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Reyes back in leadoff spot as Bonifacio struggles to make contact; plus Petey, Jennings arrive

Jose Reyes' stay at the No. 2 spot in the lineup turned out to be a mere, 2-game pit stop.

Reyes is back in the leadoff spot for the Marlins (8-13) today as the club tries to end their four-game set with the visiting Diamondbacks (11-11) with a split.

The reason Reyes is back in the top spot probably has to do with struggling Emilio Bonifacio, who struckout three times Sunday and is now the team leader in whiffs with 22.

"That surprise me," manager Ozzie Guillen said. "Boni's game should be put it in play, try to get on base... His game is speed. He should be on base more."

Bonifacio was hitting .340 on April 19th. But over his last eight games he's 3 for 31 at the plate with 11 strikeouts.

"Right now I don't feel that great at the plate," Bonifacio said. "I'm swinging at a lot of pitches outside the plate. But I'm not giving up. I'll fix my approach."


Outfielder Bryan Petersen, called up after Sunday's 8-4 loss to Arizona along with left-hander Dan Jennings, arrived at the ballpark Monday just 15 minutes before the Marlins went out to stretch and take batting practice.

"It's been a crazy past 14 hours," said Petersen, who said this is the sixth time he's been called up. "I got pulled out of a game around 4 and had a flight at 6:30 out of New Orleans to get here. I had like an hour and half to pack my bags and race to the airport.

"I just hope to bring some form of positive energy to the ballclub. I don't think they're too down right now. They know its a 162-game schedule."

Petersen has a career .273 average as a pinch-hitter for the Marlins with four runs scored, two doubles, a home run and five RBI. He was hitting .316 with 13 runs scored and eight RBI for the Zephyrs. He replaces the struggling Chris Coghlan, who was hitting a mere .118 in 34 at-bats.

Jennings, meanwhile, replaces the struggling Mike Dunn (0-0, 9.53 ERA). It's his first call up to the big leagues.

"You could see how excited he was, calling people up and letting them know," Petersen said. "He'll do a good job."


Marlins (8-13): 1. Jose Reyes SS, 2. Emilio Bonifacio CF, 3. Hanley Ramirez 3B, 4. Austin Kearns LF, 5. Omar Infante 2B, 6. Giancarlo Stanton RF, 7. Gaby Sanchez 1B, 8. John Buck C, 9. Mark Buehrle P.

Diamondbacks (11-11): 1. Willie Bloomquist SS, 2. Ryan Roberts 2B, 3. Justin Upton RF, 4. Jason Kubel LF, 5. Paul Goldschmidt 1B, 6. Cody Ransom 3B, 7. A.J. Pollock CF, 8. Henry Blanco C, 9. Patrick Corbin P.


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Flav C.

Well, DBacks have 4 guys out (Montero, Parra, Overbay, Hill) and a AA call up on the mound. 4 guys in the team batting below Mendoza... Do you all think we have a chance to win today?


Well considering they were almost no hit yesterday, I'm not so sure.


Cody Ransom 2 run jack! Bases loaded against a rookie and a weak come backer to the mound for 2. The Wizard called Oz looks lost, the team is "not having fun"? Tired of that crap too, then play mad and win!


Are there any John Buck fans?........no I didn't think so..... Wasn't he another Beinfest special? I cannot find one good thing about this guys game. Maybe his helmet? Real catchers don't wear hockey style helmets anyway! Jk but he really isn't a very good ballplayer.

Flav C.

Kearns batting 4th. A .180 bat avg guy batting 4th. God gracious... Is Ozzie paid all this money to come up with that?

Flav C.

Every team can hit against the Marlins. Even players with .150 bat avg. DBacks brought in a semi-AAA team to play this afternoon. And top of the 4th they already have 6 hits, 1 BB and 2 Runs. If anyone comes to me to say that Buehrle had a "quality" start, boy, that person deserves a punch in the face.


Just thinking the same thing Flav. Imagine if the DBacks were fully healthy? Right now they're playing with their AAA team. Game over! They suck plain and simple.


Now our starting pitching is starting to catch up to our stellar hitting! Look at Ozzie flipping through his notes....can he even read? Wow, can't wait to see the Showtime crew film the clubhouse after this game so we can see the disfuction that was put together on this team. The city should ask for their name back out of embarrassment. Call them the Dania Marlins or the Opa-Locka Marlins, or the "We're not having fun" Marlins?

Flav C.

Overtown Marlins


Nice...they may be a little tougher at least.

Stan M

LB, I can understand why you object to moves I suggested. Please note I said short term. Was thinking 3 or 4 games of sitting Hanley and his ego. One game wouldn't cut it.
I,ve been so negative, as have most of us, that I'd like to throw a few positives into the mix from our minor league system.
Jake Smolinski, obtained with Bono in the Winningham trade, has finally started to put it together. They've moved him from the infield to LF (can understand that) and in AA ball he's hitting about .325. Little power, but a terrific OBP of over .450.
Sanabia is 3-0 in AAA ball and after 32 innings, has given up 31 hits but only 2 walks with 23Ks. Fernandez, our #1 pick is in low A ball and is dominating the league at 19 years old. He is 3-0 and in 28 innings has only allowed 16 hits with 9 walks and an astounding 37Ks. His teammate, Conley is equally as effective but will be 22 soon. In 23 innings, he too has allowed only 16 hits with 8 walks and 29Ks.
Yelich has fallen slightly in BA but still has excellent power numbers and his OBP of .396 is still excellent. He's either 19 or barely 20 YO.
Another kid caught my eye. Unfortunately he's already 22 and started the year in Jamestown with a .340 BA. Moved to low A ball he continued to hit at .324

Flav C.

Stan, keep an eye on Realmuto, Canha, and Ozuna...the 3 of them along with Yelich are playing real good AA ball. I;ve watched them a few times already and, if they can keep it together, they have good future.


I can't believe what I'm hearing. I'm at work and I'm about to go off on someone so I just turned off the internet stream. Heath Bell sucks and it doesn't look like there's an end in sight to his struggles. Holy cow!!! We have two more years of this?!!! If he opts to retire does he still get his contract paid out?


What to do with Heath Bell if you're Ozzie?

Stan M

Is it so much what do you do with him as whom do you replace him with. It's obvious that he has to become a patron of lost causes for a while. I'd go with Cishek as the least of several evils.
Flav, I'm watching those three also (not in person as you) and whereas they are prospects, especially that catcher, they aren't quite shining as are the fellows that I mentioned. Let's hope they all get hot.
This Winter, it was all about Wild Cards and such. Now I'm starting to worry about a .500 season and that hurts

Flav C.

You know a time is in deep shheet when most of your runs come from 2 bench players who are hitting below .200.


Im waiting for one of our beat writers to ask Ozzie how many more Bell melt downs do we have to endure. I doubt even using him as a set up guy would be any good right now.


Damn, do we ever need a pitching coach! A guy like Bell goes belly up (that was a good one) and the Fish have nobody who can help him get his sheet together. The only move the Marlins really have is to can both Perez and St. Elsewhere, 'cause firing Ozzie isn't going help (except maybe to make us all feel a little better). The Marlins have a ton of guys who could do a better job as batting coach, including Niner, Cliff Floyd, Preston Wilson, Andre Dawson, etc. No names pop readily to mind for pitching coach, but something has to happen because Bell is a basket case and the rest of the bullpen (except Cishek) seems on the verge of falling apart. Webb, Mujica, Choate — it's hard to have confidence in any of them.
This isn't fun anymore, but come game time tomorrow night, I'll be sitting in front of the TV, sucking on a beer and watching the train wreck all over again. Maybe I'm the one who needs help.

Clubhouse Confidential

Marlins are going with the hand they've delt themselves,at least until the end of May. No quick fix available. Marlins are going to grind it out. They feel they are not as bad as this,and will go with what they've got. Like it or not.


These Marlins stink.


These pretzels are making me thirsty.

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