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Bonifacio out indefinitely with injured thumb (UPDATED)

       CLEVELAND -- Emilio Bonifacio is out indefinitely with a sprained thumb and, depending on the severity of the injury, could go on the disabled list. The Marlins won’t know for sure until Bonifacio receives a second opinion on the injury after the team returns to Miami.

        Bonifacio, who leads the majors in stolen bases, injured his left thumb on Friday when his hand caught the bag at second on a head-first slide. Bonifacio was examined on Saturday in Cleveland, and manager Ozzie Guillen said the center fielder would not play the remainder of the series, which ends Sunday.

     “It’s very sore,” Guillen said. “(He) can’t hold the bat.”

     Guillen said it’s uncertain whether Bonifacio will end up on the DL until a few more days have passed. In the meantime, Guillen said Bryan Petersen would take over in center.

      “The doctors here say it’s nothing bad,” Guillen said. “Now we’ll have a second opinion.”

      Bonifacio isn't on the lineup card for this afternoon's tilt, ending his run of consecutive games at 112. Incredibly, that's the third longest active streak in the National League behind Cincinnati's Joey Votto (165) and Atlanta's Michael Bourn (128).

    Hard to imagine that Votto is the only NL player to have a streak as long as one full season.

    Bonifacio not only injured his thumb on a slide into second base in last night's fifth inning, but had his streak of stolen bases without being caught stopped at 20 straight. Bonifacio didn't argue the call, but said the video replay showed he was safe.


    Here are today's lineups:

    Marlins: 1. Reyes, ss; 2. Infante, 2b; 3. Ramirez, 3b; 4. Dobbs rf; 5. Stanton, dh; 6. Morrison, lf; 7. Sanchez, 1b; 8. Petersen, cf; 9. Buck, c. On the mound: Anibal Sanchez

    Indians: 1.Choo rf; 2. Kipnis, 2b; 3. Cabrera, ss; 4. Hafner, dh; 5. Santana, c; 6. Brantley cf; 7. Lopez, 3b; 8. Kotchman, 1b; 9. Duncan, lf. On the mound: Jeanmar Gomez.

    Umpires: HP -- Angel Hernandez; 1B -- Chris Conroy; 2B -- Mark Carlson; 3B -- Ed Hickox


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Let's hope he dosen't have to go on the DL.


Eduardo Perez must go! Look, if one or two guys are slumping, it's hard to blame the batting coach for it; all players go through slumps. But when almost the entire team hasn't been hitting all year long, and all your players are having their worst seasons batting, somebody has to take the fall for that. Reyes is hitting below his lifetime avg., Gaby and Buck are at or below .200 and they have never been that bad before, Lomo is way below his usually numbers, and Boni is not having the year he had last year either. When Hanley Ramirez is batting .233 and he's one of your best hitters this year, there is a problem with the coaching. Even Dobbs is wearing down; his average is now .236! Why? Because he's a pinch hitting specialist, not an every day player, that's why. We saw this movie last year too.

Eduardo Perez may be a nice guy, but as a hitting coach he hasn't done the job, plain & simple. You can't fire the players, so Perez must take the blame. It's time for him to go.


Boni just doesn't know how to handle himself when someone is waiting for him at 2nd. The first time he gets caught he busts his thumb. He'll either have to not get caught again, or watch out next time.

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