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SNL spoofs Ozzie (video)

      Saturday Night Live weighed in on the Ozzie Guillen/Fidel Castro flap during last night's episode. Check out the clip ("Ozzie" appears at the 3:15 mark of this skit)


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That is why a senator from Colorado called Miami a third world country. Cubans in Miami are doing the same thing Castro is doing in Cuba. It is very hypocritical to do the same thing you criticize from Castro. The world is watching their true colors. Cubans: Is called freedom of speech. Look it up. Nobody agrees with Ozzie's comments but he has a constitutional right to say it.


Ozzie definitely has the right to say what he wants, but everyone has a right to react to what he said.

The constitution assures Ozzie won't be prosecuted for his speech. Last time I checked he wasn't arrested for his comments.


The Senator's name is Tom Tancredo and he was RIGHT !


I am crying!!! That is funny stuff!!!

No Country for Old Julio's

The rest of the country outside of miami-dade county looks at and believes they are a 3rd world country. This past week they have ptoven it to be true. Again.

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