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Stanton not worried about HR drought

Hanley Ramirez will attempt to become just the seventh player in team history to hit a home run in four consecutive games today when the Marlins host the Cubs in a 12:40 p.m. matinee at Marlins Park.

Giancarlo StantonWhile Ramirez tied Miguel Cabrera for third place on the Marlins all-time home run list Wednesday night, the guy many expected to be lighting up the home run sculpture in center field on a regular basis -- right fielder Giancarlo Stanton -- is still looking for his first home run of the season after 12 games. 

Is the team leader in home runs in 2011 surprised he hasn't hit one out yet? Well, not exactly. He's also not pressing either.

"Last year it took me forever to hit my first one," Stanton said Thursday referring to how it took him 14 games and 38 at-bats before he finally put one out.

"When I came to the big leagues it took me forever, too [9 games, 32 at-bats]. I don't know. Maybe I need more power. I've got to take some from Hanley and Omar [Infante]. Better yet, I need to play second base. That's where all the guys are hitting home runs."

All joking aside, Stanton said the good news is he's starting to feel healthier. 

"For the most part yesterday and for the past two days, I finally feel like I've got my legs back under me a little more," Stanton said. "It's just maintaining it, coping with it. Whatever I'm going through, though, it doesn't matter. I just have to go out there and do my job."

Couple quick tidbits from the pre-game locker room:

> Manager Ozzie Guillen spent about five minutes talking about the good attitude he's seen from Hanley Ramirez as he's rediscovered his swing at the plate this season. Guillen said he's enjoyed how Ramirez, who battled shoulder and back injuries last season, has celebrated during his recent string of home runs and doesn't consider it hot-dogging -- just a sign of pure fun.

“I saw some stuff here the last couple of days like, Oh my God, I never seen anybody hit a home run and turn to the right field line saying something to somebody,” Guillen said with a grin.

“He’s running the bases and he’s like this [arm outstretched]. That’s the way I want him to be. He was kissing everybody in the stands. I don’t know how many family he’s got there. But left field, right field, behind the [plate]. When you play every day as a superstar, good times last longer. That’s what Hanley Ramirez should be. Smile, happy, swagger. Cocky. That’s the Hanley we want, not just me.”

One thing Guillen has made an effort to do is take the pressure off Ramirez when it comes to his defense at third base.

"Yesterday he made a mistake at third base. First thing I told him was 'Don't put your head down. Let me handle your errors'," Guillen said. "I think every time he makes a mistake at third base he feels embarrassed. You can see that. I told him you make mistakes that's our fault. We put you there. Make sure you make the plays your supposed to make. Make errors, I'll take the blame, full responsibility."

> Second baseman Omar Infante, who sat out Wednesday's game with soreness in his left groin and hamstring, said he felt better when he woke up Thursday. Guillen, though, said he's in no rush to get Infante back into the lineup and would consider resting him again even when the Marlins hit the road Friday for the first of three against the Nationals.

"Obviously you want him in the game," Guillen said. "But if he doesn't give me the right answer, we'll play [Donnie] Murphy and give him some rest and get him back -- I don't want to say I want to say 100 percent -- but good enough to go and play without risk of [further] injury."

> Expect left fielder Logan Morrison, still recovering from his own knee issues, to get the day off Friday and possibly Sunday when the Nationals send left-handers Ross Detwiler and Gio Gonzalez to the mound. Guillen said he has no problem getting his bench some playing time.

> Although we heard Guillen pushed for Donovan Solano to make the team ahead of Murphy, who struggled this spring, Wednesday's performance by Murphy certainly earned some points with the manager. "It creates confidence," Guillen said of Murphy's 2-for-3, 3 RBI effort Wednesday.

"When you're not an everyday player and have the type of game he had its awesome. It's not easy coming from the bench. I never expect guys coming off the bench to have a lot from them. But when those guys contribute -- defensively, base-running, at-bats -- that's something you appreciate."


> MARLINS (6-4): 1. Jose Reyes SS, 2. Emilio Bonifacio CF, 3. Hanley Ramirez 3B, 4. Logan Morrison LF, 5. Giancarlo Stanton RF, 6. Greg Dobbs 1B, 7. Donnie Murphy 2B, 8. Brett Hayes C, 9. Ricky Nolasco P.

> CUBS (3-9): 1. David DeJesus RF, 2. Darwin Barney 2B, 3. Starlin Castro SS, 4. Alfonso Soriano LF, 5. Ian Stewart 3B, 6. Bryan LaHair 1B, 7. Geovany Soto C, 8. Marlon Byrd CF, 9. Jeff Samardzija P.


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Stan M

That runner should have been out at 3B in the first inning. Hanley was out of position; too far out toward the OF. The ball beat the runner by about 2 yards.

With Pudge getting some ink as the greatest defensive catcher ever, it reminds me of a letter I want to, but never have, written. Tom Seaver pitched to 3 legendary catchers. I have always wanted to ask him whom he would prefer if he could pick one as his catcher. Carlton Fisk and Jonny Bench need no explanation. But Jerry Grote of the Mets was often referred to as even better defensively than Bench. I saw him for several years and he was indeed a very good catcher. Not only could he throw out baserunners, but he was famous for throwing the ball back to the pitcher faster than it came in when he was displeased.

We had another example today that makes me wonder if Stanton needs glasses. He was right there when he dived for a ball but, again, it eluded his glove.

Flav C

I sat close to Stanton today. Amazing how stiff he looks. Misjudged a couple of fly-balls. I don't know if the stiffness and lack of mobility is due to his knee injury. LoMo is limping a lot. It really didn't look good. It was so clear his limping when going back to the dugout that even Cubs fans by my side mentioned it.
Interesting series in DC, against the best rotation of the major leagues (at the moment). Marlins has better offensive numbers though. Boni and Reyes will have to battle hard to be on base and put pressure on the likes of Strasburg and Gio.


Hanley can pull off the Hot-Dog act as long as he's hitting.When he goes into his 1st slump of the season,the act will wear thin. Lomo's knee will not heel at 100%and he might hurt the knee further needing more surgery ending up on the DL for a long time.Better start looking at other options for LF.Just in case.Stanton needs more spring training,but its one month too late. He might start hitting homers in about 2 weeks. Good scouting report above.


Im not seeing the hot dog act from Hanley. Last week I thought he was headed down the path of the greatest that never were but he has picked it up as of late. Even when he wasn't hitting he seemed chummy with the team. He's still a diva no doubt but it's no longer getting in the way. Not sure if anyone else is seeing the same.

As for Stanton I'm going to starting calling him lurch. Could it be that he's way to big to be playing in the outfield. He just looks uncomfortable out there.

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