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Rain Out -- Marlins head to NY

   WASHINGTON -- This afternoon's game between the Marlins and Nationals was called off due to a system that is bringing copious amounts of rain and nasty weather to the eastern seaboard. The stuff is falling as I write.

   No changes to the rotation. Manager Ozzie Guillen says he'll have today's scheduled starter, Josh Johnson, make Tuesday's start against the Mets. He'll round out the series with Mark Buehrle and Ricky Nolasco.

   One additional note: second baseman Omar Infante said his groin is feeling stronger and he expects to return to the lineup on Tuesday at Citi Field.


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Fed Up

RAIN!!!!!!!! Baseball won't survive in Washington, D.C. without a domed stadium! Their owners need to rise up and occupy and demand a dome!


Blessing in disguise. Monday an off day? Rest those knees Lomo and Stanton. Shoot Lomo might be tweeting while running up the stairs of the Empire State Building. Sigh


Both the Fish and the Nats have an off day Monday, so I'm surprised they didn't reschedule for tomorrow. Guys like Lomo, Stanton and Infante can use the time off, but the Nationals could have Morse and Zimmerman back next time around, and that ain't good.


LB, the Nationals are headed to San Diego and wanted to use Monday as a travel day before opening a series on the West Coast. The rain could continue Monday, too. I didn't hear any complaints from the Marlins about the scheduling. -- Clark

Fed Up

I will not go hang myself.
I have every right to be miserable and to spread my misery around. You have every right to be aggravated by my misery and to wish me death. And I have every right to not adhere to you wishes.
That's why this country is great.
Sadly, the Marlins, Dudphins and Hurrican'ts are not.
Especially the Hurrican'ts. Jesus. Awful in the three major sports. Just awful. When does Jim Morris finally get sent packing?


Thanks. Come to think of it, I don't think I've ever complained about an extra day off, either.

Stan M

Fed Up, FYI...injuries become aggravated; people become irritated. Days off can't hurt with all of our walking wounded.

Stan M

Did you ever find out whether the skin part of the infield is standard throughout baseball? If not, fielding could be affected. You were going to try to find out last year, but whom to ask? My guess is that it varies slightly and shouldn't



Stan M,
I guess you'll have to cut and paste it, but the link above is to a NY Times story that strongly implies that skin surfaces differ from park to park.

Stan M

Thanks LB. Yes it appears to show that there are differences. However, it might just be talking about fence configurations and infield surface rather than size. But it sure looks like there are differences. Think of how Uggla is disparaged and Phillipps praised. If the skin part of their respective infields differ, than that is a factor that should be included in any comparison, but I guarantee that it isn't.


Why dont you create a new fielding sabermetrics for infield surface and type of grass on the field. Let us know within ,oh, around 20 yrs.

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