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Marlins Park attendance dip not unusual

     There were quite a few empty seats last night for the second game ever at Marlins Park, and the announced paid figure of 30,169 appeared to clearly exceed the actual number, as is often the case in many ballparks. But take a look at crowd trends for other ballparks that have opened in recent years. With only a few exceptions, the second-game attendance numbers are lower -- no surprise given the buildup for every new ballpark opening. Some of the dropoffs, though, are more pronounced than others: 

      Marlins Park (2012) -- First game: 36,601; Second game: 30,169

      Target Field (2010) -- First game: 38,145; Second game: 38,164

      Yankee Stadium (2009) -- First game: 48,271; Second game: 45,101

      Citi Field (2009) -- First game: 41,007; Second game: 35,581

      Nationals Park (2008) -- First game: 39,389; Second game: 20,487

      Busch Stadium (2006) -- First game: 41,936; Second game: 40.648

      Citizens Bank Park (2004) -- First game: 41,626; Second game: 37,519

      Petco Park (2004) -- First game: 41,400; Second game: 41,625

      Great American (2003) -- First game: 43,343; Second game: 22,878

      Miller Park (2001) -- First game: 42,024; Second game: 40,651

      PNC Park (2001) -- First game: 36,954; Second game: 35,045

      Minute Maid (2000) -- First game: 41,583; Second game: 39,018

      Comerica Park (2000) -- First game: 39,168; Second game: 21,405

      AT&T Park (2000) -- First game: 40,930; Second game: 40,930

      Safeco Field (1999) -- First game: 44,607; Second game: 43,252

      Chase Field (1998) -- First game: 47,484; Second game: 43,758 


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Dog ate homework

already making excuses,or looking for ones


Still is way more than the Marlins normally got at Sun Life.


wow, this is the lamest excuse ever... just like the ones who wrote about the rain... didn't they spend tens of millions on a roof for just this type of weather?

Miami Cuban

It's because of the Ozzie boycott

another excuse

it was way past the cuban protesters bedtime


As soon as people visit the new stadium, they say, "been there done that." They will not be going again.

With that horrendous parking situation, the number will eventually hover at a woeful 5,000 per game.

effin joke

good thing they had daddy yankee packing them in last nite...when are they gonna have mommy red sox?


effin joke, it is a joke since the Marlins played the Astros NOT the YANKEES. I see you follow the team closely. what a moron.


The cubs series should me more telling. That brand attracts more fans and two it's during the week. If they get 30000 on a Wednesday that's a pretty good number. Plus we've yet to see the Phils and Mets who usually have a good crowd on hand as well.


Why is attendance a big issue for the Marlins? Everytime I see SportCenter and watch baseball highlights most of the time the stadium is pretty empty. Unless it a game between 2 rivals.


Hey Mike, the performer after Friday's game is named Daddy Yankee. Who's the moron now?


Maybe because the heat and panthers were playing in South FL at the same time...how has no one mentioned that

Stan M

I don't care how well the excuses are presented. That ballpark being 1/3 empty on the 2nd day of it's major league existence is troubling.

Lots of excuses

maybe it's because it's the Marlins and they have a fan base of zilch...maybe because it was friday the 13th and their new fan base is superstious....maybe because their fans are stupid,like Mike above, maybe because fill in the blank_____________________


Oh, please this is mostly because, for the most part, people in Miami don't care about the Marlins.

Empty seats at SunLife will transfer to the new ballpark.


Where are all the Black marlins fans at the stadium? Oh, they work there.


That's not necessary!!!


who cares?

Got Game

the parking is terrible and the prices for beer and food are obscene. I may not go back till later in the year when I can get a $5 ticket from someone.


Excuses! Excuses!

3 teams had significant drops for game 2. Chicago, Cincinnati and DC can all have bad weather in April and have no roof.

The Marlins have those same issues, right?


I live in Miami and give a hoot about the Marlins!! I won't go even if they gave me a ticket!

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