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Ozzie Guillen will return to Miami Tuesday to address Castro comments

Marlins manager Ozzie Guillen said prior to Monday’s game against the Phillies that he would travel back to Miami after the game and hold a press conference Tuesday to address the recent comments in a Time magazine article concerning Cuban dictator Fidel Castro.

            Guillen was quoted in a recent online article by Time Magazine as saying he respected Castro for having been able to remain in power in Cuba as long as he has.

Guillen later apologized for the comment during the team’s road trip this past weekend to Cincinnati where he said: “I’m against the way he [Castro] treats people and the way [he has treated] his country for a long time. I’m against that 100 percent.”

“I was planning to do something Friday, but tomorrow we have the day off and I want to make everything clear so people can talk to me face to face,” Guillen said. “They can ask me whatever questions they want, and the sooner the better for the people, for the ball club and for me. I want to tell people what is going on in my mind and what I believe.”

Guillen said he has been struggling with the situation the past three days, and hasn’t been able to sleep.

The Marlins did not release an exact time for the press conference as of Monday morning, but Guillen said it would take place at Marlins Park.

“I want the people there,” Guillen said. “I feel embarrassed. I feel guilty not because I’m not lying, but because this thing hasn’t let me sleep for three days. Only my wife knows how bad it’s been last few days. I feel very guilty, sad and embarrassed. Anyone who wants to be there, feel free. I want to be there by myself and I want the Cuban people to understand what I’m going to say because everything I’m going to say is true.”

Guillen said he wasn’t surprised by the reaction and knew how deeply it would affect the Cuban community.

“I have to face it,” Guillen said. “I have to make people feel good about themselves. I will say what I said a couple of days ago. I don’t want to just make a statement and that’s it because I think when you do that, that’s a bunch of crap.

“I feel sad because I know I hurt a lot of people,” Guillen said. “I’m Latino. I live in Miami. I have a lot of friends, and players [that are Cuban]. They know who I am. They know how I feel.”

Guillen said he had not spoken to Marlins owner Jeffrey Loria about it and didn't think this would affect his job status. He the saddest part for him was to apologize to Cuban broadcasting legend and Hall of Famer Felo Ramirez.

Ramirez, the Marlins Hall of Fame spanish radio announcer, did not wish to speak much about the situation but said he felt Guillen was doing the right thing by returning to Miami.

Guillen said he also apologized to Cuban-born Phillies pitcher Jose Contreras.

“Obviously it’s something that was going to affect people a lot and [Guillen] realizes that,” Ramirez said. “I think he will answer everything [in Miami].”

The ripple effect reached members of the Cuban community even in Philadelphia.

Phillies spanish radio announcer Rickie Ricardo, who was born in New York but whose family migrated from Cuba, said the situation was something that could be more damaging to the team’s image than anything negative on the field.

“Let’s hope Ozzie addresses it and clears things up,” Ricardo said. “That’s a subject that’s untouchable. This team could go 0-50 and it wouldn’t hurt the Cuban community as much as him saying something like that.”



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Wow! This is not a welcome distraction off the field. This team needs to settle down and start playing good ball. I think that Ozzie should do this in Spanish so he can express himself without the difficulty of using his English and just move forward.....please!!!


who gives a rat's ass what ozzie say's ,consider the source...

Flav C

Are they still talking about this?

ricky ricardo

heard that ozzie will do his best Orlando Bosch imitation ,along with a little song and dance ,to kiss the Cubans' ass and try to wiggle his way out of his hoof and mouth disease. Drum Roll,please... ...maybe he'll sing Babalu....call Emilio Estefan and use him as a prop,next to Ozzie ,with Felo on his other side.



Fred Mertz

Ozzie has offered Elian a one way ticket to Miami ,free room and board ,and a job with the Marlins, in exchange for pissing off the new marlins fan base in little Habana.yahoo.com

ozzies mea culpa

doan bay any attencion do mi...soy effin idioto, comprende? gracias


As a Cuban-American born in Miami from exiled parents.A father,grandfather and uncle that fought for almost two years against the spread of communism in Cuba. Only to see my father's family ranch that was in the family for over 100 years taken away from them. Nephew of a political "plantao"prisoner that from the age 15 years old, spent next 20 years in prison for believing in a cause called "freedom to all". And growing up and hearing stories of all the torture, deaths and starvation that the Cuban people had to endure from Fidel Castro and his regime was devastating and also atrocious in today society. And for now after 50 years of pain and suffering to hear a grown man talk about something he has no clue about.He should be shipped back to his native Venezuela and live in the lap of communism luxury and not the freedom we are bless to have here in this great nation of yours. As current season ticket holder seating behind the dugout, diehard Miami Marlins fan and knowing that I have a communism lover a few feet away from me. I am disgusted and disappointed that ignorance will take away from this magical and beautiful baseball stadium that we the taxpayers have given to ourselves and our children.

S. Flynn

Loria and Samson are bringing the "Cuban Comet", 86yr old Minnie Minoso, to roll out the 1st pitch at the Fri. nite game...this time Samson will hold Minnie up in the cart during the 1 hr. ride in from CF,knowing the Cubans will be cheering wildly ,and not booing the crap out of him, as they would normally do.


@lefty...thought u were dead...were u the 100 yr old mummy looking stiff sitting behind the dugout at the home opener with the unlit stogie sticking out of ur puss? thought u looked familar..




intelligent comeback lefty...ALL CAPS?? must be poor eyesight at your age. you say want to finger alvarez' hole ??? mericon,eh lefty ??? kept it in the closet all these years ? how's the action at the home? the depends you wear must interfere with your playtime.try switching to baby diapers,sounds like you would like it


How come Sampson isn't apologizing for what he said the other day???? Samson’s comments were a lot more inflammatory. Com'on... get over it….accept Ozzie's apology & let's move on to winning baseball games.

pee wee h

samson has the gay midgets group ready to protest on his behalf, at the drop of the soap.

Mark Conte

This is the same propaganda the Havana Exiles have been ranting about for over 50 years. I was stationed in Cuba while I was in the U.S. Navy before Castro. They didn't have democracy in Cuba. The had Batista, a cruel and vicious dictator that impossed marshall law in all the towns and cities of Cuba with the exception of Havana. I saw torture and murder then, not under Castro. What your family called the filthy peasants were the people of Cuba. Stop kidding us. Castro could not have taken over the dean's office at the University of Havana by himself. It was those thousands of filthy peasants marching on Havana that made the Exiles flee Havana before the war crimes trial. Ask your neighbors why they faced a war crimes trial. You were born in the USA. Thank God you are here and swear alliegence to this country.


Stationed in Cuba before Castro Mark how old are you?


Really old obviously. What the hell does any of this have to do with baseball?!!! He didn't call anyone a deragotory name nor did he talk about anyone's mom. What the hell were you offended by exactly? He was hired to keep these kids inline and make sure they log a W at the end of the night. What he does after a game or what his political views are are really irrelevant to his job description.

Mike in PBC

Tell that to the cubanos in miami. Us gringo Marlins fans could care less if Ozzie takes a dump on Calle Ocho at noon after he's sacrificed 3 chickens and was half-assed drunk. As long as he wins ballgames.

Flav C

Flav C, the couch-coach said before the game:

"It will be very hard to get some hits out of Hamels".
"Sanchez will be lucky if he survives 5 innings of 3-4 Earned Runs".
"Since LoMo is out today, Cogs should start. He has a great record against Hamels, batting .410 lifetime".
"Gaby is hitting poorly. Moving forward Ozzie should start considering LoMo on 1B and Cogs on LF".

Those were the great pearls from Flav C, the couch-coach.




@ Mike I can tell your a gringo as self described, but This team is called the MIAMI Marlins right! it represent the city were the majority by far are Cuban American 70% so you know what it is an issue but maybe you don't comprehend what I'm writing because its in English not American!

Mike in PBC

@Marlins2012 I can tell you're an idiot by the way you write and express yourself, but you won't comprehend what I'm writing ,because your head is up your ass.


I must be an idiot because I still don't understand what hullabaloo is about. As long as he makes sure these guys are winning he's complying with his job description. He didn't say Cubans are free loading ingrates that feel entitled to everything rather than appreciate the fact that they no longer have to worry about being oppressed. He didn't say that so what is the big effing deal?!!!

Marlins fan since 93

ask the cubanos in Miami why their panties are in a wad about this??? Nobody but them cares, including me,my family,friends and over 20 other Marlins fans I know from going to the games over the years.

Marlins fan since 93

ozzie gets wrist slapped with a 5 game suspension...obviously,the Marlins wont respond to extortion attempts for Ozzie's head from the radical Cubans in Little Havana....good thing

Flav C

This whole thing has tints of a "Godfather" type of scenario, where the guy has to have the blessing of the "Don" to run his business. Ozzie had to fervently apologize to the Cuban-American community leaders and have their blessing to continue being a baseball manager with the Marlins. I am just wondering if this "5 game suspension" is the "kiss of death" given to Fredo by Michael.


very good analogy...in the mob,they pay a street tax for staying in or being able to have the ability to do business. Wonder how much the "donation" is from Ozzie and/or the Marlins to the causes/charities of the Little Havana powers. Guarenteed that $$$$ has been promised and will exchange hands ,to expedite resolving this situation. You can bet on it.Dont believe Ozzie got the kiss of death,he just got hit where it hurts him the most. In his wallet,then his ego.


Mike that sounds about right from an inbred redneck.


But come talk your sh-it down in the MIA and you will get your teeth knocked out.

el guru

Guillen needs shut the H up and figure out how to win some games! Marlins should fire this loud mouth clown the the All Star Break if this team keeps on stinking it up!


The mob analogy is pretty close....Cuba was run by gangsters before Castro. He took everything away from them. It's kind'a like an eye for an eye....the gangsters took everything away grom the Castro folks & the Casto folks took everthing away from the gangters.
Both groups are bums!

Laughing Lawyer

@Marlins2012..Your last 2 posts have proven Mike in PBC's point...way to go genius. By the way ,you're last post gives legal ground for the self-defense Florida Stand Your Ground law. Again, way to go smart guy.


@Laughing lacky your are funny!



Flav C

Clark/Manny - Do you guys know if Stanton will be on the lineup tonight? If not, I would give Cogs another opportunity. Both he and Dobbs have very good numbers against Doc, maybe because they bat left.

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