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Troublesome hamstring continues to plague Infante

There aren't many Marlins hitting the ball as well as Omar Infante. The second baseman leads the team with a .315 batting average and five home runs. 

Omar InfanteBut he can't seem to stay healthy, and now Ozzie Guillen said Infante's troublesome hamstring is forcing him to sit yet again.

"Infante will say he's fine, but I saw him moving around and he wasn't moving around the way he wanted to," Guillen said Saturday. "Yesterday, he wanted to beat out an infield hit. But when you push, that's when you get hurt. Then, we're done for a little while. We'd rather deal with it little by little."

Guillen said Infante, who has already missed four games this season due to the hamstring, will rest tonight and Sunday. He hopes he'll be back for Monday's series finale against the Diamondbacks.

The Marlins, in the midst of franchise-worst slump at the plate with six runs over there last six games, don't appear to want to put Infante on the disabled list and just let the hamstring heal. As Guillen said, "I'd rather have him two days off than 15."

REYES: "I know if I get hot, everybody is going to get hot." 

> Shortstop Jose Reyes is back in the lineup today, but in a new spot -- second behind Emilio Bonifacio.

Reyes said batting second isn't a big deal and nothing will change with his approach at the plate.

"Second and leadoff is kind of the same -- I've got to get on base," Reyes said. "If Boni gets on, I'm going to let him steal. But nothing is going to change. I'm going to go to the plate with the same attitude, try to get on base and drive the machine."

Reyes, off to a career-worst start .205 batting average through his first 18 games, said his woes at the plate are not mechanical. He said he's just swinging at pitches outside of the zone.

"I don't think I'm too comfortable," said Reyes, who was given a day off Friday. "I have to move a little back in the home plate and let the ball come to me like I did in the past. That comes with time.

"Hopefully, I start coming around tonight. I know if I get hot, everybody is going to get hot."

Guillen said the move to No. 2 in the lineup is only temporary for Reyes.

"We did it for a reason," Guillen said. "Hopefully [Reyes will] see more fastballs, get more patient at the plate. Hopefully, we'll see Boni on base, try to keep the pressure on him to stay on base. Hopefully that works. When he starts swinging the bat better we'll move him back to where he belongs."

GUILLEN: "Stanton needs to swing at strikes."

> As for the homer-less Giancarlo Stanton who is sitting Saturday, Guillen said expectations might have been to high for him coming in.

"We're going to step off a little bit and let him play, see the results," Guillen said. "Before the season started, it was this kid is going to hit 60 home runs, drive in 130. When you're 21, 22 years old, there's not too many people that can handle that. I told him just play your game. You have two RBI, three RBIs, just move on. Right now we're trying to get him back on track. When he's on track, hopefully he'll keep it longer and stay with the program."

Guillen said Stanton's knee isn't a problem or the reason he's hitting just .234 with 5 RBI.

"You know what problem he has? He's not swinging at strikes," Guillen said. "Watching from the dugout, he's chasing bad pitches up and down. Nobody is that good. Not that many players are good enough to make contact on balls above your chest and balls under your knees. I think the last couple weeks he's chasing a lot of bad pitches and that's why he's put himself in trouble."


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Stan M

What does all of the above tell us? Perez must go. I hope Bono moves to 2B and either Coghlan or Peterson is in CF. We've seen enough of Murphy, especially during this batting nadir. Love the flip with Bono. Should have been done days ago as most of us have been saying. How bad can it get before Perez is replaced? How huch of this is his dad's influence? If that is the case, get rid of dad too!


Ozzie Guillen should be fired.


Hanley is an idiot. Always pulling off of pitches. Perez should be fired immediately. Here we go bases loaded....Gaby do it baby!


Wow he left that change up, up and Gaby wasn't ready. They are confused and have no clue. Sick.


Marlins bats are looking as putrid as the Mariners the past couple of years.



The crowd doesn't appear to know that Anibal is pitching a hell of a game. I wonder how full the seats would look if everyone would just sit the eff down.



This will be the 2nd season in a row that by mid-May I'm screaming for the Marlins to trade Sanchez while his stock his sky high and the team is doing nothing. I believe the Marlins up to this point have refused to give Anibal a long-term contract. This is one of the few chips the FO can play because you know there's no way Stanton will be going somewhere else anytime soon. I really like Anibal but obviously this origanization doesn't. The Marlins have been plagued with playing guys out of their natural positions (Boni, Lomo, Coughlan, Stanton and Ramirez) for years and this might be the one way to help eradicate that; a CF anyone?

How many years out is Jose Fernandez? Ah I digress, go Fish!

Flav C

Scouts say that LF Yelich is (at least) 2 years out (then LoMo will be expendable. Skipworth continues his struggles with the Suns. Jose Fernandez is a good 3 years far from major league, but Sanabia continues to impress me. I'd say he could be our #5 starter next season without any fear.
I've been going to some of the Jupiter Hammerheads and I like our catcher a lot (JT Realmuto) and the 1B kid (Mark Canha). Those two are probably 2-3 years away.


Flav, unfortunately 1B is the one position that Marlins have an excess of Gaby, Lomo, and Stanton. And I'm sure there's more, again 1/2 the position players are outside their natural position.


Now I can sleep. Hanley proved. Me wrong. Nice game Anibel! Maybe the jinx is over.

Baseball Stew

Even a blind squirrel finds an acorn every now and then. Still an over-rated mediocre at best team.

Stan M

Isn't it time our starters got some ink? We can't ask for more from them as of late. Trade Sanchez? maybe, but you want to trade the wrong Sanchez. Anabel was acqired along with Hanley for Beckett. I would't trade Anabel for Beckett even up now. If you could have any Marlin up with 2 outs in the 9th inning and the winning run in scoring position, who would you want to be at bat? I'll take Dobbs first and Morrison second.


Stan M,
Can't argue with your choices of Dobbs and Morrison. A month from now, we'll have added Reyes to that list.

Mahleens Still Blow Fish Chunks

wow Meeyami Mahleens score a run!!!! Yippee...OMG Mahleens win...parade tommorrow in little Havana...call out the National Guard...Whoop-t freakin-Do..


Great Win At least we didnt have to see the fat toad Heath Smell out there tonite.


Sorry you're sick.

Mahleens Still Blow

laurel blowie...sorry u suck deek


I'll be there tomorrow. I'll be the guy banging on pots.....douche.

Mahleens Still Blow

are u going to douche this time before u start banging pots? most men bang women, but u bang pots..try using ur hands next time, jerk-off. will they let u in the stadium with ur pots to bang..where do u bang them ,in the ladies room?

S Fl State Hospital

It's his only day out of his padded cell at the sanitarium. They let him bang pots like a monkey. He still has to wear his diapers,though.

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