assume a casual baseball fan wouldn't know of this or other baseball blogs, and air their grievances. It just doesn't make sense.


They looked rested and relaxed today. Take the series tomorrow. Ricky's change looked great too. Watching Reyes today was a treat, the guy has range.


Now we have a real good SS. Reyes has a strong arm.


Have pity on this Truthteller guy as your mind's eye visualizes him sitting under one bare light bulb in the cobweb-and-cockroach-filled basement of a tiny row house somewhere. Here he is, dressed in a dirty t-shirt, potbelly hanging over his belt, pimples dotting his meaty face, tapping out nonsensical, venomous diatribes against the Marlins as he sips a warm beer and munches his breakfast Pop-Tart, scared to death his scraggly-haired wife is gonna track him down, kick his butt and take away his computer privileges for a week. The only fun he gets out of life is taking ridiculous potshots at athletes playing games he knows little or nothing about — so everybody let him have his fun and lay off.
Happy Easter and a great Passover, folks.


Good win last night. Look'n forward to todays game!


Btw, is anyone else keeping track of Yoenis Cespedes. If he keeps this up I think I'm going to cry. Hahaha.


Cespedas is starting to look like the big Fish that got away, if you get my drift. But if he doesn't learn to mind his manners, some pitcher is going to make sure he does his celebrating on the DL.

Stan M

You said it, Glags. But look at it this way. The money we saved could be used to give Nunez(sic) 6 million to come in and blow leads in the 8th inning. With all of the closers hurt, let us hope that he is now trade bait. Great game. I certainly feel much better. To the gaping primate who posted at the top I would say the following. Had the game been a 1-1 tie or the like, an individual goal would have been out of place. But his team had a huge lead for crying out loud. Wonder if that person comes from Greenville. Did any of you see the clip where a Marlin spokeswoman explains how the fish in those two aquariums are there to symbolize the Miami environment. That was interesting in that every fish that I saw either comes from Hawaii or the Far East...didn't see a local denizen at all.


Truthteller, hey MORON I saw your posts on the Panther site as well, what's the matter doing you like SoFla teams, you must lead a miserable life. BTW if you look the Marlins do have an all star infield, stop, look closely so whose playing each position, oh sorry I forgot you don't know sports. By miserable elsewhere.

Flav C

How's Logan "Groundout" Morrison fairing so far in your opinion, dear fellas?


This is why teams in Miam struggle to succeed, just because of that negetive vibes coing from that a-- wipe that psted the first comment win, loose or draw some idiot will post bs. just the nature of the buisness.

Fed Up

Nice job by Zambrano so far today. He and his Castro-loving friend Ozzie Guillen should be sent away immediately.

Flav C

As good latins, gotta ask Big Z or Ozzie if they both read "Chronicle of a Death Foretold" by Garcia Marquez. Because that's exactly what we saw today. A replay of ST. Umpires have to add at least one more squared foot to the strike zone so Zambrano can have any chances of throwing strikes.


He's settled down now and looking good. Leaving too many ducks on the pond.


First inning jitters that's all it was. He looks good now. When I see Morrison "hitting" I can only say to myself "couldve had Gio." Oh well. You win some you lose some or in our case two to be exact. I haven't actually seen Cespedes play. I saw his stats this morning and my stomach turned a little.


One blown save so soon! How much did they pay Bell? Jeez.....like watching a fat Oviedo.


Ugly just plain ugly loss. Now we got Hamels and Doc up next.


Uh oh!!!


Bell may have a great year yet but that's why I hate when a GM gives 8-10mil/yr for a guy who plays 1/2 inning a game.

Stan M

I bet Bell makes more money per inning pitched than Halladay.

Flav C

Stan M, just to complete your thoughts, here we go:
Doc Halliday: $ 85,763 per pitched inning.
Heath Bell: $ 120,579.

Outrageous, isn't it?



Flav C

Yep, Flaggs...Outrageous. On a separate note, I know Gaby didnt start today and I know it is too early in the season. But Gaby has been the most unproductive player in this team (offensively speaking): No runs, scored, no RBIs, no BB, .091 BAvg and anamazinh .091 OBP. Give it a couple more weeks and maybe, only maybe, Ozzie should start considering LoMo on 1B and COgs on LF.


Heath Bell, rot in hell! And take Hanloaf with you!
Awful team. Worst in the league. Thanks, Beinfest.

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