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Marlins starting lineup Thursday vs. Phillies

Lineups for the #Marlins series finale Thursday night vs. the Phillies

Marlins: Reyes ss, Bonifacio cf; Ramirez 3b; Stanton rf; Morrison lf; Sanchez 1b; Infante 2b; Buck c; Buehrle p

Phillies: Victorino cf; Polanco 3b; Rollins ss; Pence rf; Mayberry, Jr. lf; Wigginton 1b; Ruiz c; Galvis 2b; Blanton p


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these guys need to sack up and start playing like they're supposed to do and forget about excuses

last night we heard Morrison couldn't hit the cutoff man and Stanton couldn't make a catch because they didn't have enough spring training time

Bonifacio and Infante are the stars of the team so far


And when Bonifraudio is one of the brightest spots, well, you've got Trouble, right here in River City, with a capital "T", which rhymes with "C" which stands for "Castro".
They can't sack it up. They'd have to have them sewn back on first.


the excuses are rolling again tonight -- the batters aren't hitting well because they've had too many Opening Days this past week, and because it's too chilly



One run off Blanton? Really? 2-5 start? Turn it around boys. Should be able to beat up Houston.

Flav C

Was it Blanton? Pheeew...For a moment I thought the Marlins hitters were facing Cy Young or Nolan Ryan. Almost "unhittable" !


Let's hear it for the great free agent signings! Buerhle has blown chunks. Reyes has done nothing. Bell has been a catastrophe. Good thing we didn't want Cespedes. Hanloaf's gonna Hanloaf and Josh Johnson continues to be the most overrated pitcher of the current century. The new Dontrelle, minus the DUI that sent Dontrelle into a downward spiral. Worst record in the league forthcoming. Another South Florida "athletic" embarrassment.


Truth honestly let me hear what moves you would have made for this team. And I k ow you're a cup half empty guy but seriously what would your lineup look like for the fish this year and starting five rotation and closer? Saying you were our boy Beinfest.

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