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Guillen: "Worst game all year"; Dunn optioned to Triple A

     Another 16 minutes and tonight's baseball monstrosity would have gone down as the longest nine-inning affair in Marlins history. As it was, there was much bad baseball squeezed into three hours and 54 minutes, allowing Ozzie Guillen to comment accurately: "That's the worst game we've played all year. We've been playing pretty good baseball all year, all around. Today was very ugly and something you have to turn the page as quick as you can."

      The sloppy Marlins were tagged for a season-high 14 runs by the Giants. Of the many malfunctions from which to choose, Guillen settled on the botched rundown in the sixth as the most significant of the bunch. "One little play changed the game -- the rundown," Guillen said. "I think he (catcher Brett Hayes) didn't let the ball go right away. It was our defense not doing their job."

      Anibal Sanchez gave up five runs, ending his streak of allowing three runs or less at 16 straight games. The bullpen was no better. Ryan Webb gave up three runs and struggling left-hander Mike Dunn was tagged for four. Dunn, who now owns an ERA of 9.58, was demoted to Triple A New Orleans afterward for the second time this season.

      "Dunn I can't figure out," Guillen said. "The kid's got a good arm. His breaking ball isn't working. His location isn't the greatest."

      The Marlins, as is their custom, will wait until tomorrow to announce a corresponding move. But it's likely they'll bring back left-hander Dan Jennings from New Orleans. Jennings, in 15 appearances for the Zephyrs, has a 0.95 ERA and has struck out 17 while walking just two in 19 innings.


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It was just plain ugly, but I have to agree that botched run-down may well have set it off. I guess the Marlins can't catch any breaks at catcher.

Stan M

Exactly, Bob. We all begged for Hayes and he botched 2 plays in that inning that cost us dearly.


But we wanted Hayes for the offense. I guess the silver ligning is that they are starting to hit. Stanton has gotten much better. Seems like the hitting and pitching aren't going to be in sync, though. Which was my biggest fear when the starting five were doing so well. Then again why would it be. These guys can't catch a break.


Have to agree that Hayes, the guy I (and others) have been championing for a year or more, had a disastrous night. Can't figure out what happened on that rundown between home and third. He made a nice play to snag the throw in the dirt, then just couldn't seem to pull the trigger on the throw to third. I hope this isn't the case, but it had all the earmarks of a classic choke. You hate to lay the blame on one play when you get beat by seven runs, but nailing the runner there would have changed the complexion of the game big-time and had an effect on everything that came after that. This is a very treacherous part of the season for the Fish starting right now. Will the ship right itself or sink like a rock?

Captain Ozzie

Welcome aboard the Titanic sailing into June


It was good to see Hanley stay in the game after banging that ball off his knee (or thereabouts), because last year he'd have used that as an excuse for a three-week vacation. Be interesting to see if he's in the lineup tonight and just how gimpy he is.


Treacherous is a bit of an exaggeration but considering it was around this time last year that everything fell appart, I'd be cautiously optimistic. Hanley needs a break, he hasn't had a day off and again didn't contribute in a loss.


buck .170 cog 100 pete180 aaa where they should go


The Marlins have just been given two old-fashion whuppings by teams they should be able to beat up on.
They're facing what looks like the toughest part of their schedule all year with several vital pieces missing from their lineup, and the only two guys who are hitting at all are Infante and Stanton. Treacherous just means dangerous or hazardous, and I don't think it's an exaggeration at all to call this a treacherous part of Miami's season.


It will be interesting going forward. The Marlins are so thin in terms of trade bait on this team and it's pretty obvious that there are several positions that in order to contend they will need to upgrade. Just don't know if Loria will fork out more cash or want to rent a guy for a few months. Still a little early but what to do with the outfield, catcher and fist? Would love to see Gaby come back and just hammer the ball but he just doesn't seem to have it anymore. No doubt that starting pitching wins but a lineup with the majority hitting around .250 or less will have a tough time competing.


It seems like 1st base is a curse...who ever plays there just doesn't hit. LoMo's fielding, LF or 1st is just lousy. He might be destined to be a DH in the AL.

Got my tix from stub hub for Sundays game..sec 23...see you guys @ the stadium!


Marlins are going for a 3 hour tour on the SS Minnow in June.


I keep holding out hope for Lomo, but if he doesn't show signs of life soon, he's going to be a designated sitter rather than a designated hitter.
Can't make it to the game tonight, but if I knew what you look like, I'd watch for you down the left field line on the tube. Give us a hint. Brad Pitt? Tony Soprano? Zack Brown? That old chick from Beverly Hillbillies?

Flav C

At some point we have to face the truth: Marlins has 2 back-up catchers fighting for the starter spot. One of them became rich coming to the Marlins and the other one is a hard-worker, no more, no less.


Was Buck a Beinfest deal? Just wondering...

Flav C

Well...I guess it was. But you know flaggs, I don't blame him. Buck's numbers for the 2010 season were really good. A lot of baseball folks in the media kept saying Buck was a good pick-up for the Marlins and Boston was on the verge of offering him a contract to replace Varitek. Some experts said they saw a lot of upside on Buck and he could be a .250 hitter for 2-3 more years, with good power.
In the end, all agreed that he was overpaid LOL.

Flav C

I wish the Marlins did what the Blue Jays did while Buck was there. He was already a seasoned catcher and in 2010, he started to help the then minor leaguer Arencibia with play-calling, batter behaviour, etc...which by the way is the most important job of a catcher (in my opinion). Buck, left and Arencibia is doing just fine.
The Marlins has the same opportunity of doing it with young JT Realmuto next season. JT is a pretty good hitter, fast on the bases, and good defense. It would be interesting to see him being called up in 2013 for some games and then, sharing the plate with Hayes in 2014.

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