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Marlins option Coghlan, Dunn to Triple A New Orleans; recall Petersen, Jennings

After dropping seven of their last eight games and falling to 8-13 on the season, the Marlins have decided to shake things up in the clubhouse a little.

Following Sunday's 8-4 loss to the Diamondbacks the team announced it was optioning reliever Mike Dunn (9.53 ERA in eight appearances) and outfielder Chris Coghlan, hitting .118 in 34 at-bats mostly off the bench, to New Orleans. Outfielder Bryan Petersen and left-hander Dan Jennings have been recalled from Triple A to replace them.

Coghlan, who won the 2009 NL Rookie of the Year Award, took the news well.

"I had to deal with this last year for the first time and it was a lot tougher," Coghlan said. "It's tough because this is where I want to be and I know I can play, but it's going to be good for me in the long run because I get to go down and play everyday and you never know what can happen."

Petersen was hitting .316 with eight RBI in 22 games with the Zephyrs and has a career .246 average in 97 games in the big leagues.

Jennings, who spent most of last season in Triple A and has never pitched in the big leagues, has posted a 2.08 ERA in nine appearances over 8 2/3 innings with 10 strikeouts and four walks with New Orleans this season.

"What I learned last year was when you start losing, there's a lot of guys jobs that become in jeopardy," Coghlan said. "It's a cut throat business. You have to make adjustments and they thought I was an opportunity for someone else."


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Glad to see Peterson back. Let's hope he gives the team a spark


Thank God that Mike Dunn is gone. He was awful.


Petersen to left, Morrison to first, Gaby and Buck to Milwaukee for Jonathan Lucroy. Ta-da!

Stan M

LB, I'm all for it. But who, in their right mind, woulld take Buck. Hayes had nice game only to sit down for the 6 million dollar disaster. A couple of asides. Maybin is hitting below .200 and averaging over a strikeout per game. Andino is hitting about.325 and always could catch the ball. Sorry about Coghlan, but he's righr; he needs the at bats. At his best, Gabby would rank somewhere between 15 and 20 overall 1st basemen. So LoMo should go to 1B and Patterson to LF. Stanton almost hit an earlier ball out. It ws out of most parks. Right now our best team (for a while) would have Kearns in LF, Patterson in CF, and either Infante at 3B with Bono at 2B, or reverse these last two. My point is Hanley should sit for a while. I sometimes wonder if this team can ever win consistently with Hanley around. There's the guy I'd really like to trade.

Chris Coghlan

All this religion mumbo-jumbo I've been practicing, and for what? Why has my Lord and Savior Jesus Christ forsaken me?

Ira the Jew

Look at the bright side...tickets for tomorrows game starting at 1.50...plenty of parking


send ozzie down aswell


Coghlan will come around with regular at-bats in N'Orlins and he'll be back in Miami by July, or maybe sooner. In the end, Kearns will be odd-man-out because both Petersen and Cogs are faster and more versatile, they have a lot more upside and they fit better into Ozzie's style of play.
Stan M,
I usually agree with you, but I'd hate to start shuffling Infante around. The guy is comfortable at second and he's hitting great, and I'd hate to mess with that. And Boni was shaky at third when they tried him there last year. Hanley's not contributing at the plate, but he seems to be getting the knack of things at third. The truth is, they're all playing like crap, and I don't see anybody around whom you could plug in for Hanley and significantly improve performance.

Flav C

LB, you're absolutely right. Petersen is all we have left in the minors. That guy Solano, who had a good ST, is going thru the same slump with the Zephyrs. It wouldn't make too much sense bringing him over. Boni is not a reliable infielder, let's just leave him where he is for now in CF. Infante belongs on 2B. Now, what I think might end up happening is, if by mid-May, when Gaby will hit his 100 at-bats or so, if he continues his slump and combined with some good few at-bats by Petersen, Gaby might be sent down, LoMo takes 1B and Petersen LF. Beautiful love story for the couple LoMo and Petey.


Stan M, I have to agree with you about Hanley. His career took a nosedive in 2009 when Uggla nearly punched him out for just going through the motions because he already had the batting title sewed up. Personally I think he either lost it or he's dogging it on purpose to get out of here because Loria didn't give him a raise when they signed Reyes. Look at that ridiculously long, one handed disaster of a swing he's sporting these days, That swing is tailor made for striking out or popping out to the right side, but he makes no effort to change it. In the ninth inning Sunday he comes up with the team down by 7 runs and HE SWINGS AT THE FIRST PITCH! In the old days, the manager would fine him and sit him down for a game or two. But Ozzie is probably just as scared of Hanley as Fredi and Edwin were. He's a manager killer.

Flav C

Alex, worse than that is to continuously having to hear and read this b.s. of people trying to make Hanley happy, as if that was an excuse for his poor performance.

Hanley's a Dawg-so R Marlins

Marlins will never be winners if they continually kiss Hanley's over-rated ,underachieving ass. Remember that BS commercial Hanley did. With all the twitter names he was going to put on his bat for dissing him? His bat looks pretty void of names. And hits. What a joke.


Okay the EXPERIMENT FAILED, no more Boni in CF or Hanley at 3b. Let's contact Seattle again, Hanley, Gabby and Buck for Felix, a true #1. then the line up becomes
1 Reyes
2. Infante
3. Lomo
4. Stanton
5. Petersen
6. Dobbs
7. Hayes
8. Boni

and WE FIRE THE HITTING COACH AND BRING IN CONINE or any proven hitter, what we have now is A DISGRACE....

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