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Marlins in their Easter finest (photo)

     CINCINNATI -- A few Marlins decided to dude up for Easter. Check out the threads four of them purchased for the occasion at House of Adam in Cincinnati (left to right: Giancarlo Stanton, Randy Choate, Ricky Nolasco and Josh Johnson).Easter


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Flav C

Looking like a bunch of pimps.


They look like what they are -- bad baseball players trying unsuccessfully to be hip and/or funny.

Flav C

Look, don't get me wrong fellas. I'm not an old person or "old school" type of baseball fan. But is getting irritating seeing the Marlins players more worried about their appearance and looks than what they produce on the field. Hanley and Reyes with red hair. LoMo on the cover of a local newspaper wearing bikini tops. These guys dressed as pimps. I don;t know. Just go out there and play ball, i should say.

H. Goldberg

They are just following their "horse's ass of an owner's" lead....monkey's see , monkey's do.

Mr. B

What is wrong with you people?!!! These are human beings who happen to play baseball for a living!!! Should they not have a life, have personalities, have interests outside of baseball also? You morons want them to be your robots, puppets, play baseball, sleep and play baseball some more. Get over yourselves. Your living vicariously through them to such an extreme shows how pathetic your lives are!!!What a bunch of dirtbag losers you are. If you want to control the lives of athletes, go play 'Road to the Show', on MLB 12 The Show on Playstation 3... that is if any of you fools even know how to turn on a Playstation 3. Seriously, get over yourselves.

Flav C

Mr. B, thank you for putting in me in my place. With that said, yes, they do look like a bunch of clowns.


When you're making millions of dollars and the hopes and dreams of an entire area are resting on your proficiency with a bat, ball and glove -- especially when the entire area paid for your damn stadium, against their will -- you're damn right, they should not have a life outside of their work until they bring a championship to the area. Overpaid, underachieving jerks. That's what they are. Led by their Commie-loving manager.


Truthteller, against our will would imply that the building of this stadium was up for debate. It wasn't so you're wrong. Secondly, if all of your hopes and dreams are invested on this team winning or losing then that further cements Mr. Bs point. With that said I love this team and will do so win lose or draw but my quality of life won't suffer from the outcome. All kidding aside, get a grip man!!!


Lol @ Truthteller
yOUR life depends on it , lol.
I love the marlins and get pissed when they blow a game like yesterday
But carry on ,there is beer in the fridge and always a woman to join me in the pool.
But since the guys lost they are jerks right???


Guys, they went out and bought themselves some goofy- looking suits and took a picture. Who could possibly care? As Glags said, get a grip, man. Sounds like good clean fun to me.

Flav C

Yeah, guess I'm still pissed at the result yesterday. I will agree with juandigger and get myself a beer later.

uncle sam

if they want to look like a bunch of douchebags,that's their business...freedom of expression


Mr. Braman (Truthteller...wink) chill out bro . You had your chance now go sell some Cadillacs.


Manny..take the car,pick up my dry cleaning,get me a cafe con leche and be back in an hour. By the way.when is your mother coming to clean this week? Tell her to bring your sister with her again, this time.

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