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Afternoon shower surprise at Marlins Park


In case you didn't know, it rains often and unexpectedly in South Florida. 

Wednesday, those typical summer storms caught the Marlins Park stadium crew asleep at the wheel.

Heavy rains in Little Havana have left the field soaked. The roof is finally closed. But here is what it looked like before the stadium crew got the job done moments ago.


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Smart. From cannibals to cops who shoot kids in the back... And now we spend a half billion dollars and the field still gets wet. Oh yeah, Miami is a special place.


Wow, Alvaro! The old lady must have really kicked your arse this morning.


maybe there letting the grass get wet? the game starts at 7.


The best field crew in baseball got lazy now that they have a roof.


Alvaro is a typical stupid Miami idiot. It's really sad that this city has so many morons. He's crying about how "we spent half a billion dollars", yet The Truth is that he won't be spending ANYTHING out of his own pocket for the stadium. Not only that, this idiot will never go to a baseball game unless the team continues to win; then he MIGHT jump on the bandwagon in September. Other than that the sad moron will have fun pretending he's a taxpayer and will keep complaining, because that's what he does best.

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