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Could Gaby Sanchez be back in time for Gaby Sanchez t-shirt giveaway day?

Marlins catcher John Buck is used to having first baseman Gaby Sanchez nearby to talk to him in the clubhouse. Monday, Buck was using his iPhone to communicate with the recently demoted, former All-Star.

"I told him hurry up and get back here -- we need you," Buck said.

Although the clock is ticking, Sanchez could be back up from New Orleans by the time the Marlins wrap up their 10-game home stand against the Nationals a week from Wednesday (the first day he's eligible to be recalled). Coincidentally, that's also the same day the team plans to give away Gaby Sanchez t-shirts to the first 15,000 fans inside Marlins Park.

Sanchez, who was hitting just .197 with one home run and 11 RBI for the Marlins before being sent down, went 1 for 3 with a double and two RBI Sunday for Triple A New Orleans. It was his first minor league game since 2009.

> Although first base is the position he's been playing since he was in t-ball, Logan Morrison noted Monday it's going to take him a little time to get adjusted to "finding the bag" again.

Morrison, who made his third big league start at first base Monday night, got tangled up with reliever Randy Choate on a key double play the team was able to turn in the eighth inning Sunday against the Indians. Luckily for the Marlins, Morrison's stumble didn't lead to trouble. 

Morrison, who has made 206 of his 209 career starts in left field, was a pretty solid fielding first baseman in the minors with a .989 fielding percentage. He's made 10 errors in 383 chances in left field in the majors (.974).

> As for the shift the Indians employed against him to produce five groundouts over the weekend series, Morrison said he feels like he's figured that out after his big RBI double on Sunday.

"Just looking at film and stuff, I wasn't getting my foot down on time," Morrison said. "I had to rush everything to get the barrell of the bat to the ball. When you rush, your shoulders fly, your hips fly and the only place you hit it are ground balls that way."

> With Donnie Murphy just 3 for 30 at the plate this season (.100) entering Wednesday, it's not out of the realm of possibility Donovan Solano sticks around.

The 24-year old utility infielder was hitting .262 with 14 RBI in Triple A New Orleans and has more pop than you think. He hit eight home runs to lead the Columbian winter league six months ago. "I like to think of myself as a line drive hitter," he said Monday.

Solano, who led the Marlins with a .410 average this spring, said he was disappointed when he was told he wasn't making the team, but let it go because he knew he would get another chance.

"When [Guillen] spoke to me he was sad for me, said that it was something cruel to send me to Triple A. But that's baseball, those things are out of your control," said Solano, who became just the 12th Colombian-born player to reach the majors when the Marlins called him up Sunday. 

"A lot of the guys in here thought it was an injustice, but I just kept looking forward.  Now, I'm here and I want to make the best of it."

> Guillen said although he expects second baseman Omar Infante to return to the team Tuesday, he's prepared to be without him for the next three or four days. Infante left the team before Sunday's game to attend his grandfather's funeral in Venezuela.


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dont need him


We do need him. Did you see stumbling clown Lomo in the 9th?


missed it. What did Lomo the clown do now?


buck needs to be sitting next to gaby in minors 184 avg thats pathetic


Agreed Andy - buck needs to be sitting next to gaby in minors 184 avg thats pathetic

Read more here: http://miamiherald.typepad.com/fish_bytes/2012/05/could-gaby-sanchez-be-back-in-time-for-gaby-sanchez-t-shirt-giveaway-day.html#storylink=cpy

Flav C.

Last players to be part of the give-away shirts promotion didn't have an extended career with the Marlins: Mike Jacobs and Andrew Miller.

Flav C.

Cincinnati Reds Aroldis Chapman caught and arrested driving his 2010 Mercedes S 63 at 93 mph.
And that was his change-up only.

Flav C.

To Stan M: Your protege' and pupil, Brent Keys was awarded with the "Miami Marlins Minor League Player of the Month" award. Jose Fernandez (#1 Draft Pick in 2011) received the "Pitcher of the Month" honors.

Stan M

Thanks, Flav. Also love the "change up" comment on Chapman. Saw where Cody broke his foot on a foul tip. Too bad he was doing great. Had 28 RBIs and 8 HRs; both second on team. As I think back over the years (or try to anyway), I just don't remember very many cases of batters fouling balls off their ankles or feet. Vic Wertz did wear protection like some modern players, but he had had polio. LB, also as a few extra years under his belt, but I don't know if the rest of you are still cutting their wisdom teeth or not. Does anyone who was around to remember years back agree that this was a little known injury, as was major leg muscle tears?

Stan M

Interesting to note that the catcher in AA ball whom it was hoped would replace Buck someday...but can't hit worth a lick...is finally exceeding Buck in BA. Skipworth is batting .186 to Buck's .180. Bring 'em up!

Kearns has done very well in a supplementary role. And the guy could always hit before injuries became a persistent problem. I'd like to see him and Coghlan share LF for a while. Regarding Victorino, he's already over 30, will demand and probably get a 3-4 year contract starting next year, and would cost players in a trade. Is he really that much of an improvement over Bono? Of the two, and for this particular team and in this ballpark, I'll take Bono. Victorino is a slight improvement, but we could get greater improvement witha player change at another position in my opinion. Like catcher for instance!!!


Stan M,
Thanks for pointing out my geezerhood. If there were fewer injuries involving guys battering themselves with foul balls in the "old days," my guess is that pitchers have sharper stuff now — especially with the sinker or two-seam fastball. There were always a few pitchers like Curt Simmons with good sinkers, but I don't think they made a science of it in the 50s, 60s and 70s the way they do now. Or maybe we're just so old we don't remember all the broken toes from that era.
As for muscle tears, I heard someone (can't remember who) speculate on MLB-TV just last night that the increase in injuries results from players working so hard in the off-season training and trying to stay in shape that they don't take enough time off to give their muscles a chance to recuperate. Don't yell at me — I'm just repeating what one so-called expert said.


If the season were to end today, would the Marlins have a 1 game playoff w/ the Nationals for the right to play in the Division Series? Is 2nd place a requirement?

Stan M

LB,great point about sinkers. Never thought of it. Your off-season training theory might be the reason. I think it's simply PEDs. Either way, it's a darn shame. One last factor. Back in the Dark Ages before long term contracts, I'm sure that more players hid their injuries or at least didn't report "twinges" and "tweaks" like they do now. Do you remember when Curt Simmons cut his toe off in a lawn mower? He also lost time to Korea if memory serves. He was really something for a few years though.


It sounds like a good bet that Gaby will be back for his ti shirt night. Look for Murphy to be sent down.
Gaby IMO ...is the best fielding 1st baseman we have.


Simmons went into the Army about 1950. Later that year, he was on leave from the Army and wanted to play in the World Series, but MLB wouldn't let him, for whatever reason. Sometime in the early 50s was when he cut off his toe with a power mower. Ouch! But he went on to have a long and successful career even with the missing digit.
I remember a game against the Phillies when he hit a triple, then stole home. Just think what he could have done with all ten toes!


Kearns is looking great at the plate, or at least he did last night. But every time they hit a fly ball his way, I have a panic attack.


You're probably right about Murphy being sent down, but it's really too bad because he's done a great job in the field filling in for Infante. He even got a hit last night, but they've been too few and far between. Poor Donovan Solano will be sent back when Infante returns. I think he's only been in for one inning since he was called up and turned a double play the only time he touched the ball.

Stan M

We know what Murphy can do. Let's see what Solano can do. Good time to find out. Isn't it fun to watch the games again...and no commercials last night. They are getting so intrusive that they negate their purpose. The 15 second promos have become idle chatter. Now we get a plug before the first pitch. When will it be every pitch. I don't really care how many they have between innings, it's time to get more beer, food and attend to nature between innings anyway. But the commissioner should ban them during game play. I really, really hate them. They make me hate the products that they push so that unless a necessity, I would never, ever buy those products or services.

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