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Gaby Sanchez wearing pink spikes for Mother's Day

    Shield your eyes. Marlins first baseman Gaby Sanchez says he'll be wearing pink spikes for this afternoon's Mother's Day matinee special against the NY Mets. Sanchez wore the garish shoes on Mother's Day a year ago and had his best day at the plate as a big-leaguer, going 4 for 4 with a pair of doubles, home run, walk and 3 RBI.

    He'll be hoping for the same today.

    The first month-and-a-half has been a struggle for the Marlins' only All-Star last season. Among first baseman, he's had a better start than Albert Pujols. But, then, who hasn't? Sanchez is hitting only .202 with an OPS of .567. The only NL first baseman with lower numbers is the Mets' Ike Davis (.175, .560).

     Sanchez went 2 for 4 with a double and RBI on Saturday.

    BRETT HAYES LOSES HIS GLOVE -- Hayes can't explain why, after never, ever being called for catcher's interference in his entire pro career, he's twice been guilty of the offense this season. "It's just one of those things that happened," Hayes said. "I'm not any closer (to the plate) than I've ever been. I believe that I'm a little further back than most catchers. Can't explain it."

    Andres Torres caught so much of Hayes' mitt with his bat in Saturday's fourth inning that it ripped it off the the catcher's hand and sent it flying two-thirds of the to third base.

     LINEUPS (Ike Davis was a late scratch from the Mets lineup due to flu-like symptoms).

     Marlins: 1. Jose Reyes, ss; 2. Omar Infante, 2b; 3. Hanley Ramirez, 3b; 4. Austin Kearns, lf; 5. Giancarlo Stanton, rf; 6. Gaby Sanchez, 1b; 7. Emilio Bonifacio, cf; 8. John Buck, c; 9. Carlos Zambrano, p.

     Mets: 1. Andres Torres, cf; 2. Kirk Nieuwenhuis, lf; 3. David Wright, 3b; 4, Lucas Duda, rf; 5. Daniel Murphy, 1B; 6. Ronny Cedeno, ss; 7. Jordany Valdespin, 2b: 8. Rob Johnson, c; 9. Jon Niese, p.

     Umpires: HP -- Todd Tichenor; 1B -- Larry Vanover; 2B -- Brian Gorman; 3B -- Tony Randazzo. 




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Heard the Marlins are using fake crowd noise....


This is like watching paint dry. I've said it before that this team reminds me of the John Boles era. I really thought with some of the speed they have that they would be more exciting to watch. They continue to struggle offensivesy and we all know that they are the worst in the majors with RISP. A month and a half into the season what to think? Do we still think that a change in the hitting coach is necessary? Going back to bed, wake me if something exciting happens.

.Albert A.

Believe you are right . Was there for a game and on every fly ball to the outfield the crowd noise sounded like it was a home run.


Ahhh now I'm awake! Was that so hard boys? Whew.....


Ozzie just lost the game by bringing in Bell.


There we have it folks. Heath Bell again loses a game for the Miami Marlins. Where the hell is management when it comes to even allowing Heath Bell to pitch? What a total waste of money.


At what point do you say forget about how much money a guy makes in justifying his use on the team? They keep throwing Heath out there and he just doesn't have it. Time to go to a closer by committee.

Ok I'll eat crow....that was exciting....sorry baseball gods for my lack of patience. Holy cow when he hits em there's no doubt. Wow.

Stan M

I've been all over Buck since he was signed. Today he really did a good job. The HR was great, but he will hit one every 30 ABs or so. It was that walk in the last inning that impressed me. Good for him. Bono has been a different player since Ozzie moved him down to #7. There was a part time pinch hitter with a big belly who played into his 40s. The ESPN people used to say, "...professional hitter" every time he came up. We should do that for Dobbs. Something might have to be done with Gabby. The last half of last year and all of this year, he's just not the same hitter. It might be time to bring LoMo in to IB and put Peterson in LF. It would help with LoMo's bad knee and add another left handed hitter into the lineup. And additional speed as well which we need when our hitters are mostly below normal. As someone said above, Bell's only reason for his use is his salary. I think he should voluntarily go to minors to get a lot of much needed recooperative work. We've now got to clobber the Pirates because we go to Atlanta next and then Cleveland...both very hot teams. Right now we are 3 games out in Wild Card standings. Unfortunately, and significantly, the 2 teams above us are both in our Eastern division. That's not good at all!


sit gaby all dobbs does it hit ozzie

F. T. Ardkowalczyk

This was a win that feels like a loss.

Stan III

Professional Hitter/ Matt Stairs. or as we called him in KC, FAT Stairs.

Stan M

Albert Pujols went 1 for 5 and his batting average went up by a fraction of a point. Josh Hamilton went 2 for 5 and his BA dropped a fraction of a point.


Flagstaff should change his name to Fish hater. For him to say this team isn't exciting enough for him with two walk off wins in three games, indicates to me that he is one of these "fans" who think the team sucks and nothing that happens this year is going to change that view.

To me, this team is doing well. Yes, the bullpen (Bell and Dunn, mostly) have been a horror show, and their hitting with runners in scoring position has been terrible, but the most important component, the starting pitching, continues to be excellent. We are exactly where we want to be, a couple of games over .500 and we can now start slowly improving on that. The way you do it is by winning SERIES, taking 2 out of 3 like we just did. That's the script for success these days: play good ball, get a few games over .500 so that you are within striking distance of a playoff spot by the trade deadline. Then you pick up an arm or a bat or two at the deadline to fill whatever glaring weaknesses the team has. Then you are ready to compete in the homestretch, August and September. Then, as every Marlin fan knows, all you gotta do is make the playoffs. Once you're in, anything can happen.

Of course all these HATERS will sing a different tune then. Suddenly there will be all these guys posting here talking about being "life long Marlin fans", blah, blah, blah. Typical Miami BANDWAGON bullspit.


OK, flaggstaff, I just saw your last post. I take back calling you a hater. But try and have a little more FAITH, bro!


Stan, as usual I agree with most, if not all of what you posted. Gaby is a huge problem. He just looks uncomfortable and off balance at the plate. Watch how often he lunges at a pitch and damn near falls across home plate; I sometimes think he's going to swing and miss and keep falling across the plate until he lands on his face. He's all messed up, and I really don't know what he needs, maybe some time in the minors working with a new hitting coach. And even his defense, which is usually very good, has suffered at times this year.


As for Dobbs starting, I have some reservations about that. Last year when he was starting all those games he fell off a bit. I like the way Ozzie is using him now, as a pinch hitter and spot starter.


@Alex...what's it to you if someone puts up a negative post about the Marlins? Nobody cares what you say,why do you care and rant about somebody else's post/opinion. Stick to baseball. Not interested in your rants and whines about who's a Marlins fan and who you think is not. Very immature,like a crying baby not being told what he wants to hear. Grow UP.


And what's it to YOU how I post? Why don't YOU worry about YOUR OWN posts, ok MORON? Freaking HILARIOUS that you don't see your OWN HYPOCRISY, LMFAO!!!!!! That has to be the funniest thing I have read in a long time! "Stick to baseball" says The Idiot. But are YOU sticking to baseball? Uhhhh...no. It's OK for The Idiot to criticize MY POSTS, but I should "stick to baseball", eh? Of course you are most probably TOO MUCH OF AN IDIOT to see the COMPLETE HYPOCRISY in your post. That's ok, though. Ask your mommy to EXPLAIN IT to you.


I'm not going to deny it, I have a problem with the "Haters", those "fans' (I use the term LOOSELY!)who never have anything good to say, but just love to dump on the team. I have RIPPED Marlins players for their poor play (Hanley, Buck, Bell, etc.) and I do not like Loria and Samson, true, but I am still a fan of THE TEAM. I thought (maybe I was wrong!) that this was where Marlins fans could discuss their team, not a forum for the professional haters to spew their garbage. I already know that a lot of people hate Loria. I already know that a lot of people hate Ozzie. I already know that a lot of people hate the Marlins because of the stadium deal. Now, if those haters want to come here and vomit all over the team and that's alright, then it should ALSO BE ALRIGHT FOR ME TO TELL THEM WHAT I THINK OF THEM. If I want to call them haters, losers, and bandwagon fans, SO FREAKING WHAT? If you have a problem with that, don't READ MY POSTS. And if I am breaking some kind of "board rules", then go ahead and ban me. But don't tell me how to post. Capisce?


hahaha...you just proved that guy's point.


Sending down Bell is not an option so the team has to figure out what to do with him right? It was apparent again yesterday that he couldn't get his off-speed or breaking ball over for a strike and seems rushed. Sure they had a blooper that fell in but he couldn't regroup. It's apparent all over the league that having a single closer isn't a sure thing anymore. Managers are going to have to change their thinking and mix and match sometimes in the 9th. It's almost like their worried that they will offend the closer if they have someone warming up at the same time that their pitching. It's all about the W's right?

Flav C.

flagstaff, i would say his success will be a combination of two things: schedule and offense.
Schedule: Fish has to use the schedule to its advantage and Bell will have to take one for the team: Today and tomorrow, use Bell for a couple of innings (specially tomorrow since JJ has rarely gone more than 7 innings). This way you use Bell against a team with less-than-stellar offense, give him a chance to work on his pitches and save the best arms to the series against the Braves. They will not only need their best arms but also both lefties (Dunn and Choate) since the Braves has several left-batters and switch-batters.
On Friday, Bell would be good to go, rested, against the Indians. This is all on the schedule perspective of things.
Now on the offense: The Marlins has to get things going with their at-bats. Tonight they will have a match-up against a reliever-converted-to-starter because of Beddar's injury. The guy has two pitches only: fastball and curveball. Think Clay Hansley, its a good way to put things into perspective. A good reliever changed to starter. The Marlins HAS to take advantage of it and score some runs to give both Sanchez and the bullpen some breather. Tomorrow is no different. If the Marlins can build a 3-run advantage, JJ can go deeper and give the ball to Bell on the 8th or 9th.
But that's just me. And baseball is a very interesting sport: usually things go completely different from what we forecasted.


Maybe it's just me, but I think Bell has looked sharper his last two appearances, with better control and more velocity on his fast ball. No, he didn't get the job done yesterday, but I have more confidence in him now than I did a week ago. If his fastball is sharp enough and he can keep it down, he can throw the breaking ball out of the strike zone and get hitters to bite, which is normally what he's trying to do with the off-speed stuff when it looks like he has no control over it.
Anyway, I agree with flagstaff and the rest of you who like the closer-by-committee approach, choosing your relief guy based on who's due up and the size of your lead. If you have a lights-out closer, you can use him exclusively in that role, but clearly the Fish do not. And apparently, a lot of other teams have found themselves in the same boat.


Like your idea Flav with throwing Bell out there against the Pirates and agree as well with laurel that his "stuff" has looked better. It would be nice if the Fish could get a large lead so he could get some work without as much pressure and gain some confidence moving forward. We'll see...don't know if my heart can take these wild but often frustrating games. Go Fish!


Does anybody else feel like singing when Lucas Duda comes to the plate. You know, like "Doo-dah, Doo-dah." Now that I've got it in my head, it's driving me nuts. (Admittely, it's a short drive, and I'm sorry I wasted everybody's time with that.)

Stan M

I agree with those above who saw improvement in Bell before yesterday's performance. Yet he failed for what I believe was the 5th time and there was another occasion when he was awful but it didn't result in a blown save. He has failed more than twice as any times as he's been successful. If his stuff is still good then he desperately needs work to straighten himself out. I would still like to see a minor league stint, but as Flag... says above, it ain't goin to happen. I'm glad it's Ozzie's problem and not mine. But as our TV announcers said yesterday, come from behind victories cannot be sustained. Wasn't Rich Waltz great on national game of the week? Ozzie has been very good in deviating from the status quo when necessary and let's hope he does that now with Gabby. We can't have a rally killer hitting 6th.

Flav C.

Stan, talk about rally killer. When players are on a slump, they at least try to do the little things to get things going. Advancing runners on base, bunting, etc.. For more than 30 times this season Gaby went to a at-bat with runner on-base (usually Stanton) and the runner never moved. Even Hanley on his slump had some productive outs. Reyes too. Gaby has been the ultimate unproductive at-bat.


Gaby fukkin sucks, his stance is horrible, he doesnt hit for average or power. I remember the days when your firstbaseman use to be a slugger on the team. Gabby is the total opposite of a slugger. A stinker more like it...

Flav C.

Marlins lineup for tonight

1) Reyes, SS
2) Infante, 2B
3) Ramirez, 3B
4) Morrison, LF
5) Stanton, RF
6) G. Sanchez, 1B
7) Bonifacio, CF
8) Buck, C
9) A. Sanchez, P

Guess Ozzie is sticking with Hanley at #3 and Gaby #6.


Gabby needs to be replaced.

Flav C.

Before the season started, Gaby was projected to hit .270, with 18 HRs and 80 RBIs, on 540 at-bats.
Considering his actual results, he would need to hit .290 in his next 432 at-bats to reach that. And on the way, collect 17 more HRs and 70 RBIs. I guess we can call it a "tough task".

Stan M

There have been "trade Gabby" posts in the past here. The question has to be, who would want him? Even when you consider his stats for the past 2 years, there would be few, if ant takers. Just go down the other 29 major league teams and see how many already have a better man at 1B than Gabby. I came up with maybe Pittsburgh could use him, but that's about it. My point is that even when he is hitting, he's still not a first division ballplayer when compared to his peers.

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