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Marlins post-game Quick Bytes

      1) Hard to tell who looked more relieved after tonight's 5-2 victory over the Cubs -- Ozzie Guillen or Heath Bell. Both had plenty of reason to feel good about the outcome. Guillen returned after his five-game suspension while Bell -- after a dismal beginning to his Marlins career -- posted his first save with a 1-2-3 ninth.

      "It felt good to kind of show the boys why Jeffrey (Loria) brought me here, plain and simple," Bell said. "I told you I was fixed and, plain and simple, I'm fixed. It's fixed. It's done with. It was like a huge weight off my back, I'll be honest."

      Bell said that as he was warming up in the bullpen to pitch the ninth, he could hear fans in The Clevelander on the other side of the bullpen wall telling him "don't blow this one."

       "I think they like me now," Bell said. "I can go there (now). I couldn't go there a couple of days ago."

       As for Guillen:

       "I spent three hours of my life where I wanted to be. Every time I step inside the dugout or put on a baseball uniform, that's Ozzie Guillen. That's what I want. That's what I know the best. Thank God this day is over."

       2) The Marlins turned four double plays, a feat they last accomplished on Aug. 29, 2006.

       3) Steve Cishek made his 8th scoreless appearance out of the bullpen this season.


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"after a dismal beginning to his Marlisn career" --"Bell that as he was warming up..."
"I think they like me know,"
"Steve Cishek made his 8th scoreless appearance out of the bullpen this bullpen."

Damn guys, terribly written here. Clean this crap up.


There's that Clevelander again.

And come on Marlins fans, we get a new stadium and we're like Red Sox fans now?

Jerry Goldstein

What do you expect ,a bunch of dumb-ass homers like u

patty a

Most people that go to the stadium now,treat it like going to a new mall. They're sure not baseball fans.They wander around,eat, and leave early. Miss most of the game. Marlins have less than 5000 real fans and that aint gonna change.

Harry Caray's Ghost

Marlins given a gift win last nite by the Cubs. Other teams wont be so easy.

George S

Keep on looking at game summaries and can't help but noticed how WSH seems to continue winning. I honestly don't believe they are more talented than us. I expect them to be this year's version of the Florida Marlins- competitive the first quarter of a season; completely fading after that.


can't the Herald afford spell check? it is a real turnoff to see so many typos....

Guillen returned after his five-game suspension while Bell -- after a dismal beginning to his Marlisn career -- posted his first save with a 1-2-3 ninth.


Sorry. Sorry. Sorry. Greg Cote was standing impatiently, waiting for me to give him a lift, and the typing fingers went into overdrive. All fixed.


What comedy club did you drop him off at so he can steal new material for his next columns.

Flav C

The concept of this ballpark truly is to attract fans and non-fans of baseball. That was a smart business decision. If this was a traditional-style ballpark, we would have 10k-15k average attendance. Also, have in mind that fan base is not built overnight. If you look at Wrigley Field, it only started to average 30k fans in the early 90's. Phillies had a horrible attendance at Vets Stadium, averaging 20k (or less) during several seasons in a stadium that fit 50k. Same could be said of other ballparks.

Excuse #156

another Marlins ass kisser /excuse maker

Flav C

I don't give excuses. I pointed out some facts. Besides, I support the team and go to the stadium. I love baseball, regardless of having the Marlins as our local team. I don't have many positive things to say about Marlins ownership just like many of us here in the board. But I will not let this stop me from going to a ball game. Going to baseball games is and has been a fun activity for me and my family for over 40+ years.

Excuse #156

credit you for an intellectual ,rational response. Fact is that most execs in Mlb do not believe the Marlins will have any greatly expanded fan base,even if they win. S.Florida is a fly by nite,transient tourist area. The Marlins were forced to court the Latin market ,because thats the only one left to turn to. That market will turn out to be fly by nite and transient also.Baseball will not draw reliable big numbers in Fl,even if the team wins.Just ask Tampa.Marlins will be at their peak of season ticket sales this year. Big drop-off after that. Marlins know this and loria will sell team in 5yrs or less. Those are the facts.

Flav C

And I will not fight over what you wrote. I agree. That is why the very first thing I wrote was that "The concept of this ballpark truly is to attract fans and non-fans of baseball. That was a smart business decision". Now, we just don't know for how long this can last. It takes lots of innovative ideas to keep bringing non-baseball fans to the ballpark. I have some good ones, hopefully the Marlins can hire me to work as their marketing strategy consultant :)


Yes Miami is a tourist town, so the Marlins should do more to attract tourists. Most tourists come from other parts of the US or world where they have no baseball. The marketing department should work with travel agents and local hotels to put together packages for out of town visitors. A trip to Miami or Miami Beach should include a night at Marlins Park just as much as it does a night on Ocean Drive or Lincoln Road. The Marlins have done a good job at setting up a similar feel to those venues. Perhaps the Marlins could charter busses to pick up and drop off fans from Miami and Miami Beach hotels before and after the game, as a part of the package.

Excuse #156

Marlins should hire both of you for their marketing/ticket sales dept. Hear that working for Samson is a beatch. Get your shots first and always wear asbestos underwear.


It will be interesting moving forward to see how they can fill the park. We know that winning is usually a good ingredient but we'll see how long they continue to sign big names and keep a winning product on the field. I would agree that it would be a smart business decision to get this team profitable so Loria could turn and sell it in the years to come. Agree with both Flav and Mikey concerning what the Marlins marketing approach will be and how to incorporate tourism into the team during the summers.


Excuse#156.....let's get it right....those are just your opinions & predictions....they are not facts. Then again it might be a fact if you’re a time traveler from 2017. .

Excuse #156

somebody on here sounds familar,right SouthFL-Go-Fish?

Stan M

There was a recent article that postulates that the empty seats are not a ture indication of overall attendance. The reason given was that there are huge numbers of fans touring the park at any given time. Sounds logical to me.
I agree with the arguments above concerning the motives of ownership in designing the park for a more varied audience. Why not? It is the trend throughout baseball. I do feel better after reading that there are more fans attending the game than are in their seats. I do have one worry however. That concerns the older population. At 75 I am one of them. It is my experience that my contemporaries love a deal and usually expect special considerations. They're not going to get it at a baseball game anywhere and that might be particularly troubling here as it also seems to be in Tampa.
The opinion of that excuse maker above that the Latin market will dry up lacks validity in my opinion. Baseball is almost a religion in many Latin countries and Cuba throughout its history is perhaps the best example.

There is no reason for you to apologize for a typo. I for one, and I'm sure that the more rational of the other posters would agree, prefer material that is as current as possible and if that includes a typo or two, so be it.

Stan M

Was very happy that Ozzie showed some flexibility in his thinking and moved Stanton down in the batting order. I do worry about how terribly awkward he sometimes looks when swinging. Hanley certainly looked far from awkward with that HR swing. Did he get his whole body into that, or what?


Totally agree Stan. Love the current material and could care less if there's a typo. I got what Clark was saying.

State Dept.

You are correct Sir...The Miami fan base will not dry up, as they will always be washing up ashore.

Flav C

Hey excuse 156! Yes, I'm SouthFL too. I'm usually on the mlb.com board as well.

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