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Zambrano to read Bible, not watch Showtime episode

    WASHINGTON -- Most of the Marlins I spoke with this morning said they don't plan on going out of their way to catch tonight's preview episode of Showtime's "The Franchise -- A Season with the Miami Marlins." For one thing, the team hotel here in D.C. doesn't include Showtime in its channel package. For another, it seems like most of them simply aren't all that interested.

     Carlos Zambrano not only said he has no intention of watching the inside look at the Marlins, but didn't even know it was airing.

     "I don't watch TV," Zambrano said. "What I do when I'm in the (hotel) room is read the Bible. Or I'll read an inspirational book."

     Zambrano says he prefers to hole up alone and order room service.

     "I don't do nothing in the street," he said. "The street is too dangerous, too much temptation. If I do go out, I try to get home early. You will never hear someone say, 'Oh, I saw Zambrano in a club.'"

     Mark Buehrle, like Zambrano, said he has no plans to watch the first show.

     "I'll be interested to see it, but it's not like I'm going to be sitting in my room with a beer waiting for it to come on," Buehrle said. "I'll just wait for them to give us a CD and watch it."


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That's responsible of Zambrano. Don't go looking for trouble and stay focused. He'll return to form if he keeps that up.

local yokel

How do you know that he hasnt always done it this way? Are you implying that he hasnt? How do you know he will return to form ,if he keeps this up. Answer: You Dont, so enough the B.S.

Stan M

Zambrano looked great. However, I do wish his fast ball was a just a little faster as it had been earlier this year.

Doesn't it seem that Hanley has been up in many key situations without producing? Anabel also looked great. It's hitting that's killing us. Again today, Ozzie showed some flexibility in moving Bono to 2B and starting Coghlan in CF. He got on twice in 5 plate appearances. I hope he plays some more. Tomorrow we will find out if JJ is our ace. Frankly, I'm still worried about him.

Fed Up

Another catastrophic performance by this sham of a team. And don't give me this jazz that Anabelle looked great. His job is to give up 0 runs, not 2 runs. He's just as responsible for that putrid result as everyone else in this disorganization is. A last-place result for a last-place franchise. Enough. Kick them out.


Fed up, that's the most idiotic comment you ever posted. Don't worry its still early so I'm sure you'll out do yourself soon enough. He DID look great and did what every starter is supposed to do which is keep his team in the game and give them a chance to win. If you can't see that then you know nothing about this sport.

Fed Up

When he left the game, his "team" was down two runs. That's not giving your team a chance to win.
Some may say I'm being overly harsh and unforgiving. I'm just sick and tired of acceptable sub-mediocrity.
This is professional sports. Win or get out. Win or die. The next "good effort" given in a loss will be the first one. Try harder, Anabelle. I'd tell Hanloaf and Reyes to try harder, but they're incapable. They are who they are. Overpaid losers.


Hey Fed Up, Is your real name Ms. Perfect?

Flav C

This situation really could go both ways. I understand Fed Up's comments and somehow I agree with him/her. We are so used to having bad pitching in the last few years that we tend to think 2 ERs in 7 innings is great. Or "dominating", as a beat reporter wrote about Zambrano yesterday. Well, it is great if your team is winning. If your team is losing and you have surrendered 2 runs by the 7th inning it is a recipe for disaster. I am not condemning Anibal. He pitched as a mid-rotation, bottom-rotation pitcher, which he is. Strasburg left on the 6th allowing no runs. Same as Detwiler yesterday. Now,that is giving your team a chance to win. Had he not givenup the runs (or one of them), the Marlins would have won. Again, I am not condemning Anibal, since he pitched at the level everybody thinks he is able to pitch. I am condemning ourselves for accepting average. Interesting fact: The Marlins had 4 shutouts last season, where the starter really dominated his opponent. 3 of those shutouts came under the performance of Javier Vazquez.

Fed Up

Thank you, Flav.

Most statistics are stupid ("lies, damn lies and statistics", as the famous quoutation says), but the stupidest one is "quality start". Six innings, three earned runs -- hey, that's a quality start! An ERA of 4.50 -- quality! Bullcrap.

A win is quality. Anything else, and you should forfeit your check for that game. You lose 1-0? Next time, don't give up a run. Run is unearned? Put the ball in the catcher's mitt. Have the ball avoid the bat. Don't leave it up to someone behind you in the field to do your job for you.

But, no, Carla Zambrano pitched well yesterday and Anabelle pitched well today. Bullcrap. They did NOT get the job done and deserve no positive words.

Stan M

Fed UP,
The worst statistic is not quality start, although it may well qualify as #2. The worst is "save" for it has changed game strategy to ridiculous levels.

You do seem to miss two points in your screeds. One would be that offence is also a factor in a ballgame and it was in this area that the team primarily failed. The second is that a team, especially a mid market team, cannot expect to have 5 #1 starters. Both Zambrano and Sanchez pitched at their expected levels. Although I frown upon some conclusions of the stat head crowd, they are right in pointing out that a pitcher has little or no control of his won/lost record. As I said above, offense plays a dominant part. According to your logic, Lee didn't do his job the other night in pitching 10 scorless innings because his team lost.

Your conclusion above that the FO should "kick them out" is juvenile and an impossible absolute that defies logic. How? Who replaces them? What is the cost of these changes?


I'd like to know who the last staring pitcher to go 30 starts with 30 wins and a 0.00 ERA. By your account any starting pitcher that does not put up these numbers is a useless bum.


@ Fed Up....commit suicide.

Fed Up

Glags - anything short of perfection is unacceptable.
Stan - good point regarding saves. Saves are ridiculous. But Zambrano and Sanchez could have helped themselves at the plate. They chose not to. Yes, Lee didn't do his job the other night. He could've helped himself at the plate. He chose not to.
This franchise is going nowhere, except Portland in 2025.

Billy the Marlin

Why dont you get a head start and leave for there. Today.Permanatly.

Fed Up

Nah, I think I'll stay here and hammer the truth into you until you all see the light. This team stinks.

Jesus of Calle Ocho

Didnt know Zambrano was that heavy into reading fairy tales. Lou is Fed Up.

the head Matzah

Fed UP...Ozzie extends an invitation for you to attend his Santoria service next homestand. Prepare to get your balls hammered to your ass,until you see the light. Also, Ozzie will perform the miracle of having you head removed from your ass,at the same time. A 2 for 1 special.


Fed up, I'm not disagreeing with you that this team stinks. I don't think they stink but if you do that's fine I can live with that.

What I am arguing is that it is absolutely absurd to think that a pitchers responsibility is to go out and throw a perfect each outing. It's just not realistic. Though it's fairly obvious that your perception of reality may be a little skewed. As for the pitchers not helping out at the plate, I reiterate, the pitchers job is to keep his team within striking distance. He did that. Plain and simple. If anything these last two losses are a reflection on the poor performance by the offense not the pitchers. If your initial post would've blasted the 1-8 in the line up I would've had to agree with you.

I'll put it this way, at least we're not in Boston or Anaheim. You probably would have burned Pujols at the stake by now.

Stan M

Glags, it might be time to stop trying to have a rational disussion with Fed Up. Some of his points are valid (like agreeing with me...always wise to do that) then claims or statements follow that sound like the rantings of a pre-teen. There is one point he makes that if toned down several hundred percent is food for thought. Why can't pitchers learn to hit a little better? Many probably batted cleanup on their Little League team (good trivia question: who was the first major league player who also played in the Little League...answer later). Pitchers have a great deal of time off between starts and many seem to like to hit. There are now all sorts of batting places under the stands. They should do it out of sheer boredom. I believe that one reason that the Braves had that great string of winning their division was because their pitchers were much more proficient than most of their opponents while batting..

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