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Ozzie Guillen on Marlins: "We're not going to be worse than we are right now."

All remained quiet in the Marlins clubhouse after Friday night's sixth straight loss.

How bad was it? Not even the normally easy going Gaby Sanchez wanted to talk. And he was one of just three Marlins to get a hit off Joe Saunders. 

Yes, the Marlins are only 19 games into the 2012 season -- more than enough time to turn things around and make a push for the post-season. More than enough.

But even manager Ozzie Guillen is getting a little concerned with body language. He said his team isn't having enough fun right now and is worrying too much at the plate, where they've hit just .150 over their last six losses.

Two run deficits, Guillen said, "feel like we're down 20."

"That's how it feels like right now," Guillen said. "And I want to get that feeling out of this area."

Asked if he might shake up the lineup, Guillen said he might -- but not because any one in particular is struggling.

"You cannot lose confidence in those guys," Guillen said. "As soon as you start losing confidence and being negative, bad things happen. I always say you can't win a pennant race in the beginning, but you could lose a pennant race in the beginning.

"We're not winning now. We've got to pick it up and play the game right, now. Believe me with the experience I have, I've been through it before. We have to keep fighting. If we had a bad club I would say it would be tough. But I know in my heart, my soul we have a good team.

"You can lose confidence early in the season, or grow up and play better. But you're not going to play worse than this. We're not going to be worse than we are right now."