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Marlins Park off-site parking guide

In case you missed it, our news staff put together a great chart in today's paper regarding the additional 3,000 off-site parking spots surrounding Marlins Park. 

Included are how exact addresses you punch into your GPS, number of spaces per lot, prices, distance to the stadium and potential ways to get to Marlins Park from that lot.


Marlins Off-site Parking1. Kristi House Lot, 1355 NW 12th Ave; 232 spaces; $10; 0.6 miles from stadium; free city of Miami trolley or MDT Bus Route 12

2. Civic Center Jury Lot, 1255 NW 11th St; 176 spaces; $10; 0.5 miles from stadium; free shuttle

3. Civic Center Lot 26, 1355 NW 12th St; 250 spaces; $10; 0.8 miles from stadium; free shuttle

4. Mahi Shrine Parking, 1480 NW North River Dr; 385 spaces; $10; 0.8 miles; free shuttle

5. Highland Park Garage, 1801 NW Ninth Ave; 250 spaces, $8; 1.3 miles from stadium; free trolley

6. Park Plaza West Garage, 1140 NW 16th St; $8; 1.25 miles from stadium; free trolley

7. RAD Property, 1001 NW Seventh St; 450 spaces; $10; 0.4 miles from stadium

8. Lyons Lot, 1234 NW Seventh St; 100 spaces; $25+; 2 blocks; walkable

9. Cardona Medical Center, 1390 NW Seventh St; 50 spaces; market parking fees; 1 block

10. Robert King High, 1401 NW Seventh St; 75 spaces; $20; 1 block

11. Walgreens, 1699 NW Seventh St; 50 spaces; $25 to $33; 1 block

12. *St John Bosco Church, 1358 NW First St; 200 spaces; $15; 3 blocks

13. Suntrust Bank, 100 NW 12th Ave; 50 spaces; $25 to $33; 3.5 blocks

14. **Magic City Casino, 450 NW 37th Ave; 500 spaces; free; 2.1 miles; $5 shuttle


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David Kwiat

Thjis is a joke. Expensive parking and hyou have to walk in a neighborhood that is not safe at night.

5,000 and 3,000 = 8,000 parking spots for 37,000 fans. Sorry no interest in seeing the Marlins. Parking at about $30 is nuts.

Lots of luck but you won't get a dime from me. I pallned to see some games but not paying a high price and park by lottery and risk my life. Nuts



To David,

Marlins have on site parking in their garages. 1,500 to 1,800 parking spaces are available for every game after opening day.

Go the marlins website you can pre order a parking pass in the garages on site.

The media hasn't done a good job reporting this.


To David,

The parking available on site is $15.


To David:

I guess youve never attended a Heat game either.


We had 2 years + years get a mass transit line built. Same old garbage.Train or bus would of and should have been all set by now.


I wonder why the parking is such a hot topic? If you go to a heat game you have park quite a distance from the arena to avoid having to pay $30+ for parking. I paid $50 for parking once when they were in the playoffs. Anything close to the arena on the day of the event is going to be expensive. If you go to a dolphins game you have to pay $30 regardless. Besides wasn't the knock on our team that nobody went to the games. So where the hell are all these complainers coming from? Chances are they didn't go to the games anyways.

Im probably likely to try the magic city casino parking and shuttle and work my way closer to the stadium depending how well this option does or doesn't work. Like the team said there is going to be some trial and error until you find something that works. The problem most people are too lazy or too stupid to figure things out their own.

NY Jew

u oughta know, dumb ass


Says the guy that has nothing better to do apparently.

Ana Maria

You can also park at the Exxon gas station at the corner of West Flagler and 16th
They are open till midnight, its always well lit and they charge $20

storage fremantle

It's good to know about the other possible parking garages. However, I don't think the ones more than a mile away are practical enough to be on the list.

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