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Zambrano to read Bible, not watch Showtime episode

    WASHINGTON -- Most of the Marlins I spoke with this morning said they don't plan on going out of their way to catch tonight's preview episode of Showtime's "The Franchise -- A Season with the Miami Marlins." For one thing, the team hotel here in D.C. doesn't include Showtime in its channel package. For another, it seems like most of them simply aren't all that interested.

     Carlos Zambrano not only said he has no intention of watching the inside look at the Marlins, but didn't even know it was airing.

     "I don't watch TV," Zambrano said. "What I do when I'm in the (hotel) room is read the Bible. Or I'll read an inspirational book."

     Zambrano says he prefers to hole up alone and order room service.

     "I don't do nothing in the street," he said. "The street is too dangerous, too much temptation. If I do go out, I try to get home early. You will never hear someone say, 'Oh, I saw Zambrano in a club.'"

     Mark Buehrle, like Zambrano, said he has no plans to watch the first show.

     "I'll be interested to see it, but it's not like I'm going to be sitting in my room with a beer waiting for it to come on," Buehrle said. "I'll just wait for them to give us a CD and watch it."