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Gaby Sanchez demoted to minors

    CLEVELAND -- Gaby Sanchez was not only an All-Star last year, he was the Marlins' only selection to the team. Now he and his .197 batting average are headed to the minors.

     The Marlins optioned the slumping first baseman to Triple A New Orleans following his 0-for-3 performance against Cleveland on Saturday.

     "We don't think he's a .190 hitter," said Marlins general manager Michael Hill. "We think he's better than he's showing here. We think he's pressing. We want to take some of the pressure off him, get him down to Triple A, and get him right."

     The Marlins are expected to call up Chris Coghlan, and could use any one of three players at first: Logan Morrison, Greg Dobbs and Austin Kearns.

      After a robust first half last season that earned him an All-Star selection, Sanchez struggled in the second half. Hill said all of that was considered before reaching Saturday's decision to send him to Triple A. Sanchez hasn't played in the minors since 2009.

      "We know that he struggled the second half of last year after an All-Star first half," Hill said. "That's always in your evaluation. But we just saw a player who was struggling in the major leagues and not the same player we've seen historically. Nobody ever wants to be told they have to go down. But I think he realizes he's better than he's shown."


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That had to be a tuff call telling Gaby that he was being sent down. IMO...Gaby was the best fielding at his position among LoMo/Kearns/Dobbs. Let's hope Gaby can turn it around & be back in 10 days. His trade value is absolutely zero right now.

Fed Up With Mediocrity

About damn time. Too bad he isn't taking LeFraud James with him.


When do LoMo and Buck get sent down? Leave Gaby in the minors forever.


Buck should be right behind him with his .188 BA. Lomo is another story, of course. I have been saying for the past few years that this team's philosophy of taking players who played one position their entire lives but asking them at THE MAJOR LEAGUE LEVEL to step in to an unfamiliar position was CRAZINESS. No other team in baseball did crazy stuff like that. They ruined Coghlan, an infielder, by moving him first to LF where he did ok, and then to CF where he was terrible because of his weak arm. He eventually got hurt, stopped hitting, and a Rookie of the Year was on the verge of oblivion.

They were now doing the same exact thing to Lomo, who is not a left fielder by any stretch of the imagination. So what happened? Same as with Coghlan. He did what he was told, wound up getting injured, his hitting suffered, and he was on the same road to oblivion as Cogs went down. But now they apparently have (maybe)come to their senses and are going to let Lomo play 1st base. What great guys!


Of course some people don't feel I should be criticizing the Front Office, but I don't care. The truth is the truth, and this entire concept of taking our best young players and forcing them to play new positions at the Major League Level was crazy to begin with and look at the damage it has done. Coghlan's once promising career is hanging by a thread and Lomo was going down that same road. .


As for Gaby, wasn't he a catcher at The U? Maybe he should have stayed a catcher. A first baseman in MLB is expected to be a big hitter, a slugger that will hit HRs and drive in runs. Gaby just never was that guy.

Beinfest&Hill are a Joke

Face it ,out of the players that have come out of the Marlins minor league system,only Stanton has super-star talent. Gaby ,Lomo and Cogz are just run of the mill players. Marlins minor league system was vastly over-rated ,and because they won a WS with 70% of D Dombrowski's players,they were given false accolades and phony props. Check out their draft choices since Loria has owned the team. Alot of hoopla over 1st round busts and average players. After over 10 years,cmon, is this all they got? Unfortunatly, the answer is yes.


It's not Gaby's fault that the team has been hitting under .200 with RISP, is it? It's not Gaby's fault that Reyes, Hanley, Buck, and LoMo haven't been meeting expectations, is it? Guess whose fault it is.


This team is just lucky the starters have managed to keep the opposing team to a few runs most games. At this rate, they'll make it the way the Giants made it, purely on pitching.

Stan M

I would like to see what the stat heads say about Gabby and their stat on hit balls in play. I thought he was starting to hit the ball harder, but rightat someone. I wish I could say that about Buck. He is a strikeout machine and is worse than Gabby. We must play Hayes...also improves defense. What this change comes down to is...are we better off with LoMo at 1B and Coghlan in LF, or Gabby at 1B and LoMo in LF. This has to be an improvement in defense and Coghlan is simply a better hitter than Gabby.

Years ago, all players picked up a little dirt in each hand when they reached 1B. By holding it, they wouldn't break a finger on the basepaths. Nowadays, some player hold a batting glove in each hand; same thing. Look at replay of Bono sliding and you'll see all fingers outstretched. That is bad coaching.

Yes, Perez simply must go...NOW. This poor hitting is epidemic and almost team wide. Too bad Mallee wasn't somebody's son.

Poster above who claims Stanton only good player from our minor league system must be a new guy. Never heard of a pitcher named Beckett, or JJ,or AJ Burnett, Pavano and Brad Penny. Then there was a fellow named Miguel Cabrera who wasn't too bad. Also Alex Fernandez, Castilla, Charles Johnson, and watch out for Yelich, Fernandez and Conley in 2 years.

Beinfest&Hill are a Joke

You must be senile. Talking about players drafted SINCE Loria owned team. All the players you mentioned were obtained by previous ownership, except the watch out for players you named. You just proved my point. By the way Mr. Expert, Burnett,Alex Fernandez & Pavano came by trade or free agency. Duh.


Typical of the Marlins org....last years All-Star...this years minor leaguer....ROY Coghlan,just another minor league hack....Big Mouth Lomo a .250 twitter geek...


agree with the comments about players being moved to unfamiliar defense positions...infielders being played in the outfield. that was so they would not have to pay the only major league experienced outfielder they had...Cody Ross. They let Cody go for ZIP.

As for the entire lineup except Infante, hitting next to nothing, the common denominator is the hitting coach. The hitting downfall began after Mallee was let go, last year.

But don't forget, the new ballpark has tropical fishtanks, two of them, a view of downtown Miami, and a fruity $2 1/2 million homerun feature. Oh, and there is marvelous artwork on the concourse that can be seen by fans entering the park.

We Love Artsy Fartsy

Marlins fans dont care if they win...they love their new ballpark and the pretty new uniforms and orange hats.


Yeah, as I said on another thread, Eduardo Perez must go. Five shutout losses already. The entire team except for Stanton & Infante is batting worse than they ever have and they are really lousy at situational hitting, making the productive outs that drive in runs or move runners into position where they can score on productive outs. But he's Tony's son! Which is why he hasn't been fired yet. Back to the ESPN booth, Eduardo!


Agree with the comments by richiej about Cody Ross, and also Stan's comments.

Flav C

Orioles 4th in the AL as far as runs scored. Looks like Jim Presley has this work cut out for him.

john weinberger

Gabby has to go. He can't hit.

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