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Ozzie Guillen on Marlins: "We're not going to be worse than we are right now."

All remained quiet in the Marlins clubhouse after Friday night's sixth straight loss.

How bad was it? Not even the normally easy going Gaby Sanchez wanted to talk. And he was one of just three Marlins to get a hit off Joe Saunders. 

Yes, the Marlins are only 19 games into the 2012 season -- more than enough time to turn things around and make a push for the post-season. More than enough.

But even manager Ozzie Guillen is getting a little concerned with body language. He said his team isn't having enough fun right now and is worrying too much at the plate, where they've hit just .150 over their last six losses.

Two run deficits, Guillen said, "feel like we're down 20."

"That's how it feels like right now," Guillen said. "And I want to get that feeling out of this area."

Asked if he might shake up the lineup, Guillen said he might -- but not because any one in particular is struggling.

"You cannot lose confidence in those guys," Guillen said. "As soon as you start losing confidence and being negative, bad things happen. I always say you can't win a pennant race in the beginning, but you could lose a pennant race in the beginning.

"We're not winning now. We've got to pick it up and play the game right, now. Believe me with the experience I have, I've been through it before. We have to keep fighting. If we had a bad club I would say it would be tough. But I know in my heart, my soul we have a good team.

"You can lose confidence early in the season, or grow up and play better. But you're not going to play worse than this. We're not going to be worse than we are right now."


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Oh, it'll get worse. Much, much worse. Mark my words. I had this team pegged as a catastrophe two weeks ago. Worst team in the major leagues, and it's not even close. But, hey, we've got the sculpture!


These Marlins can make John Lannan look like Cy Young.

If anyone wants to see another perfect game this season, buy Marlins Park season tickets.


we suck. bad.


I wish i lived in St. Louis. If only for the summer

Stan M

Our record right now is 7-12. If one makes believe that our closer did his job instead of blowing 3 saves, our record would be 10-9. Amazing how much those blown saves have cost us, isn't it. Kind of ironic that the Angels, who spent even more than the Marlins, are in even worse shape.

david in los angeles

you people are idiots.. it's april, for f$%k's sake..

octavio de armas

Come see me in August. Then we will talk.


The question is can the Marlins only hit below average starters and the average middle relief pitcher??? They might have to struggle until they run into a starter having an off day,then getting to the middle relief before the 7th inning,in order to get any collective hitting mojo going.


what is with all the fake a bunt on the first pitch only to look at a straight fastball right over the plate? seems like this often ends up with a strikeout for the opposing pitcher. at what level is this taught?


It's taught at the I Love Fidel Castro And Hugo Chavez level. Che Guillen is as much of a strategist as Forrest Gump was. I look forward to seeing this team struggle to reach 50 wins.

Man in White

I am headed to Little Havana today to find the old lady that put the Brujeria curse on the Marlins after Ozzie's comments. I am told that if we cover her in chicken blood and pray to Eleggua we can reverse the curse.

mrs ozzhole

just get the Ozzhole to choke his chicken a few times.

Flav C

Bobby Abreu was just released by the Angels. Since a lot of people are talking about the lack of veteran leadership, this is a a guy with 17 years of major league experience, played for some of the best hitting coaches and elite teams. And maybe, only maybe, he could teach a thing or two about hitting. He brings in almost 300HRs and a "not too shabby" career .293 batting average.
Not that he should be an everyday player (and he won't) but how about letting go of Donnie "bleeping" Murphy and bringing this guy in? Just a sugestion.


Flav, he was cut for a reason. I'm not sure that having an extra cheerleader on the bench will have any effect. I've always said that if these guys young or old still need "motivation" and "leadership" at this level then nothing can help them. Being and MLB player should be motivation enough. If it isn't that's just a character flaw which will produce the results that we are seeing now. There isn't anyone or anythig that can change that.

Flav C

Glags, you are probably right. But as Stan pointed out before. Something has to be done. Something that shows to the players "this is it, I had it". Maybe something stupid like Valentine did with Youkilis, calling him out, criticizing him. Was it stupid? Yes. The other players didn't like it at all. Until that point, Youk was batting .190. The team was in a big slump. Coincidentally or not, the next 6 games, Youk batted .400, with 4 RBIs, 6 Runs,and a HR. He is batting .230 now in the season and the team won 5 in a row since that day.


agreed...Marlins got to go with what they've got...any outside addition of the roster will be done in late July, if the Marlins are in the hunt...would you rather have Cogz or Abreu on the 25 man roster now? Too early to make knee-jerk reaction moves.


I'm not saying the Fish should do this — but if they're going to bring Abreu onboard at all, it should be as hitting coach.

Flav C

Beane, yes it is too early. But since you brought it, I'd rather have Abreu on my 25 man roster than Murphy. Or maybe bring Petersen up, the kid is hitting .338. He can add a bit more than Murphy.


Agree on Murphy. I was surprised he made the team over that other guy that hit really well during ST. Does anyone remember his name or know what he's done in the minors.

On an unrelated subject does anyone else think that bringing up a 19 year old Harper is a bad idea.


If Marlins try to demote Murphy ,he will have to go thru waivers with his guarenteed 560k contract and the Marlins will lose him to another team.

Flav C

Hey Glags. His name is Solano. He is just doing alright with the Zephyrs. Actually, our AAA is a complete set of guys that can't hit an empty bag of potato chips. Much like our AAA+ (The Marlins). Petersen is the only one who has his stuff together.
Harper - Well, the Nats are trying to make a statement here. They also are trying to find someone to replace Zimmerman on 3rd (injury). I would say it is only temporary, or they would make the same mistake the Fish made by rushing Stanton all the way from Jax Suns to the majors.

Stan M

Abreu is a "me first" kind of teammate as far as I can see. If we want a clubhouse presence, I'd take Inge. Remember the guy can catch. Horrible hitter, but worse than Buck? Is anyone worse than Buck? Regarding that relatively young infielder who was sent down, he's far from setting AAA ball on its heels. That reminds me again of Andino who is doing just fine at 2B for Baltimore. I agree with the poster above who suggested that Peterson be brought up. We can always use Bono in the infield in same capacity as Murphy is used. Above someone mentioned taking first pitch, etc. Flav, this is where Perez isn't helping the hitters at all. Especially Stanton. He might as well just tell the umpire to start him off at 0-2, he seems to be there after 2 pitches anyway. At this stage, something has to be done...anything.


It be nice if we had Michael Stanton instead of Giancarlo Stanton

Flav C

Stan and Glags, you're right about Abreu. He actually was cut because of complaining about not having playing time. At this point we definitely don't need more prima-donnas.
Boy, our minors is so bad, so depleted that all we have is Petersen.


Thanks for tip on the stub hub tickets. I bought first row bullpen reserved tickets for $10 for tomorrows game.

Harold & Maude

Am going to mondays game 2 tickets $3.00 each...thanks for the heads up about Stub Hub...will go by Tri-Rail from Ft Laud..if it works out well ,will go to more games...

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