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Hayes In, LoMo Out as Marlins invade Petco

   SAN DIEGO -- One day after collecting three hits and raising his average to .375, catcher Brett Hayes is back in the lineup as the Marlins prepare to open a three-game series against the Padres. But Ozzie Guillen said he still considers John Buck (who is hitting .190) his everyday catcher.

   "I'm not going to bench a guy that got three hits," Guillen said of Hayes. "I've got to take advantage of that. He's going to play everyday? I don't think so. He's going to get more playing time? Yeah. But he's not my everyday catcher. I've got to continue to have confidence in Buck. I think he can still help us. It's too early to unplug people. That's not fair."

   Greg Dobbs is starting in left field tonight instead of Logan Morrison, who continues to deal with post-operative soreness in his right knee. And with the Padres sending out a left-hander (Clayton Richard) on Saturday, Morrison will end up receiving two days rest.

   "It's the same (stuff)," Morrison said. "Something I've got to deal with. I want to play. But I do realize it's a long season and they're trying to look after me. Absolutely it's frustrating. I want to be in there. I want to be playing. It has its days where I feel like, is it ever going to be the same? And it also has its days where I think this feels pretty good."

   Said Guillen: "LoMo was sore (on Thursday) and we're going to continue to do what we've been doing, give him a couple of days. I don't want those guys playing hurt and getting worse."


   Marlins: 1. Jose Reyes, ss; 2. Emilio Bonifacio, cf; 3. Hanley Ramirez, 3b; 4. Greg Dobbs, lf; 5. Omar Infante, 2b; 6. Giancarlo Stanton, rf; 7. Gaby Sanchez, 1b; 8. Brett Hayes, c; 9. Josh Johnson, p.

   Padres: 1. Will Venable, rf; 2. Mark Kotsay, lf; 3. Chase Headley, 3b; 4. Yonder Alonso, 1b; 5. Nick Hundley, c; 6. Orlando Hudson, 2b; 7. Cameron Maybin, cf; 8. Jason Bartlett, ss; 9. Anthony Bass, p.

   Umpires: HP Adrian Johnson, 1B -- Gary Cederstrom; 2B -- Lance Barksdale; 3B -- Fieldin Culbreth.



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Face it, Lomo's knee aint getting any better,and it wont during the season. Unless???


So why did they sign Buck and Bell, when they have better (and cheaper) options in Hayes and Cishek?


You know I no longer get upset at the fish loosing. I do however get upset at seeing the Nats continue winning. Every game some one else comes through behind very strong pitching. Even more upsetting is that they're doing it without the big free agent signing. They made one off season move and it's paid off. Their star goes down and they bring in a 19 y/o and they haven't missed a beat.

And yes, it's obviously upsetting because I'm jealous but its impressive at the same time. During the off season I called the Nats to no longer be the punching bag of the NL east while assuming the Phils blew past everyone. I was not expecting this.


OKAY GUYS ITS TIME. TRADE JJ, BELL and package GABY in there. We should have this line up:
HANLEY 3B unless we can trade him to Seattle


closers: Mujica/Cishek

COME ON LORIA, RIGHT UP YOUR ALLEY, you made a splash to sign this guy, now make a splash showing you have BALLS TO ADMIT YOUR MISTAKE AND DUMP THE GUY TO THE YANKEES, they need a closer.


I know that we gave all that money to Buck. But continuing to write his name in the line up when he isn't producing is making a bad decision even worse. Hayes is just as good defensively as Buck, in fact I think he's better. And with a bat in his hand he is alright. Not fantastic, but he shows me more than Buck does. Buck not only doesn't get hits, his outs are not productive either.

So Hayes went 0-4 last night and Ozzie puts Buck back in the line up tonight. Why? He comes up with Gaby on 2nd and no outs and fails to even move the runner to 3rd! Strikes out. Looking, no less. Ozzie is obviously under pressure to play the lousy guys that the Front Office has signed, guys like Buck & Bell. Even though they are playing like garbage. The Front Office doesn't want to look bad. Hilarious.

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